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Tanja’s Journey

Having a master’s degree in translation and interpreting, Tanja Senica certainly knows how to choose the right words to bring a message across. Speaking five languages fluently and having lived in six different countries, she is always open for a change and up for a challenge. Nevertheless, when she decided to quit her oh-so-comfortable and safe 5-9 executive assistant full-time job, not only did she feel the excitement but also a pit in the stomach. After all, she had only begun her coaching certification two months before that, and there she was—unable to silent the vocation calling her.

Hit Splits by Tanja Senica

The Transformation

We go day in day out working our souls off, not even knowing why—sometimes not even for who. It is so much easier to close our eyes and keep grinding, thinking to ourselves “one day … when I have a house, when I have a family, when my kids are out, when I’m retired …” And we cannot wait for the weekend … But where is the fun NOW? What if we could enjoy life TODAY, one day—or even better—every day at a time?? What if the answer to our numbness and boredom in life does not lie in the pills we take but in the steps we make, in the hands we shake, in the smiles we share? What if the happiness does come from within?

freedom you DESERVE

Okay, back to Tanja’s reality. In April, she was blessed with the eye-opening realization what her purpose in life was. Today, she is a health and life coach and she is complementing her coaching with her fitness instructor expertise. She wakes up every morning with gratitude that she can change the world for the better, one person at a time. She is not only a master of HABIT CHANGE but also a student of Life. She will support you with an open heart and stretch you to achieve the goals you have never dreamed were possible. She will hold your hands to reach the freedom you DESERVE. A healthy mind in a healthy body. Say YES to yourself by turning healthy habits into positive lifestyle behaviours that last.

Do you often feel sluggish?

Are you tired of carrying unwanted weight or feeling weak throughout the day? Does what you see in the mirror affect your relationships? Imagine how it would feel like to have more energy, feel lighter/stronger, maybe also BE lighter/stronger? Would you like to be the best version of yourself and connect better with your spouse, children, parents, friends, colleagues, etc.—and yourself?

FREEDOM—physical, emotional, financial, and professional.

Hit Splits by Tanja Senica is a network of people who will help you find your FREEDOM—physical, emotional, financial, and professional. As a health, life, and fitness coach, Tanja is a guide who empowers you to uncover the most beneficial habits for your individual needs and how to turn them into long-term behaviours in a fun and simple way. If you ever feel sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, then you simply need a coach who will show you the path and help you get from stuck to stoked, from surviving to THRIVING.

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