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Exciting things to do in Montreal this Spring

Spring is a tricky season in Montreal.

Spring is a tricky season in Montreal. The weather is constantly switching from warm(ish) to cold, sunny to rainy, windy to calm, and sometimes there’s a little extra snow thrown into the mix.

Montreal Skyline

Spring is a tricky season in Montreal.

For families itching to get out and start enjoying the longer days, it can be especially difficult to find activities that the whole family can enjoy, regardless of Mother Nature’s mood that day.

But we’ve got you covered.

Here are our top 6 picks for spring family activities:

1. Cabane a Sucre

Let’s start with a classic! There are many cabane a sucre (or sugar shack) options around Montreal to choose from, including one right in the Old Port. Check out our favourites.

They all have great food and many have family activities like hayrides, petting zoos, walking trails, play areas and more.

Get everyone suited up in rain boots (it can be muddy, even on a sunny day) to enjoy some sugar and hopefully a little sun!

2. Butterflies Go Free!

The Botanical Gardens are once again hosting some very special guests – butterflies!

Butterflies Go Free is on until April 29th and is a wonderful experience for all ages. Butterflies literally fly freely as you stroll along paths lined with lush plant life, fragrant flowers and plenty of butterfly feeding stations for you to observe the many gorgeous, colourful butterflies.

Tickets include access to the butterflies, gardens and the Insectarium, and Instagram-worthy pics are almost a guarantee.

Bee flying on lavender plant in Blue lavender

3. Montreal Museums Day

Each year, several of our city’s amazing museums collaborate to bring you Montreal Museums Day – a day when admission is FREE!


Admission prices for an entire family can get expensive, so this is a great opportunity to introduce kids of all ages to art, history, culture and science at no cost, to see what triggers their interest and curiosity most. It’s sure to be an exciting day, and will inspire you and your family to plan future outings and activities together.


Montreal Museums Day occurs on the last Sunday of May. This year’s will be held on May 28th.

Picture of Leonard cohen on a building in Montreal

4. Tam Tams + Nature Hike

Believe it or not, the Tam Tams at Mont Royal start in May! Although typically associated with summer, the Tam Tams heat up long before the weather does.

While in the summer it can be a treat to relax nearby on the grass, May can still be a bit chilly and damp for sitting on the ground. Instead, plan a nature hike or bike ride along Mont Royal’s many trails either before or after experiencing the Tam Tams.

Don’t forget your rain ponchos! If the weather stays dry, you can use them as picnic blankets.

Body of water with beach

5. Experience an Escape Room

If you have older kids (many are ok with younger kids, but recommend 13+), we highly recommend visiting one of Montreal’s many escape room experiences as a family.

Not all are your typical escape room scenario. In fact, they get quite creative! You can choose mystery scenarios, games with puzzles or quizzes, problem solving or skills testing adventures, video game style scenarios, games that immerse you in a historical period and much more.

There are many options in and around Montreal, so you’re sure to find one near you!

Prison Break games in Southshore montreal

6. Head to Dix30

Quartier Dix30 in Brossard is so. Much. More. Than. A. Mall.

Trust us! Here are just a few of the things you can do at Dix30: shop (of course), surf (yes, surf!), hit the spa, experience Bfly, take in a show (movie or a live show), hit the skatepark, get an amazing lunch and so much more!

There’s so much to do at Dix30, we actually recommend staying in the on site hotel for at least a night. Here are some of our favourite Dix30 activities.

shopping items in dix30

Don’t get sucked into a Netflix binge this spring! (at least not for the ENTIRE spring.) Get out and get moving. Summer will come before you know it!

Images source: https://unsplash.com/ & Instagram: @taou
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