Canada’s Top Corporate Coach is Right Here in Montreal

Best Corporate Coach in Canada CEO Business Coaching Program Corporate coaching is nothing new. What is new is the approach some corporate coaches are taking to helping leaders and businesses thrive in a constantly changing global landscape.…

Top 5 Montreal Based Romantic Gift Ideas

Top 5 Gift ideas for him/her, boyfriend/girlfriend in Montreal  1. Eternal Real Roses  What better way to express your emotions towards someone than with flowers? Even better if they are flowers that will last you for years. Aluna Gifts…

Montreal based Eternal Flower Shop

Montreal Luxury Eternal Rose & Flowers Would you believe us if we tell you that roses can last for more than a week? What if we tell you that they can last for more than a year?  Aluna Gifts is an online shop that introduces a new concept…
Pokète Sweatshirts & Scarves | Finally Pockets for Women!
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Pokète Sweatshirts & Scarves | Finally Pockets for Women!

Product Feature: Pokète sweatshirts & Scarves Montreal Designed Sweaters and Scarves Pokète sweatshirts and scarves allow women to carry their own stuff in the most comfortable, practical and pretty way possible. In their very own pockets! …
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Speakers Feature: “Share Love Celebrate” webinar speaker series of 2020

Through these especially difficult times we could all use a little more love. MontrealTips is proud to feature the “Share Love Celebrate” webinar speaker series of 2020. With an all Canadian cast, the speakers will live stream and share…
Melissa Dawn on the news
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Montreal Conscious Leadership Coach

Conscious leadership just might be the next big evolution in business leadership as well as in the global marketplace, with Canada uniquely positioned to take the lead is forging this new path.
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Montreal Businesses: Ready to level up your business… and your people?

Business owners, managers, leaders, human resources professionals… do you want to create a work environment that brings out the best in your people? An environment where they showcase and grow their greatest strengths, where creativity and…
Daniele Soare

Montreal-Based Financial Sherpa Will (seriously) Change Your Relationship With Money

SPOTLIGHT: Montreal-Based Financial Sherpa Will (seriously) Change Your Relationship With Money She was one of the first three women ever on the floor of the Toronto Stock Exchange. And she can heal your heart. At least when it comes to finances. After…

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