national parks near quebec city
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A Beach and National Park Close To Montreal | Mont Orford National Park

Mont-Orford National Park  is a park in Orford, Quebec, Canada. Encompassing Several Mountain Peaks, the Park is located in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. The park has a lot of hikes, and above all a beach. The view from the top…
Bike from montreal to Fort Chambly
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Bike Trip To Fort De Chambly | Bike Trip out Of Montreal

Discovering a Historical Site Close To Montreal Montreal is one of the oldest cities in North America. As it is now celebrating its 375th anniversary, it makes it even more interesting to learn about its history. 30 kilometers southeast…
La Mauricie National Park
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La Mauricie National Park Photos | Hiking in Maurice National Park, Quebec

Park National de Maurice Located in the lower  Laurentian mountains, the national park of Maurice covers 536 km2  in the southern . The park contains a lot of lakes and many ponds. There is a lot of wildlife in the park, from bears,…
A bike parked infront of the city of Montreal
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MONTREAL BIKE TRAILS | 87 KMs Along the Water, Canals & Rivers

Bike Ride ideas in Montreal Montreal is full of beautiful bike paths, which we can enjoy every day.  Yet if you have a couple of hours and you are planning to spend a good part of your day biking, you might want to check this bike route out. 87 KMs…
naturopath montreal
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Montreal Certified Naturopath | Naturopathy Clinic in Montreal, QC

Feature: Irene Andrejczuk, a Certified Naturopath in Montreal, (NHC, AMCC in Quebec) Naturopathic practitioner in Montreal Do you ever suffer from symptoms related to: Digestive issues Depression and anxiety Fatigue Weight…
st bruno quebec map
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Mont Saint Bruno Parc Hiking | Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville Park

Beautiful Nature Jogging Spot 25 Min away from Montreal. Saint Bruno, has a National Park 15 KMs away from Montreal. The hill it self is 218 metres in elevation, which makes is a really easy hike.  Yet the lakes and the nature in the park…
MTL Jacques Cartier Bridge at night
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Canada Montreal City Video | Montreal Travel Video | Tour of MTL in 30 Sec

Photos of Montreal in a Video Planning to discover Montreal in 30 seconds, there is a video that will show you pictures of the city from different angles. Enjoy the tour of Montreal in 30 seconds.
Montreal Spider Web
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Video of Montreal | Sunset Video of MTL | Photos of Montreal at Sunset

Discover Montreal Pictures and Photos of Montreal Skyline in 2017. MTL during the spring month is at the peak of its beauty. Check out this video, and feel free to share some photos of your own.
Beautiful Sunset Over Montreal Ville Marie
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Montreal Sunset From The South Shore | MTL Skyline From Saint Hubert

Montreal Skyline at Sunset As you go around in the south shore of Montreal, through Saint Hubert, Saint Lambert, and Brossard; You will always have a great view of the Montreal skyline from different angles. These are some picture of the…
Montreal Tree colors in spring
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Hiking Spot Close to Montreal | Hiking Mont Sutton | Pictures of Mont Sutton Hike

Mont Sutton Hiking There are a lot of hiking spots close to Montreal, and for each a special attribute that makes it different. Mont Sutton is one of my favorites, as it is located on border of the US while still being an hour away from Montreal. The…
Montreal Night Photography
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Best Instagram Photos of Montreal | MTL on Instagram

Montreal from the lens of an Instagramer. Montreal is a beautiful city without all the filters, the edits and glory that Instagram adds to the pictures. What makes it a really special place to me, is that whether it is -40 or+40 C, Montreal…
Parc-agricole du Bois-de-la-Roche
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Parc-agricole du Bois-de-la-Roche | Park at the Most Western Part of Montreal Island

Montreal West Island is full of beautiful parks, yet Parc-agricole du Bois-de-la-Roche seems to stand out, as it is calm, beautiful, and full of wildlife. The park has a nice path in the woods which is easy to follow, makes it amazing for…

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