Halloween custom stores in MTL

Best Places to Get Halloween Costumes in Montreal

Montreal Tips Opinion | Updated 2021-2022

It’s October and you know what that means! No, not pumpkin spice everything. Halloween!!! Have you lined up your costume yet?

People have been celebrating Halloween for more than a thousand years. It is one of the most popular traditions in the western hemisphere, a holiday for colorful and spooky costumes that entice both children and adults.

So, are you ready for some fun, spooky experience this year? Autumn is the best time to spend some quality time and cozy nights with your loved ones. Halloween doubles the excitement, allowing people to get their imaginations flowing.

Celebrating Halloween is incomplete without purchasing a unique costume, makeup, and accessories. So, if you are looking for fun, excitement, and entertainment this year, you can buy a Halloween costume at the following stores in Montreal. Read on!

Plenty of Halloween spots in Montreal

Whether you’re going with spooky, silly, outrageous, retro or even a couples’ costume, there are plenty of spots in and around Montreal to get you outfitted and ready for a frightful time. 

Here are 5 of our favourites Halloween Custom Shopping Spots in Montreal:

  1. Ponton Costumes (Joseph Ponton Costumes)
  2. Imagine le Fun
  3. Oya Costumes
  4. Halloween Mania
  5. Halloween Party Center
  6. Vezina Centre Party

Halloween shopping stores in Montreal

Best Halloween costume stores in Montreal

1. Ponton Costumes

Ponton has been in the costume business for over 150 years. You may remember its Old Montreal location across from the Centaur Theatre in the aptly named, Fairy Land Building (Bonus MTLTips points to any tipsters who can shed light on the building name. Did it come from the building’s original owner, James Fairie? Was it a nod to the fairytale quality of Ponton? We’re dying to know!)

Today, Ponton is located on the east end of St Catherine and has over 15,000 costumes to rent and plenty of accessories. The history alone makes it THE place to be for costumes!

Don’t forget to check the massive collection of the devil, pirate, zombie, vampire, superhero, and princess costumes. Everything down to the design, texture, and color is important in Joseph Ponton Costumes, which showcases traditional accuracy, historical authenticity, and symbolic significance.

Web: http://pontoncostumes.com/en

Address: 4846 St Catherine E, Montreal

2. Imagine le Fun

Imagine Le Fun offers Halloween Costumes for people of all ages, including children and adults. Imagine Le Fun is one of the most popular stores in Montreal, offering unique, attractive, and spooky costumes to make the celebrations memorable.

The store has everything from hats, lenses, legwarmers, tights to morph suits, pointers, slippers, fake tattoos, etc. Imagine Le Fun has an extensive collection of Halloween costumes, and the good news is that you can buy these products at any time via the store’s website.

Imagine le Fun has two amazing brick and mortar locations in the Plateau, but you can also shop online if you aren’t in the area. They have a huge selection of costumes, accessories and professional makeup, as well as onsite makeup clerks to help you not only find what you’re looking for, but give you tips on how to use it.

Their services are used by organizations such as Cirque du Soleil, L’Opéra de Montréal and Tohu-Bohu, but don’t let the fancy names discourage you. Imagine le Fun carries a huge array of affordable and easy-to-wear costumes for us non-showbiz people!

Web: https://www.imaginelefun.com/


  • 34 Mount Royal E, Montreal
  • 5333 Casgrain avenue, Montreal

3. Oya Costumes

Oya is primarily an online costume store, but since their warehouse is in Montreal, you can order your costume and pick it up at the warehouse the next day instead of waiting for delivery. So, if you wait till (almost) the last minute for your costume, you’ll still have a pretty massive selection at your fingertips. They even extend their opening hours throughout October to give you extra time to grab your order!

If you prefer to stay home due to Covid-19 and save time, Oya Costumes’ online store is the best option for you. It offers a wide variety of quality, comfortable, and colorful designs.

Likewise, Oya Costumes has a vast collection of masks, wigs, makeup, lights, and other décor items you can purchase to throw a spooky party. The company is based in Montreal, so you can order costumes online and pick them up at Oya’s warehouse or choose the shipping option.

Besides, the company’s website has an intuitive design, mobile-friendly navigation, and organized categories, allowing you to choose your favorite costumes and accessories quickly. Similarly, the company offers exceptional customer support, so you can contact the support team for help if you have any queries or concerns.

Web: https://www.oyacostumes.ca/

Address: 4710 St Ambroise, Suite 119, Montreal

4. Halloween Mania

Located in St Leonard, Halloween Mania is more than a costume shop. They also have their very own, onsite haunted house! About 2,500 square feet of space is dedicated to their free and ever-changing haunted maze, open until November 1. Shop for costumes, accessories, decor and even props, then cap off your visit with a trip through the maze… if you dare!

As the name indicates, Halloween Mania is the best shop for purchasing costumes for children, adults, and pets. There are over 3,000 products available at the store. So, this is the place where you can narrow down your search for a perfect Halloween costume, makeup, and accessories.

The store’s “Boutique de Luxe” is an exclusive section with high-quality, comfortable, colorful, and spooky costume designs that bring more charisma and double the fun. From star wars and princesses to Marvel superheroes and witches, Halloween Mania has everything for you.

Web: https://www.halloweenmaniamontreal.com/

Address: 5820 Metropolitain E, St Leonard

5. Halloween Party Center

Halloween Party Center is part costume shop, part party supply store, so if you’re planning a Halloween bash, this is the place to go. On top of their huge selection of costumes, you’ll also find things like decorations, pinatas, balloons, tableware, party favours and more. It’s also conveniently located near Guy-Concordia metro station.

Web: http://halloweenpartycenter.com/Montreal-Halloween-Costumes.php

Address: 1836, St Catherine W, Montreal

6. Vezina Centre Party

Vezina Centre Party is another best store to buy your Halloween costume in Montreal. The store offers a massive collection of costumes for people of all ages, including children, teenagers, young adults, and older adults.

Not only do they offer classic Halloween costumes like hippies, clowns, and ghosts, but they also have a modern collection of superheroes, princesses, witches, and Dracula costumes. If you want to set up a space in your home to throw a haunted party, Vezina Centre Party is your one-stop shop in Montreal.

Besides costumes, you can browse a large collection of makeup products, face-paint stencils, and other accessories to create a perfect look for this year’s Halloween. Check out the company’s online store if you want to save time.

The idea of throwing haunted parties, asking for food and money, and celebrating the beginning of the dark, cold winter is something that brings excitement for everyone. However, Halloween is all about dressing up in spooky costumes to have more fun and entertainment uniquely. These are the top five stores to purchase your Halloween costumes in Montreal.

Do you have a favourite place to shop for Halloween costumes? Share your Montreal tips in the comments!