Best Winter Jackets In Canada

Best Winter Coats For A Canadian Winter

The Canadian Winter

Winter in every country around the world officially starts on the 21st of December and ends on the 21st of March, but in Canada it is a bit different.

What is the best jacket to wear in Canadian Winter?

Here is what we think are the best jacket to wear for winter in Canada:

Canadian Winter is no Joke

After living in this amazing country for 8 years, and coming from somewhat a warm Mediterranean country, it was a big change for me.

Nothing beats the shock of a -40 C on a January winter morning.

To survive in Canada you need a good jacket, there is no way around it. Frankly speaking, a good jacket is quite an investment. When it comes to buying one, you have to be aware of your choices as the prices range from 500 CAD to 1000+ CAD.

A More Sturdy Winter Jacket is Needed

The main months of winter in Canada are December, January, February and March.

But snow and cold weather spread from November till May.

Preparing for winter is more important than you think, as your mobility and well being depend on it.

When I arrived in Canada, I made the mistake of getting a cheaper jacket. A jacket that would help me go through a couple of blocks before I got to a heated metro, or my university. This is the life of a student. Eventually you get tired of being cold, and want to enjoy more outdoor adventures. You start realizing that a more sturdy winter jacket is required.

Canadian Winter Snow Mountain

Based On My Opinion

After living between Montreal, Toronto, and Calgary for the past 7 years, here is what I believe are the best jackets that will keep you warm throughout the winter.

Here is what Montreal Tips thinks are the best winter jackets to wear in Canada

Winter in every country around the world officially starts on the 21st of December and ends on the 21st of March, but in Canada it is a bit different.

  • Kanuk

  • Canada Goose

  • Mackage

  • The North Face

  • Colombia


Their coats are made to last. They use the latest technologies to create coats that repel humidity and keep the body warm regardless of the activity you are doing. They have created the coat in a way that no seams penetrate the garment from one side to another, which prevents the cold air from coming in.

Canada Goose

 Their coats were made to meet the needs of workers in the Canadian Arctic. It is a must-have coat for anyone living in harsh climates. It’s been tested in temperatures of up to -70 degrees Celsius. You can be assured you will never be cold with this coat.


Not only are these coats water repellent, waterproof, windproof, breathable and air permeable but every detail was well thought out. They even thought of the inside of the pockets. Their multilayer technology will keep your hands warm even if you are not wearing gloves.

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The North Face

Their summit series and steep series make great winter jackets. On top of keeping you warm, they provide targeted tear resistance, are helmet compatible, have a high front collar to keep you extra warm and are GORE-TEX waterproof. Their steep series even have underarm vents to quickly manage moisture.


Their coats are great for people who enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities. Their coats are good quality and versatile. They have a classic design to ensure you can feel good wearing them in many conditions as well as in social settings.

woman wearing a winter jacket in a forest in canada

If you get any of these coats, you are pretty much ensured you will be warm all winter. 

Summary of the article:

What is the best winter jacket for Canada?

Here is what Montreal Tips thinks are the best Winter Jackets in Canada:

  • Kanuk
  • Canada Goose
  • Mackage
  • The North Face
  • Columbia


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