Top 10 Gifts for Men in Canada

10 Holiday Gift Ideas For Men

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A post by Elizabeth Péladeau | As a Communication & Video Coach

An Advice from a Communication Coach

As a Communication & video coach,  I help people craft compelling messages and communicate those messages every which way they can. Sometimes that communication takes the form of finding just the right gift for someone!

The Challenge

For me, even with all of my expertise and experience in communication, this particular form of communication has always been a challenge for me. At least when it comes to men!


Speaking from experience

Every holiday, when I want to get my husband a gift, I go blank! I have no clue what to get him.  It was the same with my dad. I have no research backing me up on this, but I can assure you it is much easier to buy a gift for a woman! OK, I know there are some exceptions but I am talking in general here.

I have found that many men just don’t have the same romantic notions around receiving gifts that women have. For example, when do you ever see an ad about a woman giving jewelry to a man? Or surprising him with flowers? When my husband wants something for himself, he just gets it. So when I ask him what he wants for Christmas or his birthday, I hear crickets!

Communicate a message of love

It’s so frustrating. I want the gifts I give him to communicate a message of love, not one of cluelessness!

Now, I have talked to many women, and I know I am not the only one with this problem. So I did something I do really well. I used my imagination! After a lot of research and creative thinking, I came up with 10 amazing and truly unique gifts that men will LOVE!

(I created this video when the temperature was a little warmer, so for #8, forget the pool and shovel the snow!)
  • Sport Car Rental For a Day

  • MMA Class to let off steam

  • Biking Equipement

  • An Organizer for the Garage

  • Barbershop Gift Card

  • BBQ Cooking Class

  • Spa Gift Card

  • Help Around the House

  • Whiskey/Gin Tasting Night

  • Card from the Heart