Top 5 Montreal Terraces

Best 5 Terraces to Check Out This Summer

The 5 Best Terraces in Montreal This Summer

There truly is nothing more Montreal than a good terrace – the official court of our unofficial pastime, people watching!

As soon as the weather allows, we strongly encourage you to grab whatever spot you can find and just soak it all in. Once you’ve re-connected with the terrace lifestyle, then you can start getting a little more choosy about where you park yourself for an afternoon or evening.

Montreal Skyline downtown

When that time comes, here are our top 5 picks for best Montreal terraces:

1. Brasserie T!

Brasserie T! is the sister restaurant to the renowned restaurant Toqué! Situated right in the heart of the Quartier des Spectacles, and alongside the unique water jet fountain, T! is the perfect place to spend brunch, a lazy afternoon or an evening before or after taking in a show.

The food is absolutely to die for (and includes a special 9:30pm menu for post-show-goers), the location can’t be beat and the fountains provide a refreshing cooling effect on a hot summer’s day. What more could you want?

Moreover, the terrace seating is surprisingly generous, making it a great spot to bring a large group of friends or family. It’s the perfect spot for a special occasion or celebration. You won’t be disappointed! It is located at 9150 Boulevard Leduc suite 102, Brossard, QC J4Y 0E3, Canada, and can be contacted at +1 450-890-0990.

2. Jardin Nelson

Even on a rainy day, the terrace at Jardin Nelson is stunning, romantic and comfortable, thanks to its giant retractable awnings, parasols and pergolas! Which is especially awesome since it is best to have reservations, and there’s no telling what the weather will be. They even have outdoor heating to keep their terrace season going as long as possible.

And it truly is a “jardin”! The restaurant employs professional gardeners who keep the lush plants and flowers blooming and vibrant all season long. Add that to the amazing food and live jazz, and you won’t want to leave.

Additionally, the terrace seating is quite ample and very well-spaced —perfect for all types of gatherings, including intimate dates. It’s no wonder Jardin Nelson is considered one of the best terraces in Montreal! You won’t regret a visit! It is located at 407 Place Jacques-Cartier Old Montreal (Quebec) H2Y 3B1 and can be contacted at +1 514-861-5731.

3. Pub le Sainte-Élisabeth

Pub le Sainte-Élisabeth has one of the most stunning enclosed terraces in the city. It’s very popular, but also quite large and can accommodate quite the crowd. The ivy covered walls and enclosed location make it almost feel like you’re way outside the city instead of just two steps from UQAM.

Officially, they only serve drinks and do not have a kitchen. But you can actually order takeout from nearby restaurants. The pub servers will even provide you with a menu! Arrive early to ensure you get a table.

Furthermore, the terrace has live music almost every night in the summer, which really enhances its cozy atmosphere. With a great selection of beer and wine — not to mention a really spectacular view — this is the perfect spot for a summer night out! It is located at 1412 Rue Sainte-Elisabeth, Montréal, QC H2X 1L4, Canada, and can be contacted at +1 514-286-4302.

4. McAuslan - St. Ambroise

The menu is small (but yummy) and given that it’s a brewery, the drinks list is primarily beer (with a cider and two wine choices thrown in), but this charming terrace is one of our favourites because it’s accessible via the bike path along the Lachine canal and has a relaxing canal-side vibe.

McAuslan terrace is the perfect place to cap off a bike ride or jog along the canal and its somewhat obscure location means you aren’t bothered by foot or road traffic. Just be sure to take a cab back if you go for the tasting paddle ;-)

Also, McAuslan has one of the most unique terrace seating arrangements around, with a mix of picnic tables and cozy nooks. The atmosphere here is truly one-of-a-kind. It’s definitely worth a visit! It is located at 5080 Rue Saint-Ambroise, Montréal, QC H4C 2G1, Canada, and can be contacted at +1 514-939-3060.

5. Labo Culinaire

Located atop the Société des Arts Technologiques building, Labo Culinaire, or FoodLab, is one of the city’s newest terraces and is quickly becoming a favourite, thanks to its creative and dynamic menu dedicated to celebrating local produce and organic wines.

If you’ve never been to the Société des Arts Technologiques, its stunningly modern and energetic new terrace is the perfect excuse to take in an art show and experience some amazing talent before indulging in smoked mussels, endives au gratin, herb and leek tagliatelle or braised beef paired with the perfect wine. Yum!

Moreover, its terrace seating includes several long tables with benches, allowing visitors to make friends with their neighbors and socialize — something that’s not always easy on a more intimate terrace. It’s the perfect spot for groups or special events! It is located at 1201 Boulevard Saint-Laurent Montreal, QC H2X 2S6, and can be contacted at +1 514-844-2033.

Do you have a favorite terrace that you’re excited to visit this summer? Please share in the comments and tell us why you love it!

Why You Should Visit These Terraces?
Montreal is full of amazing terraces, each with its own unique offerings. Whether you’re looking for an intimate spot for two, a lively atmosphere with live music, or a place to enjoy local cuisine and drinks, you’ll find what you need!

Plus, the views from each terrace are stunning and provide a truly unique experience. From Old Montreal to the Lachine Canal, you’re sure to find a terrace that suits your needs. So don’t wait any longer and start exploring all the amazing terraces Montreal has to offer!

Bottom Line
Montreal is full of amazing terraces — and the perfect one for you depends on what kind of atmosphere you’re looking for. Whether you’re searching for a secluded spot for two, or something more lively and social, Montreal has many terraces that will meet your needs. From the lush and lively Jardin Nelson to the cozy, canal-side McAuslan – St. Ambroise terrace or modern Labo Culinaire, you won’t be disappointed with the variety of terrace experiences in this vibrant city.


What is the best terrace in Montreal?

This is a subjective question and depends on what kind of atmosphere you’re looking for. Some of the most popular terraces in Montreal include Jardin Nelson, Pub le Sainte-Élisabeth, McAuslan – St. Ambroise, and Labo Culinaire.

Why should I visit Montreal for a terrace experience?

Montreal is full of amazing terraces that offer something for everyone — from cozy and intimate spots for two to lively and social settings. Plus, many terraces offer live music or other entertainment, making it a fun and exciting experience.

What can I expect when visiting a terrace in Montreal?

When visiting a terrace in Montreal, you can expect to find a great selection of food and drinks, cozy seating (usually with some outdoor furniture), beautiful views, and often live music. You may even find some special events or entertainment happening, depending on the terrace.

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