A bike parked infront of the city of Montreal

Bike Ride ideas in Montreal

Montreal is full of beautiful bike paths, which we can enjoy every day.  Yet if you have a couple of hours and you are planning to spend a good part of your day biking, you might want to check this bike route out.

87 KMs of Nature, and Along the water route.

It covers most of the south western part of Montreal (La chine, Verdun and La Salle) as well as the south shore of the city, all while staying along side the water.

The Route starts in the  Old Port of Montreal going through the following spots in order.

  1.  At water Market (Through the La chine canal)
  2.  To the Open Air Museum of La chine (AKA Rene-Levesque Park)
  3. Going through the Boulevard la-Salle all around the La Salle Area/Verdun.
  4. Then to park Parc de la Cite-du-Havre, which gives a great panoramic view of the Montreal, Jacques Cartier Bridge and the River.
  5. Then To Jean Drapeau Island and the Montreal Bio-Sphere.
  6. Then the Circuit Gilles Villneauve Island.
  7. All the way through the path on the water to Récré-O-Parc
  8. Then back through the south shore to Jacques Cartier Bridge

Here are some Picture of what you can expect to see on this ride.


Picture of the Jacques Cartier Bridge in Montreal - Taken from the South Shore A bike parked infront of the city of Montreal A bike parked infront of the city of Montreal la ronde an amusment park in the city of Montreal Montreal Casino Montreal Skyline Montreal Skyline and Bioshpere Montreal Skyline while biking Picture of the Jacques Cartier Bridge in Montreal - Taken from the South Shore


You can also check other bike paths that might interest you. 

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