SPOTLIGHT: Lessons from caregivers

Montreal Author | Irene Andrejczuk

Addressing the emotional toll of caregiving

Are you a caregiver to an elderly loved one? Perhaps a parent, aunt or uncle, or family friend is approaching a phase in their life where they may begin to rely on you more and more.

There is much talk about the emotional toll of caregiving and that is certainly an issue that needs to be highlighted an addressed.

What isn’t highlighted as often is the gift of caregiving. How caregiving, through its ups and downs, can become a deeply personal and introspective journey that helps us gain new perspectives on our own lives and helps us better connect with our higher selves.

Caregiving: A Journey of the Heart
Irene Andrejczuk

Who is Irene Andrejczuk

Irene Andrejczuk is a certified naturopath and healer who, through her Montreal based Optimum Health Clinic, helps women find solutions to hormonal challenges and to know “that it is possible to live a life of optimal health and vitality”.

She is also a caregiver to her mother, Karolina Andrejczuk.

Caregiving: A Journey of the Heart

In her soon-to-be-released book, Caregiving: A Journey of the Heart – Stories to feed the Spirit and nourish the Soul, Irene shares her journey of becoming her mother’s caregiver and how the experience has helped her to be more present, to live in the moment and to experience life from a whole new perspective.

Caregiving: A Journey of the Heart is a collection of stories and insight from Irene and many other women who have experienced the joys and hardships of caregiving.

If you are caring for a loved one, if you are feeling the pressure and weight of that responsibility, if you are looking for real guidance and compassion from people who have been there, this book is for you.Caregiving: A Journey of the Heart is now available for pre-order. Read more about Irene’s book and reserve your copy here.