5 Best Skiing and Snowboarding Spots Near Montreal

Top 5 Ski Resorts Near Montreal | Opinion

a skier’s dream

Folks, this has been one snowy winter! And by all accounts, it seems there is more to come. Love it or hate it, you can’t deny the regular blanketings of fresh snow have been a skier’s dream.

Snowboarding Spots Near Montreal

Here are our top 5 picks for the best skiing and snowboarding spots near Montreal:

And as any skier knows, the season is far from over. No matter what the groundhog may say.

1. Mont Saint-Bruno

Saint-Bruno is the perfect hill for beginners, families with young kids, or when you just have to hit the slopes, but don’t have time to drive some crazy distance. Located about 30 km outside the city, you can usually reach the mountain within just 30 minutes.

Proximity aside, Saint-Bruno boasts one of the best ski and snowboard schools in the province and employs over 500 ski and snowboard instructors. Lessons are available for individuals and groups of all ages and levels, or you can try out SkiGö, their innovative self-directed training course. If you’ve always wanted to get into skiing (which is a really great way to enjoy our long winters), head out to Saint-Bruno.

While you’re there, be sure to check out the family favourite, Enchanted Forest trail, or one of the two Fun Zones featuring controlled turns, jumps, moguls, half-pipes and more.

Ski slope near montreal

2. Mont Tremblant

No list would be complete without Tremblant. And what we love about this spot is that there are far more activities than just skiing and snowboarding, so it’s a great choice for families and groups where not everyone skis.

First, the skiing. Mont Tremblant boasts “the largest and most varied skiable terrain in Eastern North America.” With 47 of their 96 trails classified as “very difficult and extreme”, you can spend days discovering the mountain without ever getting bored. But don’t worry if you’re a less advanced skier. They have plenty of beginner and intermediate level trails as well.

Not into skiing or snowboarding? Try fat-biking, ice climbing, winter hiking, tubing, dogsledding, wilderness survival, snowshoeing, ice fishing, head to the astronomy Pavillion for stargazing, hit the shopping district, the indoor pool, the amazing restaurants and so much more!

Mont Tremblant’s main appeal is that it’s really close to Montreal. The terrain is suitable for all levels, and there are plenty of nightlife options too

Bois-de-Liesse, Pierrefonds Ski

3. Mont Blanc

Already conquered Tremblant like it was NBD? Mont Blanc, just a stone’s throw from Tremblant, may be a slightly smaller and less popular hill but features double diamond runs and many uber challenging trails to really test your limits.

Mont Blanc is considerably less expensive than Tremblant and does not have the same tourist crowds, so this really is the perfect spot for experienced and dedicated skiers and snowboarders.

If you’re planning to bring the family, the Mont Blanc resort also has a massive indoor playground, so consider making a weekend out of it!

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4. Mont Bromont

Bromont is the second closest hill to Montreal and what everyone loves about Bromont is the night skiing. Open till 10:00 PM Sunday to Thursday and 10:30 PM Friday and Saturday, it’s the perfect spot to head to after work. In fact, a 7-day season pass for nights (starting at 5:00 PM) is only about $150.

Because of that, nights can get crowded, but the runs are wide, there are 102 lit up runs and 6 snow parks for jumps, turns, obstacles and more, so there’s more than enough space for everyone.

The mountain itself is quite stunning and although not as large or advanced as hills like Tremblant, you won’t bore quickly and you really can’t beat the convenience.

Ski Bromont’s main appeal is that it has a variety of terrain, and there’s tons of night skiing space too, which is always a plus. This locale can get a bit busy during the weekends or evenings, but you still have 3 mountain peaks and everything is properly groomed to deliver amazing results.

Green trees on a ski slope

5. Jay Peak

Located just south of the border in Vermont, Jay Peak is a skier’s paradise and hugely popular with Montrealers. The terrain and conditions at Jay Peak have been compared to the usually incomparable skiing you’ll find on the west coast, but only about 2 hours drive away.

With 79 trails, slopes and glades to meet just about every skill level, and the most natural snow on the east coast, it’s as if nature designed this place with skiing in mind. No matter what your skill level, Jay Peak is The. Place. To. Be.

There are a variety of accommodations available if you want to make a full trip of it, including ski in and ski out options, plenty of restaurants, a vibrant nightlife with live music and even an indoor water park!

Ski sticks in snow

6. Mont Orford

Mont Orford mostly has accommodation away from the base. However, they do have uphill ski trails, showshoeing trails, 17 glades and also a few trails for experts. So there’s definitely no shortage of options here, that’s a given.

7. Mont Sutton

Mont Sutton has glades for all skiers, and it also has an incredible French cuisine at the local restaurants. There are some old ski lifts that might not be the safest, but the place itself is great for skiing and also very enjoyable, so you have to at least give it a try for yourself.

8. Le Massif de Charlevoix

There are many things to like when it comes to Le Massif de Charlevoix. First, it has steep slopes and the location itself is gorgeous. There are 8 km of sledding space, and you also have a vertical drop right at the eastern side of the Canadian Rockies.

9. Mont Sainte-Anne

Mont Sainte-Anne comes with lots of great things such as a modern lift system, 124+ miles of cross country skiing, and some slopes are great to use even during the spring.

10. Stoneham

Stoneham is a bit further from Stoneham, but it does have a lot of advanced terrain and some for newcomers too. We like the fact that there are a few spots for tricks too, in case you are more experienced. Regardless, there’s a resort here too, and you will surely enjoy the results.

11. Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc is a cool option too, because it has 43 trails. They are quite challenging, so they aren’t really suitable for beginners. However, there are ski schools here, so you won’t have a problem learning and adapting appropriately.

12. Owl’s Head

Owl’s Head is at roughly 1.5 hours from Montreal, but it looks amazing, it has a stunning view of a lake, and you get roughly 50 trails you can peruse the way you want. There’s not a lot of accommodation, but the place itself isn’t overly crowded either.

Do you have a favourite skiing spot that offers a unique, challenging or otherwise amazing ski or snowboard experience? Share it below!

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