Montreal Night Photography
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Best Instagram Photos of Montreal | MTL on Instagram

Montreal from the lens of an Instagramer. Montreal is a beautiful city without all the filters, the edits and glory that Instagram adds to the pictures. What makes it a really special place to me, is that whether it is -40 or+40 C, Montreal…
Parc-agricole du Bois-de-la-Roche
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Parc-agricole du Bois-de-la-Roche | Park at the Most Western Part of Montreal Island

Montreal West Island is full of beautiful parks, yet Parc-agricole du Bois-de-la-Roche seems to stand out, as it is calm, beautiful, and full of wildlife. The park has a nice path in the woods which is easy to follow, makes it amazing for…
New Montreal bridge

Montreal From The Champlain Bridge | Picture of City Center Montreal

Montreal from the Champlain Bridge As I pass next to this bridge from the south shore  I never get the chance to take any pictures, as it is hard with all the traffic and the cars. Yet yesterday at dusk I managed to sneak in some clicks.…
MTL inspirational Quotes
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Feature : 10 Best Instagram Inspirational Quotes | Popular Canadian Inspirational Quotes

Do you ever feel you need a boost to start your day? A little something to motivate you, or something to open your mind to new ways of thinking? As you are reaching out for your tea or coffee in the morning, you can compliment it with a morning…
Montreal at Night pictures
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Montreal at Night Pictures | MTL Night Photography | Best Views of Montreal

Montreal is a Beautiful City by Day, and by Night. Year-round the Montreal Skyline has a nice signature, that unique look that makes it stand out from any other city. Montreal at night is magical. If you live here, you experience it just by…
Petit Capikou
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Feature: A Montreal Mom Entrepreneur | Created Something Unique & Trendy

A Montreal mom designer and entrepreneur created something that we can all use. Freelancer, graphic designer and new mom of a little angel called Nicholas. She decided to create something creative (during her not so often free moments on maternity…
View of Montreal Downtown from Under the Champlain Bridge

Montreal Downtown From Different Angles | MTL Downtown Skyline

Montreal is a beautiful City, and there is a lot of ways to look at it. From a cultural, nature, architectural perspective. In the this post we will be looking at how beautiful this city is from different angles and at different times. You…
hawks near Montreal
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Wild Life Viewing in Montreal | Where to See Wildlife in MTL

Île Charron, Montreal is an island on the Saint Lawrence River, the westernmost of the Îles de Boucherville archipelago. If you are  looking for a place to see some friendly animals, roaming around in their natural habitat, this will…
Beautiful Cloudy Sky Montreal
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Montreal Hidden Gems 2 | Charron Island - Île Charron | Island Close to MTL

Charron Island - Île Charron | Montreal Hidden Gems Looking for a really nice bike ride, or a hiking trip this summer, spring or fall? Charron Island is a nice and original place to try out. The Charron Island is located in the Saint Lawrence…
Beautiful Spring Flowers in montreal

The Hidden Beauty of Montreal Parks | Saint-Louis Square

The Beauty of Parks in Montreal | Saint-Louis Square Saint Louis Square is an Montreal Based park in Montreal's Plateau  Area. It lays between Saint Denis Street, and Prince Arthur Street. What makes this part so beautiful are the colors,…
south shore montreal parks
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Feature: Montreal Real Estate Expert | Bauhaus Realty | MTL Realty Agent

Montreal Based Real Estate Agency  Bauhaus Realty helps you in every step of buy or selling a house in Montreal. Looking to find a new home or to purchase an investment property in the Montreal area? Not sure who can help you do…
south shore montreal parks
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Parc de la Voie Maritime | Park in Longueuil | Park with Beautiful View of Montreal

Park de la Voie Maritime is a park really close to the Longueuil Metro Looking to have a nice work outside of the city, and yet have a nice view of the city, this is a great place to go. Parc de la Voie Maritime is well maintained, and organized. You…

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