Best Arcade Bars in Montreal

Best Game bars in Montreal

As we all know, Montreal has a wide variety of fun activities you can do across the whole city. There’s always something for someone! Today’s article will explore two of Montreal’s retro arcade bars for those looking to change things up and let out their inner gamer!

Here is a list of the best is the top arcade bars to visit in Montreall:

1. North Star Machines À Piastres

Boasting a fantastic location on 3908 St-Laurent boulevard and conveniently across Schwartz’s deli (a personal favourite), North Star has some cool retro decor with exceptional service and a range of unique drinks. As for the games offered, North Star has quite a few classics available. 

Their pinball machines are the highlights as they have been maintained and cared for from the ’60s, making them unique commodities and are still as fun as ever. They also have other classic games such as pong, skeeball, and tabletop hockey for those who want to try their hand at other games.

The bar works on a token system that keeps the fun going as the prices are fair and won’t run your bill too high. North Star is an excellent choice for a fun evening option in Montreal, especially if you’re looking to explore the Main!

2. Arcade MTL

Next up, we have Arcade MTL, located at 2031 Saint-Denis, and is in another great part of town with plenty to visit around. The bar has a cool geeky decor with drinks named after your favourite games, which helps to tie in the whole aesthetic. Arcade MTL offers a laid-back, good vibes spot that is best enjoyed as a hangout spot for you and a small group of friends! 


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With an 8$ entrance fee comes the benefit of having unlimited access to games instead of paying for them individually, which makes for an endless night of fun!

Whichever one you decide to visit, we promise you a good evening will come out of it. So grab your closest friends and head on over!


Mexican Market Dining in Montreal


Torteria Lupita

Mexican Market Dining in MontrealMExican Tortilla with veggies

If you’ve ever been to an authentic Mexican market (i.e. one actually within a Mexican city, town or village) you know that Mexican cuisine is nothing like what you typically find in Canada. The food you find in these markets is made with unbelievably fresh ingredients and is full of rich flavours and incredible textures.


The family behind Torteria Lupita is originally from Mexico City and is on a mission to recreate the Mexican market dining experience, as closely as possible, for Montrealers.


Inside this charming and cozy restaurant, the atmosphere is authentically Mexican, as opposed to Mexican-themed. The warm colours, natural materials and laid back, welcoming vibe will transport you to another place. And that’s just the beginning.


The menu is small, which is often a good indicator that the food is amazing. Small menus typically mean fresher ingredients, dishes made to order, more dynamic flavours and often more homemade elements. In this case, homemade chorizo, churros that melt in your mouth and agua fresca made on the spot.


The specialty of Torteria Lupita (in case the name didn’t give it away) is the tortas. Unlike the tacos, quesadillas and burritos many North Americans are familiar with, tortas are sandwiches served on white sandwich rolls. They’re brimming with deliciously spiced meats, vegetables and cheeses, like the Pastor featuring grilled, marinated chicken topped with grilled pineapple, smoked mozzarella, chipotle mayonnaise, red onions and cilantro. There’s also a veggie torta with avocado and marinated onions, a grilled steak torta with spicy pasilla mayo, a braised pork torta with coleslaw, a chorizo torta topped with a fried egg and more.

Inside of Torteria Lupita

Torteria Lupita also has a small brunch menu on Saturdays, while the absolutely irresistible churros are available all week long. You can also get enchiladas, or a variety of smaller plates such as soup, quesadillas and flautas. In addition to the variety of agua fresca, they also offer beer, coffee and hot chocolate (perfect for churro dipping).


The staff is incredible and so welcoming. You won’t want to leave!

Torteria Lupita is located at 4601 Notre Dame west, just down the street from Tacos Victor. Will we see you there?

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