Massar Egbari is Live in Montreal!

Ready for a Compulsory detour?

Not Following the Script!

Do you sometimes feel that you’re expected, or even required, to dress, act and generally live your life in certain ways? That we’re all just following scripts and taking paths that aren’t necessarily right for us, but are demanded of us?

Massar Egbari Montreal

You might call that a Compulsory Detour, which is the English translation of Massar Egbari.

Hailing from Alexandria

Massar Egbari is a really cool and unique band hailing from Alexandria, Egypt that will be headlining at Montreal’s Place des Arts, March 11. With the Montrealer band “The rising few as an opening act, this is definitely going to be a memorable evening. 

A mix of classic and traditional western and eastern influences

Their music, a mix of classic and traditional western and eastern influences, focuses on social issues in a fun way that’s really enjoyable. In a part of the world where pop music tends to dominate the scene, Massar Egbari chose to blend rock, jazz and blues with traditional Egyptian sounds for what they describe as alternative music that goes against expectations in an awesome way. Even the band name is a sarcastic jab at a society they feel leaves little room for creative expression or a direction of one’s own.

In Montreal!

Massar Egbari broke onto the international music scene in 2007 and has since played to sold out crowds around the world. They have written music for movies, been invited to perform at international festivals, were featured on 2014’s Songs from a Stolen Spring, have won many awards and now, they’re coming to Montreal!

Massar egbari in Montreal

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Book your tickets for Massar Egbari live in Montreal! Opening act by Montreal’s own, The Rising Few. Don’t miss it!

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