5 Best Escape Games in Montreal to Test Your Skills

Best Escape Rooms in Montreal

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An Activity for Friends, families, and corporate

There is no shortage of unique activities and adventures in our favourite city. And it’s no surprise that, in a city renowned for its vibrant creativity, there are a number of truly unique and exciting escape room games for friends, families, corporate teams or even complete strangers to test their skills and have some fun!

Escape room to try in montreal


OBSIDEM is a truly unique escape room experience in that it does not rely on puzzles or quizzes to move you through the game. Instead, players must use their “wits, ingenuity and objects around you” in order to conquer the challenge.

Their goal is create as realistic an experience as possible so you can test how you might react in a kidnapping situation, investigating a dangerous murder scene, or should the guardian of a multi-dimensional portal go MIA and you are tasked with finding out what happened. You know… real stuff ;-)

Game durations at OBSIDEM range from 20-90 minutes and are designed for children aged 12 and up. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

OBSIDEM is located in east of Parc la Fontaine, near metro Frontenac.

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A/MAZE has a huge selection of scenarios to choose from, which is probably its greatest strength. Of course, it helps that people love the games so much they constantly go back for more!

Games rely on clues, puzzles and codes, but they also throw in some ‘fakeouts’ to test your problem solving skills. Can you weed out the true clues from the distractions to solve mysteries, break out of prison or uncover the secrets of an abandoned pirate ship?

There’s even an Alien Maze challenge where you get to choose your side. Are you human… or alien? This especially unique challenge also has 3 ‘modes’ to choose from: survival, puzzle and Nerf war! Who doesn’t love a good Nerf war?

A/MAZE is recommended for ages 13+. Younger children are welcome, but parents are advised that younger children may find the games too challenging and, therefore, not as much fun. Younger groups must be accompanied by at least one adult.

A/MAZE has 2 locations in Montreal’s St. Henri neighborhood and a third location on the west island in Pointe Claire’s Fairview shopping mall.

3. Ezkapaz

Ezkapaz aims to bring video games and board games to life! Every scenario at Ezkapaz is designed by the Ezkapaz team and will not be found anywhere outside Montreal.

Solve a murder in a room inspired by the board game, Clue, travel back in time to the 80’s and 90’s, or prevent the destruction of humanity at the hands of a secret society.

The scenarios at Ezkapaz rely on clues to help you move through the games and everything in the room, from knick knacks to posters to books or anything at all can be part of the puzzle! Teamwork is an absolute must in reaching your objective, making it perfect for team building events, reconnecting with friends or a unique and incredibly fun family bonding activity.

Each scenario is 60 minutes long and recommended for ages 14+. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Ezkapaz is located in the heart of the Plateau on blvd. St. Laurent, right next to Schwartz’s Deli.

4. Echappe Toi

The scenarios at Echappe Toi are all set against classic Montreal backdrops, making this a truly unique experience. It’s perfect for Montrealers (and tourists) who love to immerse themselves in the history and culture of Montreal.

The scenarios employ actors, adding an element of interactive theatre to the games. The challenges are quite difficult, with many visitors saying they were unable to complete the challenge, but a resounding “it was so much fun, we’re definitely going back!” can be found in almost all reviews.

Can you rescue the cursed treasure of Hochelaga? Stop a bank robbery and get the Canadian Secret Service off your back? Help the Gro’Ver Boys hockey team escape from the locker room where they’ve been baricaded? Or how about restore a defunct Quebec TV station to its former glory following the murder of one of its stars?

Step into another time or another world inside the city you know so well! Or do you?

Echappe Toi is recommended for ages 8+, so it’s great for families. Children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult.

Like OBSIDEM, Echappe Toi is located in Montreal’s east end, near metro Frontenac.

5. Missions Morpheus!

Missions Morpheus tests your logic and quick thinking with puzzles, quizzes, riddles and immersive challenges you must unravel as you race the clock to escape from vampires, prevent nuclear war, solve a disappearance or learn the secrets of ancient Atlantis before it’s lost again… forever!

Missions Morpheus blends the escape room experience with technology and cinema, with each scenario inspired by the work of a prominent film director. Although the experience is about the challenge, the resounding theme is FUN! This is a great place to take the family or to plan a corporate outing, as the scenarios cater to all tastes and comfort levels.

Scenarios are all 60 minutes and designed for ages 15+ and while younger children are allowed, they must be accompanied by an adult and parents are advised that kids under 15 may not enjoy the experience as much.

Missions Morpheus is located in Plaza St. Hubert in the Rosemont-la Petite Patrie district.Do you have what it takes to escape one of Montreal’s many exciting escape rooms? Assemble your team and find out! Bonne chance!