New Digital Marketing Program at McGill School of Continuing Studies

Professional Development Certificate in Digital Marketing and Advertising

A career in Digital Marketing

Considering a career in Digital Marketing but are unsure how to start? McGill University, one of the top universities in the world, is now offering a new professional development certificate in Digital Marketing & Advertising.

Growing Importance of Digital Marketing

Have you heard terms like SEO, SEM, Paid Search, Paid Social, and always wondered what they were? Your search stops here. Digital Marketing, especially during the pandemic, is one of the most sought-after skill-sets because of the ability to be on the pulse in the digital world and making this work alongside their ability to drive traffic to sites and then turning this traffic into returning customers. Doing this through different means and being flexible with a different variety of tools and platforms make digital marketers very effective in today’s modern business. This is something that companies are recognizing as a powerful arm in their whole Marketing landscape.

A New Certificate in Digital Marketing

The certificate itself is designed to get you market-ready in order to stay competitive with today’s digital marketing business standards. Having the latest knowledge and skill set is something that all companies look for and completing this certificate will give you a headstart on all of these requirements. It will not only be a great advantage over your competitors but you will be able to be work-ready quicker and be more efficient.

The certificate will teach and make you proficient in digital marketing fundamentals, content marketing and visual content creation, paid search and social advertising, digital marketing tools and technologies, and the application of leading-edge digital marketing strategies to achieve business objectives.

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