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Reasons to Visit Gaspe

You are in the right place if you want to know the top reasons behind visiting Gaspe. Check out this post for the most authentic and detailed information! Reasons to Visit Gaspe Gaspe is one of the most beautiful regions in Canada.…
Dog Sledding Spots near Montreal
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Best Places for Dog Sledding Spots near Montreal

Top Spots for Dog Sledding near Montreal Previously, sled dogs were the primary mode of transportation for people living in the Canadian Arctic region. People relied on sled dogs to transport supplies, food, mail, etc. Today, it has become…
Best Snowshoes for Canadian Winter
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Best Snowshoes for Canadian Winter

Top 5 Snowshoes for Canadian Winter Winter in Montreal is harsh and intimidating for people, prompting them to stay indoors. However, spending more time indoors leads to a sedentary lifestyle that negatively impacts your overall health and…
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Montreal, One of North America’s Most Walkable Cities

Montreal is known to be a snapshot of European-inspired cities and this much like Europe includes its walkability factor. Montreal is an incredibly walkable city as it boasts beautiful sights and landmarks in which you can pretty much all…
view from the top of Mont royal
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Montreal’s 5 best places to walk summer 2020

Best 5 spots to go for a walk, in Montreal With a not-so-ideal summer ahead of us, it’s a good time to be cherishing the little moments of life that we can get. One of the best ways we find to accomplish this goal is to go on a solo walk…
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Top 5 things to do this 2020 summer in Montreal’s East-End

After surviving another cold, long and relentless winter, Montreal always finds a way to bounce back come summer. It almost turns into a different city when the heat rolls around. As Montrealers, we want to use all the energy we’ve been conserving…
Camino De santiago Montreal

Centre La Tienda – Helping you find your way to the Camino

SPOTLIGHT: Centre La Tienda - Helping you find your way to the Camino   As you may or may not know, Tarek Riman, founder of MontrealTips, is a huge fan of the famed Camino de Santiago - the historic pilgrimage hiking trail from France…
Whales in Quebec Canada

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