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A Montreal Energetic Healing Expert

Self Healing Will Take Your Life to the Next Level

Life can often feel like a perpetual dance of two steps forward and one step back. We might have health issues, family issues, work issues… when any one facet of our lives is off kilter, it can throw everything else off as well.

Whatever your struggle may be, at some point we can all use some healing.

Doreen Mary Bray | Montreal Energy Healer

Doreen Mary Bray is an energetic healer, meditation sage and naturopath with over 30 years of experience in healing modalities.

She has helped many people reverse disease and heal other areas of their lives through meditation and by employing other mind, body and soul therapies.

Doreen’s Sample Mediation | Give it a Try

Doreen’s Mission

Doreen’s mission is to guide people to connect with the strength and power to heal their lives, bodies and minds. A power that is already within themselves.

As a healer, she helps people lives of deep connection and belonging by guiding them to inner peace and strength. She helps them to truly feel their intrinsic bond with the world and the world’s bond with them, so that they may begin to fully appreciate the world they live in, its resources and the need to think and act for and beyond themselves.

It is through this deep connection with and appreciation for the world that people are able to heal all areas of their lives.


Doreen’s Approach

Doreen’s teachings, meditations and therapies approach bridge philosophy, psychology, spirituality, the meridians, soul centered inner body work, massage therapy, cranial sacral release, sound and vibrational medicine, body structural modification and spinal work, healing the inner child modalities, potent Energetic Therapies and healings, grid and matrix realignment and re-programming and re-patterning of the DNA.


The walking sage

Doreen Mary Bray is also a visionary thinker, speaker and author. She is also known as The Walking Sage.

If you would like to experience some of her incredible transforming meditations, check them out here: