10 Indoor Family Activities You Can Do in Montreal

Montreal Indoor Family Attractions

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Family thing to do in a Montreal Winter | Indoors

 Fun Things You Can Do Indoors in Montreal

Winter has set in and let’s face it, while some people are excited to hit the ski hills, not everyone is ready to embrace the cold, snow and slush. If your family is more the ‘indoorsy’ type… what are your options, aside from hibernating on your couch for a months long Netflix binge?

Here are 10 of Montreal Tips’ favorite indoor activities for families who like to get their rosy glow from electric heating, rather than icy winds.

Montreal Indoor Activities for winter

1 - iSaute Trampoline Park

As any parent knows, kids trapped inside eventually end up bouncing off the walls. So why not take them somewhere they can literally bounce off all that pent up energy? iSaute in an indoor trampoline park and a must-do for families.

iSaute consists of a huge open space where every floor surface is a padded trampoline. There’s a large open jump area, a dodgeball court, basketball, aerial jumping, a tightrope, a type of trampoline surfing, foam cube pits and so much more. Trust us, the entire family will love this one.

Healthy Indoor Activity in Montreal

2 - Oasis Surf

Do you spend winter dreaming of being on a beach? Go to Oasis Surf. You will feel like you are in the tropics right away. The temperature is warm, it smells like coconut and you can surf indoors. Yes. Surfing indoors.

If you have never surfed before, you can opt for a surf initiation. For more seasoned beach bums, you can get a total surf experience. You can buy bathing suits and any beach or surfing gear you need at their shop, and can enjoy some tapas, healthy bowls and drinks in their restaurant.


3 - Canyon Escalade

Want to get your climb on in a safe and warm environment? Check out Canyon Escalade with your family. It’s great for both beginners and experts. You can take private lessons as well as courses to take your climbing skills to the next level. Lessons are available for ages 6 and up, and there is a day camp, a relaxing space with steam bath, sauna and massages, and a bistro.

Discover Canyon Escalade

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4- Vortex Racing

Vortex Racing is North America’s best and only Formula-style racing simulation center. They offer individuals and groups the opportunity to get behind the wheel of some of the fastest and most powerful motorsport vehicles in the world in a safe and controlled environment. You can even bring the kids.

Discover Vortex Racing. 

Vortex special is that we're a uniquely Montreal experienc

5 - SkyVenture Montreal

Wait… Skydiving indoors? Yes! Using a powerful wind tunnel, SkyVenture gives adventurers an amazing indoor skydiving experience, starting as young as four years old! Get a taste of what a skydiving free fall feels like in a safe and controlled environment.

It’s also a great place to host an event, birthday party or team building exercise.

Discover more on https://www.skyventuremontreal.com


6 - Cosmodome

If a space adventure is more your family’s style, the Cosmodome is the place to be. From virtual missions, to astronaut training simulators, to a host of exciting and informative exhibits designed for kids and adults alike to learn through fun and interaction, the Cosmodome is a great way to stay warm and experience something out of this world on a chilly Montreal day!

There is also a day camp available and you can book birthday parties or corporate events.

Discover more on Cosmodome

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7 - Sugar Shack

Erabliere Charbonneau is just one of the many sugar shacks in the greater Montreal area. Part of the sugar shack fun is outdoors, but the best part of the experience… the eating part… is indoors! Enjoy some classic sugar shack fare and introduce your kids to a much loved Quebecois tradition.

Discover more on Sugar Shack


8 - Indoor Skating 1000 Atrium

Classic winter activities don’t have to take place in the snow. If you’d prefer to enjoy a leisurely skate without that sharp snow (you know what I’m talking about) pelting your face, or teach your kids to skate without bundling them up so much they’re practically immobile, Atrium le 1000 is the place to be!

You can rent skates on site, or bring your own. They even have a skate sharpening service available. It’s also located in the heart of downtown, so you can take the family for a nice post-skate lunch or hot chocolate afterwards.

Discover more on the Atrium 1000 Skating Arena

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9 - Planetarium

Star gazing is not something you can really do in the city, even on a warm night. And on a cold, dark, snowy night? No thank you. But thanks to the Planetarium, you can explore the skies in warmth and comfort!

There are a variety of shows on the calendar to discover, as well as a permanent, interactive exhibit for kids to enjoy.

Discovers more about Planetarium

10 - Insectarium

What kid doesn’t love bugs? The insectarium offers a fascinating look at insects from around the world and even offers different activities, exhibits and guided activities that are sure to keep your family enthralled (and, let’s be honest, maybe even a little grossed out).

Afterwards, check out the gift shop where, among other things, you can buy edible bugs! Perfect snack for family movie night?

Discovers more about Insectarium

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