Best IT Recruitment Services in Canada

How to choose the best IT talent solutions or recruitment services in Canada? Check out this guide for essential information and details! Best IT Recruitment Services in Canada Recruiting and hiring the best IT talent in Canada is daunting…

Best Leadership Coach in Canada

Do you want to become a successful leader and set an example for people working for you? Read on to know about the best leadership coach! Best Leadership Coach Canada Businesses in the 21st Century move faster due to intense competition…

YES ELLEvate – Women Entrepreneurs Feature

Women entrepreneurs, YES Employment + Entrepreneurship is looking for 10 high-potential women from all sectors with a feasible idea or product to be a part of the 2022 ELLEvate Women Entrepreneurs Pre-Accelerator. From weekly one-on-one meetings…

Should I buy Eternal Flowers on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is close, and you want to ensure that you purchase a significant, unique gift for your loved one. Shopping for such an important event can be quite challenging, since you never really know what items to choose. That’s why…

Canada’s Top Corporate Coach is Right Here in Montreal

Best Corporate Coach in Canada CEO Business Coaching Program Corporate coaching is nothing new. What is new is the approach some corporate coaches are taking to helping leaders and businesses thrive in a constantly changing global landscape.…

Top 5 Montreal Based Romantic Gift Ideas

Top 5 Gift ideas for him/her, boyfriend/girlfriend in Montreal  1. Eternal Real Roses  What better way to express your emotions towards someone than with flowers? Even better if they are flowers that will last you for years. Aluna Gifts…

Montreal based Eternal Flower Shop

Montreal Luxury Eternal Rose & Flowers Would you believe us if we tell you that roses can last for more than a week? What if we tell you that they can last for more than a year?  Aluna Gifts is an online shop that introduces a new concept…
Pokète Sweatshirts & Scarves | Finally Pockets for Women!
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Pokète Sweatshirts & Scarves | Finally Pockets for Women!

Product Feature: Pokète sweatshirts & Scarves Montreal Designed Sweaters and Scarves Pokète sweatshirts and scarves allow women to carry their own stuff in the most comfortable, practical and pretty way possible. In their very own pockets! …

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