Panama Rotisserie: A trip to Greece without the plane

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Panama Rotisserie

the highest rated Greek restaurant in Montreal

We have no idea why this restaurant is called Panama, but we do know why it’s one of the highest rated Greek restaurants on Restomontreal. It’s AMAZING!

Panama Rotisserie specializes in grilled meats, fish and vegetables, and in providing a truly authentic experience, right down to the blue and white tablecloths and traditional Greek music. If you use your imagination a little, you can even pretend you’re on vacation in a sunny Greek town along the Mediterranean.

Best Greek Resto in Montreal

Authentic Greek Food!!

made them with pure love.

We ate many things on our visit (soooo many yummy things), but the standouts were definitely the spanakopita that we have no doubt we could eat every single day without ever getting tired of, the grilled vegetables and quite possibly the best grilled chicken we have ever had. EVER.

Of course, no meal is complete without a little something sweet. We opted for the loukoumades (honey balls) and were pretty sure someone’s yiayia (Greek grandmother) made them with pure love.

Real Greek Vegetarian Option

Greek restaurants this side of the Atlantic tend to be heavy on the meat and seafood, but Panama offers several vegetarian options, so if you have a big group, it’s a good choice to cater to everyone. All their produce is purchased daily and they do a lot more with vegetables than simply throwing them in a salad, so we’re talking real choices. Although, if you’re an “on the fence” vegetarian, you might want to make Panama your cheat day because, oh yum, the grilled fish!!

Panama currently has three locations in Montreal (Jean Talon O, near l’Acadie), DDO and Laval.

Greek Island

Greeks know food

Maybe it’s the pure love of good food and good company, but there’s something about Greek restaurants that make them ideal for just about any age, occasion or group size, and Panama is no exception. It can easily be a great choice for a cozy date night, casual family dinner, get together with friends or a big celebration.

The wine list features mostly Greek wines as well as ouzo, classic mixed drinks and cocktails and a few beer choices.

There’s no question that the Greeks know food and know how to truly enjoy any food centred occasion, or make any occasion all about the food. Panama was a truly, delectably delicious experience for us and we will definitely be going back!