Montreal is famous for world-class educational institutions, history, art, culture, festivals, attractions, landmarks, and food. The multicultural environment makes Montreal one of the unique and attractive destinations for tourists. Montreal is the largest French-speaking city in Canada.

Besides, Montreal is a perfect destination for tourists during the winter season, boasting picturesque scenery, a clean climate, unmatched warmth, and perfect harmony with nature. There are dozens of places to visit and hundreds of things to do in Montreal. In today’s article, we will highlight the best fall activities around Montreal in 2021. Read on!

1.    Visit Parc Jean-Drapeau

Parc Jean-Drapeau is one of the most family-friendly places to explore during the winter season. Although many people head to the mountains when fall arrives, we suggest visiting Park Jean-Drapeau if you want to have a unique experience on the two relic islands.

It is a perfect place to enjoy sunny days during the winter season. You can explore and learn about the leftover ruins of Expo 67 and take photos/videos to create memories. We recommend having a picnic on beds of autumn leaves falling to the ground. Afternoon and evening times create a great atmosphere at the historic gym “Parc Jean-Drapeau.”

Parc Jean-Drapeau, located in Montreal, Quebec, is a popular destination for families seeking outdoor activities and exploration during the winter season. While many people may choose to head to the mountains during the fall, this park offers a unique and family-friendly experience on its two relic islands.

2.    Explore Labonté de la Pomme

Labonté de la Pomme is one of the most beautiful valleys near Montreal. It is about a 45-minute drive from Downtown Montreal, a perfect place to pick your favorite vegetables and fruits, including apples, pears, plums, and pumpkins.

Labonté de la Pomme offers a wide range of family-friendly activities, including pick-your-own fruit, site interpretation, maze, plant life and wildlife observation, motorized tour, mini-farm, picnic area, children games, and delicious food.

Located just a short 45-minute drive from Downtown Montreal, Labonté de la Pomme is a stunning valley that offers a plethora of activities and delights for visitors of all ages. Nestled amidst picturesque surroundings, this destination is known for its bountiful orchards and an array of family-friendly attractions.

One of the highlights of visiting Labonté de la Pomme is the opportunity to pick your own fruits and vegetables. The orchards offer a variety of delicious options, including apples, pears, plums, and pumpkins. This hands-on experience allows visitors to connect with nature, enjoy the fresh air, and gather their own produce, creating a memorable and educational outing for the whole family..

3.    Hiking at Mont St-Hilaire

Mont Saint-Hilaire, also known as Mount Saint-Hilaire, is a stunning natural landmark located just a 1.5-hour drive from Montreal, making it a perfect destination for a day hike. Rising 1,358 feet above sea level, this majestic hill is nestled in Southern Quebec and offers breathtaking views and an abundance of natural beauty.

The journey to Mont Saint-Hilaire from Montreal takes you through scenic landscapes, showcasing the vibrant colors of autumn. As you approach the hill, you’ll be captivated by the picturesque views of the Richelieu River, which flows nearby, adding to the charm and serenity of the area.

Upon arrival, you’ll find a network of well-maintained hiking trails that meander through the lush forests and rocky terrain of Mont Saint-Hilaire. The trails are suitable for hikers of various skill levels, offering options for both beginners and experienced adventurers. Whether you’re seeking a leisurely stroll or a more challenging trek, there’s a trail to suit your preferences.

Although McGill University owns the property, it has opened the western part of the mountain to tourists and visitors. Not only is this best perfect for hiking, but it also offers cross-country skiing opportunities. Some of the best hiking trails at Mont Saint-Hilaire to explore are:

  • Passerelle (0.4km)
  • Burned Hill (1.3 km)
  • Pain de sucre (2.6 km)
  • Lac Hertel (0.5 km)
  • Dieppe (3.7 km)
  • Mauve (4.9 km)
  • Rocky (8.8 km)

4.    Parc National Du Mont Tremblant

Parc National Du Mont-Tremblant is another place to visit if you want to relish the scenic beauty of Sac-a-Commis Stream, the labyrinth of old roads, and the warmth of nature. Visiting the area is an excellent way to enjoy holidaying in Montreal. You can rent a cabin and relish leisurely hours or go for outdoor activities, including:

  • Bike riding in the striking nature
  • Tonga Lumina night walk
  • Zip-line through the mountains
  • A Gondola ride
  • Kids pirate park

Moreover, you can relax your mind during the fall season by spending a day at one of the spas in Mont-Tremblant. We recommend undergoing the traditional Finnish hydrotherapy session, deep tissue massage, and ice cider body wrap to soothe your skin and relax your mind. If you are travelling with friends, don’t forget to spend a few hours at the Casino de Mont-Tremblant. Indeed, you will have a memorable night with your friends.

5.    Walking around the Old Port

Montreal’s Old Port is perfect for people who are looking for a nice fall activity.

A short walk in the old port is always memorable, whether it is along the water or wether it is in the historical corridors.

The tree leaf’s colours changing next to the grand roue or the view of the Southshore and the islands, it is always worth it.

Besides, the restaurant in the area is exceptional when you are looking to enjoy delicious food.

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View of Montreal Skyline from Park Jean Drapreau

Top Parks To Visit on the Island of Montreal This Winter

View of Montreal Skyline from Park Mont-Royal

View of Montreal Skyline from Park Mont-Royal


Ah, Montreal parks. The perfect setting for people watching, romantic strolls, picnics with friends, quirky activities like slack-lining, quidditch, extreme frisbee or practicing cartwheels because, why not? At least they’re great for all that (and more) in the summer and fall. But, what about winter?

Don’t despair, folks. The parks stay open year round, and there’s plenty to do at Montreal’s parks throughout the long winter months!

Here are 4 of the best parks in Montreal to visit in winter:


1. Parc la Fontaine

Located in le Plateau, Parc la Fontaine is bordered by Sherbrooke, Avenue du Parc La-Fontaine (obvs), Rachel and Papineau. It’s a great park for a stroll, a picnic, chilling by the duck pond or kicking back with a good book. In the winter, it transforms into a snowy wonderland, surrounded by some of the city’s trendiest hotspots.

Why it’s awesome for winter:

The skating! There’s something truly romantic about this park, so while you can definitely take the family skating, or go for a pick up hockey game, it’s a really special spot for an evening skate with your special someone. Don’t have skates? No worries! You can rent skates at the onsite chalet. You can also get your own skates sharpened there if you quite literally had to dust yours off. There’s also a little restaurant onsite to grab a snack or a hot drink, but… 

Kick it up a notch:

In case you weren’t aware, you can drink alcohol in Montreal’s public parks! The catch is, you have to be consuming a meal if you’re drinking. Ah, but there’s another catch! There’s really no definition of what constitutes a meal. So, if you were to bring a few yummy pastries or holiday baking alongside your thermos of spiked hot chocolate or egg nog, you’re probably good to go! If that isn’t the perfect budget-friendly, yet romance-packed date night, we don’t know what is!

More awesomeness:

Though the park is known more for its beautiful skating rink in the winter, you can also use the cross-country skiing or snowshoeing trails throughout the winter. Even just a snowy stroll through the park can be pretty special.

Park la fountaine in downtown montreal


2. Parc Mont Royal

Pretty much all of the mountain (note to non-Montrealers: it’s more of a large hill than an actual mountain, but to Montrealers it is 100% “the mountain”) is Parc Mont Royal and since that’s a lot of ground to cover, there’s an awful lot to love about it. Montreal's lake - Beaver lake in the park of mont royal

Why it’s awesome for winter:

Snow tubing! There are a few spots on the mountain where you can bring your own sled and coast down the hill, but the groomed tubing tracks overlooking Beaver Lake are hands down some of the most fun you can have in Montreal during the winter!

You rent a tube onsite (prices for this year have not yet been announced, but have always been extremely affordable in the past) and if you bring your own lock, you can make use of one of the onsite lockers so you can whoosh down the hill at top speed without a care in the world!

This is obviously an awesome activity for kids, but if you’re an adult or semi-adult and feeling nostalgic for the days when snow felt thrilling and magical, trust us… there is no joy quite like tubing! So slap on your snow pants and get ready to yeehaw!

Kick it up a notch:

Scrap the office Christmas party this year and take the whole team out to the hills for a day of totally unprofessional fun! When was the last time you fell into a fit of giggles with your coworkers? Forget the team building exercises. Nothing bonds a team together like tubing!

More awesomeness:

Like we said, this is a BIG park. Aside from tubing, there’s also snowshoeing, cross country skiing, bird watching, skating, hiking and more!


3. L’Escapade in Rigaud

So this one’s actually outside the city and – bit of a bummer – not accessible by public transportation. It’s about a 45 minute drive away in the town of Rigaud, but it makes our list because… 

Why it’s awesome for winter:

The cross country skiing! L’escapade is a linear park. Yes, that is a boring description, but what it means is that the park is a lot longer than it is wide. Because of that, it’s the perfect layout for trails! There are about 27 kms of groomed ski trails in gorgeous l’Escapade park. The 27 kms are divided into five distinct trails, rated from easy to difficult. Given the length of the trails, you can really make a full day of it.

Kick it up a notch:

Combine your ski day with a little history! Rigaud is a town packed with historic sites and rich in quebecois culture. Sure, there’s plenty of history in Montreal as well, but this is a little different and immersing yourself in the roots of Quebec culture is an experience every Montrealer should have. So, spend a morning skiing the trails, then stop for lunch before visiting one (or more) of the many stops along the heritage and cultural circuit.

More awesomeness:

If you’ve never tried snowshoeing, this might be the perfect opportunity as you can rent the equipment onsite. There are also walking trails open year round, and while dogs are not allowed on the ski trails, they are more than welcome to join you for some furry fun on the walking and snowshoeing trails.


4. Parc Jean-Drapeau

This is probably the most action-packed park the city has to offer. Year round, there are all kinds of events and activities happening at Parc JD. Located on Île Sainte Hélène, Parc Jean-Drapeau is surprisingly easy to get to with plenty of parking and access via the metro’s yellow line. In the summer, you can even take a river shuttle from the Old Port. But in winter… 

Why it’s awesome for winter:

Fȇte des neiges! For the 37th year in a row, this event will be bringing the joy of winter to Montrealers for four weekends in a row. This year’s festival will include the ice boat (a giant pirate ship made of ice), snow tubing, a refrigerated skating trail, boot hockey games to join, a human foosball game, an “alpine adventure” activity organized by Cirque Éloize acrobats and much more. There’s even a mini-hill and equipment for kids to take their first shot at downhill skiing or snowboarding!

This is definitely a family friendly festival, with plenty of activities for kids of all ages, but it is by no means exclusively for kids and families. The ice slides are fun for everyone, there are plenty of activities to join in, and last year’s festival had amazing food trucks to sample some of the best cuisine in the city. This year’s food truck lineup is gearing up to be just as delicious.

Kick it up a notch:

Access to just the festival is free, but some activities require a ticket. Opt for the ridiculously affordable pass and you get unlimited access to all activities for ALL 4 WEEKENDS of the festival! Skate one day, go tubing the next, eat yourself silly at the food trucks, take a snowshoeing lesson, join a game of boot hockey, then do it all again!

More awesomeness:

If you opt for the festival pass, you also get free admission the Stewart Museum, which has great exhibits and programming for all ages, as well as 25% off admission to the Biosphere. If you’re tired of hearing “I’m bored” from your kids… or partner… or friends… there’s four straight weekends packed with activities!

View of Montreal Skyline from Park Jean Drapreau

What’s your favourite Montreal (or nearby) park to visit in the winter? Share it in the comments!

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