The Healing Power of the Ukulele

Music for life

The phrase “music for life” takes on a whole new meaning in the context of music therapy, especially when it comes to children. Music has the power to bring joy, build confidence, provide comfort and much more. Empowering sick kids to express themselves through music benefits them in so many ways.

Kids playing Ukulele

The ukulele.

What’s more, there is an amazing little instrument that is easy to learn, small enough for children’s hands, doesn’t get in the way of IV lines and is light enough for even a weakened child to hold. This magical instrument? The ukulele.

This quaint little instrument has recently been building a strong subculture. If you ride the metro, you’ve likely seen a busker or two strumming away, or spotted the odd hipster playing along with the Tam Tams at Mont Royal. What you may not know is that there is an entire organization dedicated to getting ukuleles into the hands of hospitalized children to help comfort, heal and inspire them.

The Ukulele Kids Club

Introducing The Ukulele Kids Club

The Ukulele Kids Club is an incredible nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting music therapists and providing sick kids with the joy of music by gifting ukuleles to children’s hospitals. The organization partners directly with hospitals and healthcare organizations to advocate for music therapy and to provide support and resources to help these organizations continue their wonderful work.

Music is a powerful art form. So powerful that research has proven its ability to heal and help manage pain.

Here are some of the many ways music benefits sick kids:

  • Promotes emotional and physical coping skills

  • Builds social and verbal skills

  • Instills a sense of accomplishment

  • Assists with pain management

  • Initiates physical stimulation in the lungs and heart, as well as the hands and arms

  • Builds trust and comfort with medical staff

  • It’s fun! Something children in hospitals desperately need and deserve

The organization itself has a touching backstory. After tragically losing his own son, Ukulele Kids Club founder, Corey Bergman knew he had to find a way to heal. He began visiting hospitals with his guitar in tow, hoping to bring comfort to others.

In visiting with hospitalized children, he saw how transformative music could be and realized how perfectly suited the ukulele was to the children’s environment and abilities.

As of today, Ukulele Kids Club has gifted more than 6,000 ukuleles and has spread awareness and support of the power and importance of music therapy.

If you would like to help support the organization, you can donate here. Or you can come out to see them in action when they host an event in Montreal the weekend of August 18. Stay tuned for details!

The Ukulele Kids Club in Montreal

This August and with the support of Montreal Children’s Hospital, Montreal based Entertainer Jay Della Valle and his band Owls & Lions will be hosting various performance-based fundraising events in Montreal to raise awareness and funds for the Ukulele Kids Club. If you are interested in hosting a private house concert or getting involved with UKC – you can email Jay directly.

Countdown to the Ukulele Kids Club Event in Montreal


Images source: & Instagram: @taou