SPOTLIGHT: Gaïa – Your new favourite restaurant (that happens to be vegan)

Gaïa – Resto Végan – Bromont

a cozy vegan restaurant

If you find yourself in Bromont, either for skiing, hiking, a relaxing visit to one of the best spas near Montreal or just to enjoy the gorgeous scenery and vibrant city, be sure to checkout Gaïa, a cozy vegan restaurant so delicious and comforting even your meat-loving friends will happily go back again and again.

Sign for Gaia Bar on the street of bromont

Breakfast, Bruch, Supper, Dinner and To-Go.

A Mix of Cultures and Cuisines

When we recently visited, we were delighted to find a diverse menu inspired by Lebanese, Indian, Quebecois and other international cuisines. Every dish was beautifully presented and tasted as good as it looked. It was so amazing we knew instantly that we had found a new favourite restaurant, which is perfect since Bromont is one of our favourite cities.

Real Vegan Cooking

Gaïa is a place where you can really experience vegan cooking treated as a proper cuisine. Their menu isn’t about replacing animal products or hopping on a fad. It’s about celebrating fresh ingredients, creating incredibly flavourful, gorgeous dishes and generally showing how satisfying and truly delicious good vegan cooking can be. Imagine, for a moment, that for the entire history of humanity, we lived solely on a plant-based diet. Imagine the incredible, creative, delectable dishes that would have existed. That is what you will find at Gaïa.

You can enjoy the meal and have a drink

Gaïa is fully licensed, so you can enjoy your meal with a drink or two in the cozy and warm atmosphere. We enjoyed the whole experience so much, we didn’t want to leave!

Make the best out of it

However, it seems we aren’t the only ones enamoured with Gaïa. The restaurant is always busy, so reservations are an absolute must, even for lunch. The service is as warm and friendly as the inviting atmosphere, and you will be so glad you planned ahead. Welcome to your new favourite (vegan) restaurant!

What else can you don if you are in Bromont?

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