Where do locals eat in Montreal?

Tips To Eat Like A Local in Montreal

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Ask Locals - Where do you eat?

Local Favourite Restaurants to Try in Montreal

Food is life in Montreal. Every local has their favourite spots to suit every mood, budget, time of day and even dietary restrictions, so the best way to find good food is to ask!

Here are some options.

Top Local Restaurants All Around Montreal

Picture of Montreal Old port with text on top

Bring your own wine restaurants in Montreal

Bring your own wine Restaurants

You may be directed towards one of the bring your own wine restaurants (there are no corking fees in Montreal) on Duluth such as Jardin de Panos, Khyber Pass or La Colombe

Top Local Restaurants in old Montreal.

Top Desert Restaurants in Montreal

For the sweet tooth only :)

For a sweet treat, you’ll no doubt be pointed towards Chocolat Favoris for amazing homemade chocolate dipped ice cream, or Juliette & Chocolat where they have a wine-list-style list of drinkable (yes, drinkable) chocolates.

Late Night Montreal Food

Best 3AM Food Options in Montreal

After a night on the town, you’ll find the party still happening with arguably the best Montreal poutine at La Banquise or over the famous “Creation” at Boustan (which is now a chain, but the original is on Crescent street and open till 4am).

Other Montreal Food Options

New Orleans style

Or you might hear about the amazing New Orleans style cuisine at La Louisiane

Japanese style

Try the many Japanese style izakayas like Kinka or Imadake.

When in doubt, trust customer reviews over tour guides. Check TripAdvisor, Restomontreal, Yelp, Google and Facebook reviews. Look for places with many recent reviews. If a place only has 3 reviews, those probably come from friends or even staff. And if the reviews are all from 2010, well, a lot can change in 8 years.

If you have a place in mind that is not on the list, please leave a comment below and we will be happy to consider in future articles.