where to live in canada
“Moving is a tedious undertaking for most of us, even within the same city.  For those endeavoring to move to a completely new city however, in perhaps an entirely new country, the preoccupations of relocation only become exponentially more stressful. Figuring out new whereabouts, new local cultures, transportation and other such logistics are challenging enough, but before any of these issues come to the foreground, the fundamental question at the heart of every move is “Where should I live?”

Fortunately for those facing the moving conundrum, there’s Navut.

Navut is a free, personalized, web-based service which helps those moving to find a neighborhood tailored to their needs. Some might be looking for a suburban spot close to a school for the kids, while others want an exciting downtown locale with a nevertheless excellent safety rating. Whatever the specifications, Navut’s Neighborhood Finder helps users find their ideal neighborhood, according to a huge selection of parameters they get to choose from. Subsequently, once users have narrowed down the ideal neighborhood for them and their family, they’re able to explore a variety of properties available for sale and rent, as well as make contact with verified real estate agents. (Which, incidentally, comprise the other, clever side of the business, as they can sign up with Navut and have access to an extensive clientele base) Whether on the moving or the selling side, it’s not really surprising that more and more folks’ curiosity has been piqued by Navut’s signature tool, the Neighborhood Finder.

 Choosing the best city to live in

While certainly a marketable asset, the idea behind this small web startup didn’t come from any business think-tank. Its founders, Mauro Repacci, Marcos Carvalho, Gustavo Burckhardt and Aureabelle Cruz have a wealth of very personal motivations behind Navut. Their collective experience, involving numerous and sometimes difficult relocations (Carvalho alone has clocked over 12 international moves to himself) inspired them to create a tool which would help others avoid the sometimes logistically and personally daunting issues they had faced. Among others, these had included feeling completely out of place in their new neighborhoods, their new areas not meeting the expectations of their research, or being misinformed by landlord prior to arrival. In short, they realized that making moving easier isn’t just a good idea, it was a shared and passionate raison d’être behind the company.

 Navut- Canadian Realestate directory

Beyond its acclaim with relocating users and real estate agents wishing to expand their client base, the company has also been making waves in the small-business scene in Montreal lately. It was the recipient of the International Startup Festival’s Videotron Business Solutions Prize this year, and is well on its way to exponential online growth.


Either way, Navut’s progress is going to be interesting to watch, and might prove to be the next big online tool for the hoards of people trudging through the troubles of moving. Hopefully they can help transform the experience into something much more positive and exciting.

To find out more about Navut, check out their site at: http://navut.com
To check out Navut’s blogs, where you can read up about the local scenes and neighborhoods they feature, visit: http://blog.navut.com