5 Reasons to Take a Road Trip to Toronto

5 reasons to visit Toronto now

What you really need to see!

Most Montrealers have been to Toronto at some point in their lives. If you have, you’ve probably already visited the CN Tower and High Park. And of course, you can’t pass up shopping on Yonge Street, a trip to Canada’s Wonderland or Kensington Market.

Those are great activities, and if you’ve never been to Toronto, you should definitely check out at least a few of those. But let’s face it. Once you’ve done the CN Tower, you don’t need to do it again.

Toronto CN Tower Road Trip

Thankfully, there is so much more to Toronto! Here are 5 of our favourite, unique reasons to take a road trip to Toronto:

1. The Pan Am Path

The Pan Am Path is nearly 80 km of walking and biking trails that stretch across the city and along the Humber River waterfront, up to the shore of Lake Ontario.

More than just a beautiful trail through nature, the Pan Am Path is dotted with incredible art installations and murals. The combination of wooded and waterfront paths, and stunning manmade creativity make this a side of Toronto tourists don’t often see.

So hitch your bike to the car, rent from one of the many bike shops, or get one from Toronto Bike Share (TO’s version of Bixi).

The Pan Am Path

2. The Monkey’s Paw

While many brick and mortar bookstores are struggling in the wake of Amazon’s massive rise, The Monkey’s Paw is more than hanging on thanks to its very unique approach: they specifically stock unusual and mostly unknown books.

Even if you aren’t typically a book lover, it’s easy to get lost in its “emphasis on visual culture; obsolete opinions and technologies; lesser-known works on highly specific topics; books as objects; and pop detritus.” It’s like walking into many other worlds!

It is also home to world’s first (and only) Biblio-Mat: a vending machine that, for just a toonie, spits out a completely random, “unique & unusual” book. Collect them all!

3. All the weird houses

In Toronto you’ll find The Half House: a one hundred year old, previously semi-detached house that lost its neighbor when its owners opted not to sell. You’ll do a double take for sure!

There is also The Tiny House, built in 1912, which rivals any minimalist dream with its envious 29 sq metres, The Wood Cake House covered in bits of old pool cues, cork, coins and other odds and ends, The Doll House, which is not a house for dolls, but a house covered in dolls (yeah, we know… nightmares), The Cube House, inspired by a Dutch architect and looking very bizarre, The Narrow House, which looks like it was wedged into an alley, and more.

Let’s just say, Toronto really seems to like its weird homes!

4. Casa Loma

Adding to Toronto’s obsession with unique homes is Casa Loma: an early 20th century mansion so huge, it’s definitely more of a castle.

As tends to happen with eccentric millionaires who spend $250,000 (and that’s in 1911 dollars) for gold name plates… for their horses… the house’s original owner quickly went bankrupt. The house is now owned by the city and is open as a museum and event venue (just imagine a wedding at this place).

A tour of the house will take you through secret passages, a massive underground tunnel, the tower, stables, estate gardens and many opulent suites. Be sure to visit the onsite cafe or one of the two decadent restaurants, and be sure to check out the gift shop, housed in what used to be the mansion-castle’s bowling alley.

All the weird houses

5. The Rage Room

Ever just wanted to get out some rage? Starting at just $20, the Rage Room will get you geared up in protective wear and let you just… smash stuff!

Your basic package comes with plates to smash, but you can also upgrade to glasses, chairs, electronics or bring a bunch of your own stuff to wail on. You can also choose your “rage weapon” and a playlist. They even have a date night package. How romantic!

If you’ve ever dreamed of taking a baseball bat to your office printer, or a crowbar to that Ikea chair that just never went together right, you can’t miss the Rage Room.

5 Reasons to Take a Road Trip to Toronto

Do you know of a unique activity, hidden gem or other lesser-known must do in Toronto? Please share your tips in the comments!

Images source: https://unsplash.com/ & Instagram: @taou