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Vacationing in… Brossard?

Have you ever thought of vacationing in… Brossard? Yes, Brossard! That sleepy suburb on Montreal’s South Shore!

Only it’s not so sleepy. In fact, there’s some pretty amazing stuff to discover throughout the South Shore, but the place you’ve most likely heard of is Quartier Dix30.

If you’ve never been, you’re probably under the impression that it’s just a really big outdoor mall. Sure, it’s got great shops that range from Joe Fresh to Hugo Boss, Jysk to Anthropologie (and so, so many more) and the shopping alone could keep your debit card smoking for days, but Dix30 goes far beyond shopping. And we’re not talking food court either.

shopping items in dix30

Quartier Dix30

Here are just a few things you’ll find at Quartier Dix30 that’ll make you wonder why this place isn’t in every single Montreal tourism brochure:

Here is what Montreal tips are the best things to do in Dix30:

1. Cinema Dix30 VIP Room

The Dix30 has a movie theatre is home to one of Cineplex’s latest innovations – VIP rooms. These are adult-only viewing rooms and lounges with plush seating and fully licenced bars where you can get snacks, appetizers, beer, wine and cocktails served to you in your comfy seats.

It takes a simple movie date to a whole new level!

2.Oasis Surf

“Let’s go surfin’ now, everybody’s learning how, come on and safari with me!!!” Oh yeah, you can totally surf at Dix30. Still think it’s just a big mall?

Oasis Surf is an indoor wave that can be modified to different skill levels. There’s no experience required and qualified surf instructors are on hand to help you catch your first wave or increase your skill level. Kids can start as young as 4, and there’s a group wave option making it perfect for parties or even team building events!

Sky Spa

3. SkySpa

You spent your morning saving the world at the escape room, now it’s time to put your feet up at a full-service spa with a trendy and oh so relaxing thermal baths experience. Don’t forget your bathing suit!

Choose from SkySpa’s variety of massage therapies, one of the many beauty treatments, or just spend the day relaxing in the warm baths and saunas.

4. Breakout Escape Room

Breakout Escape Room is really cool because it mixes a little theatre and storytelling into the experience. You can even choose your character!

There are 7 different rooms to choose from and multiple characters, all at different levels of difficulty. Help catch a criminal, free yourself from interrogators, survive in a post-apocalyptic world, or help smuggle precious artworks out of captivity!

5. Bfly

Bfly is a family experience like none other. With a philosophy of inspiring children through exploration, discovery and creativity, their range of activities are all surrounded by actual butterflies. How magical!

Kids can step inside a giant storybook, take a voyage of discovery on one of the “flying machines”, break open a geode or discover the world of light and magic.

Prison Break games in Southshore montreal

6. L’Étoile Theatre

Take in a show at L’Étoile theatre which showcases incredible local talent in its 1,000 person capacity show space.

You’ll find everything from comedy shows, musical talent, dance troupes, dramatic theatre and even shows specifically for kids. The fully licenced space with 3 bars is also available to reserve for parties and events.

7. Le Club

This lively, cabaret style club seats nearly 400 people for music and comedy shows that keep the energy high. Le Club has a fully licenced bar and table-d’hote menu when you opt for the “souper-spectacle” package.

Seats in Theater

5. Spin Skatepark

With both indoor and outdoor parks, this huge space with ramps, pools, jumps and more is a trick bike or skateboarder’s dream.

Spin Skatepark is open to the public, but also offers group and private courses as well as awesome summer camps for ages 6 and up. They also host challenges and competitions to show off your skills!

So yes, you do have to cross a bridge to discover the wonders of the south shore, but with all there is to do, see and experience, you’ll be glad you did!

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Photo by Feifei Peng on Unsplash

Photo by Elijah Flores on Unsplash

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