Tips on Finding a Job in Montreal

Tips on Finding a Job in Montreal

You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re looking for work in Montreal. This blog post will provide you with some advice on where to look for a job in Montreal. We’ll also provide details about the job market in Montreal. For more details, continue reading!

Best Ways to Find a Job in Montreal

Looking for a job in Montreal can be daunting, but with the right approach, it can be easier than you think. Here are the top six methods for finding employment in Montreal:

Start with Your Network

Ask your friends, relatives, and acquaintances if they know of any job openings. They may have connections that you don’t, and they’ll be more likely to give you a leg up if they know you’re qualified. It’s also a good idea to join relevant professional organizations in your field. This will give you access to job postings as well as networking opportunities.

Utilize Social Media

LinkedIn is a great resource for finding jobs, and many companies post open positions on their Twitter or Facebook pages. Make sure you follow relevant companies and check their feeds regularly. It’s also a good idea to set up Google Alerts for keywords related to your desired position. This way, you’ll be alerted whenever a relevant job is posted online.

Check out Job Boards

You can start your search on Monster, Indeed, or Craigslist. You can also try specific industry-related job boards, such as Hcareers, for hospitality positions. It’s a good idea to set up job alerts on these websites to notify you whenever a new position is posted.

Attend Job Fairs

These events are great for getting your foot in the door with employers who are actively hiring. You’ll have the opportunity to meet with recruiters and perhaps even land an interview on the spot. It’s important to dress professionally and to have your resume and cover letter ready.

Go Through a Staffing Agency

Staffing firms can assist you in finding short- or long-term work that matches your skill set. It’s worth looking into this option because they frequently have unique access to positions that aren’t yet publicly publicized. It’s a good idea to meet with a few different agencies to get a feel for what they offer and how they can help you.

Get in Touch with Headhunters

Headhunters are professional recruiters who work on behalf of companies to fill specific roles within their organization. If they think you’re a good fit for one of their clients, they may reach out to you directly with a job offer. Having a headhunter on your side is good when you’re job-searching, as they can provide valuable insight and guidance.

How Easy Is It to Get a Job in Montreal?

Several industries in Montreal are expanding quickly, and the labor market there is generally healthy. The most promising sectors include technology, artificial intelligence, healthcare, and finance. However, competition for jobs can be fierce, so it’s important to put your best foot forward during the application process.

Make sure your CV is current and appropriate for the position you’re going for if you want to improve your chances of being recruited. Additionally, you should rehearse popular interview questions and interview techniques. You’ll have a better chance of getting the desired job if you take the time to prepare.

Can I Get a Job in Montreal without a Degree?

Without a degree, it is feasible to work in Montreal. Many entry-level positions don’t require a university education, and many employers are willing to train candidates on the job. However, since there may be fierce competition for these positions, having a great CV and interviewing abilities is critical.

How to Get a Job in Montreal for Freshers?

If you’re a fresher, starting with your network is the best way to find a job in Montreal. Ask your friends, relatives, and acquaintances if they know of any job openings. You can also use job boards and social media to identify open employment. Finally, consider attending job fairs or going through a staffing agency.


Although it can be difficult, finding a job in Montreal is feasible if you take the appropriate approach. Utilize your network, search job boards, and consider working with a staffing agency to find the best positions.

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Best Jobs in Montreal for Foreigners

Best Jobs in Montreal for Foreigners

There are many opportunities for foreigners in the lovely city of Montreal. Whether looking for a great job or just exploring all this vibrant city has to offer, Montreal is a great place to be! Check out the best jobs for foreigners in Montreal and get started on your exciting new adventure today!

Which Job Is in Most Demand in Montreal?

Here are the top 8 most in-demand jobs in Montreal:

  • Programmer
  • Computer Network Technician
  • Construction Worker
  • Software Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Early Childhood Educator
  • Civil Engineer
  • Registered Nurse


Programmer is the most in-demand job in Montreal. Programmers are in high demand in Montreal because of the city’s thriving IT sector. If you’re looking for a great job opportunity in Montreal, consider becoming a programmer!

Computer Network Technician

Computer network technicians are in high demand in Montreal due to the city’s growing number of businesses and organizations. They are responsible for setting up, maintaining, and resolving issues with computer networks.

Construction Worker

The city’s thriving building industry has resulted in a significant need for construction employees. Consider working in construction if you’re seeking a fantastic job in Montreal!

Software Engineer

Because of the thriving tech sector in the city, software engineers are in high demand. If you’re looking for a great job opportunity in Montreal, consider becoming a software engineer!

Electrical Engineer

Due to the city’s expanding commercial and organizational landscape, electrical engineers are in great demand. Designing, creating, testing, and overseeing the production of electrical equipment fall under their purview.

Early Childhood Educator

Due to the city’s expanding family population, early childhood educators are in high demand. They are responsible for providing care and education to young children.

Civil Engineer

Due to the thriving construction industry in the city, civil engineers are in high demand. If you’re looking for a great job opportunity in Montreal, consider becoming a civil engineer!

Registered Nurse

Since there are more businesses and organizations in the city, registered nurses are in great demand. They are in charge of giving patients care and treatment.

How to Get a Job in Montreal?

Here are some tips on how to get a job in Montreal :

  1. Check out the city’s website for job postings.
  2. Attend job fairs and networking events.
  3. Search online job boards.
  4. Send your resume to companies that you’re interested in working for.
  5. Apply for positions for which you are qualified.
  6. Follow up with potential employers after sending in your application.
  7. Be prepared for interviews by researching the company and practicing interviewing with a friend or family member.
  8. When you get an offer, negotiate salary and benefits before accepting the position.


Montreal is a great city for freshers to start their careers. There are plenty of job opportunities available, and the city offers a lot of resources to help you find a job that’s right for you. Follow these tips to get a job in Montreal for freshers and start your career today!

Can I Get a Job in Montreal without A Degree?

Yes, you can get a job in Montreal without a degree. In the city, numerous entry-level positions are available, and many employers are eager to accept applicants with little to no experience. However, it is important to note that your career prospects will be limited if you don’t have a degree. Therefore, earning a degree is ideal if you’re serious about landing a decent career in Montreal.


Many schools in Montreal offer programs that can help you get a degree. Check out the city’s website for more information on how to get started on your educational journey today!

Best Job Searching Sites in Montreal?

There are many great job-searching sites in Montreal. Here are some of the best:

  • Talent Montreal
  • Ometz
  • CAPS Job Bank
  • YES Montreal
  • Career Beacon
  • Monster
  • Workopolis
  • Indeed

These job-searching sites are a great resource for finding jobs in Montreal. Browse through the postings and find a position that’s right for you!


There are plenty of job opportunities available in Montreal for freshers and experienced professionals alike. If you’re looking for a great job, consider becoming a programmer, construction worker, software engineer, registered nurse, or early childhood educator. With its booming economy, Montreal is the perfect place to start your career!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.

How to choose the best IT talent solutions or recruitment services in Canada? Check out this guide for essential information and details!

Best IT Recruitment Services in Canada

Recruiting and hiring the best IT talent in Canada is daunting and time-consuming. Many organizations find it challenging to streamline the process because an employer looking at hundreds of applications is troublesome and time-consuming. Sometimes, an employer can’t decide on the right person for the role.

On the other hand, recruitment agencies can optimize the process and find the right people for the right job. Recruitment agencies do not often find people themselves because they have online platforms and portals where candidates apply for different positions in various categories.

Businesses of all sizes and types in Canada use recruitment agencies to find the best IT talent. The purpose is to save time, focus on other tasks, and improve the business’s bottom line. Today’s article will give you essential information on recruitment agencies to help you make an informed decision. Read on!

How Much Do Recruitment Agencies Charge in Canada?

A growing body of research evidence shows that hiring new employees cost thousands of dollars in Canada. However, this cost includes training and development, productivity courses/sessions, and aligning the employee’s skills with the organization’s vision, mission, and culture.

According to ADP, the average cost of hiring an employee in Canada is between $4,000 and $5,000. An employer spends an average of 42 days recruiting and hiring an employee.

ADP states that the cost of hiring an employee depends on various factors, such as the search duration, a specific role, and salary range. Hiring managers determine the roles of the position, the days required to advertise the job to a public or private forum, screening, interviewing, re-interviewing, and shortlisting candidates.

So, this takes a lot of time for a hiring manager or recruiter to find the right fit. Recruitment agencies take a percentage of the hired employee’s annual salary, ranging between 15% and 25%. Bear in mind that when the recruitment service takes more time to find and choose the candidate, they will charge more.

How to Choose a Recruitment Agency as a Business?

Finding the right candidate within a limited time is daunting and time-consuming for Canadian companies. An experienced recruiting agency bridges the gap between businesses and IT professionals.

It connects employers with the top IT talent and works with organizations to find suitable candidates for specific roles. Here are a few tips for choosing a recruitment agency as a business.

Define Your Goals

Defining your goals and needs is an essential step to choosing the best recruitment agency in Canada. We recommend thorough planning and preparation to explain your needs to the recruiting agency.

The purpose is to save time and money and let the recruitment agency find the best talent for your company. For instance, discuss whether you need a few or more employees, the type of positions, the experienced and skills required, etc.

So, this will help you find an experienced agency specializing in a specific field. A recruiting company with enough details about your hiring requirements can streamline the process and find suitable candidates based on your recruitment criteria.

Ask Questions

Experts recommend performing thorough online research to list the top recruitment agencies, compare their services, read reviews, and evaluate testimonials of previous and current clients.

Once you have narrowed down the comparison results, contact the agency and ask them to give you detailed information on their services. Ask the following questions to make an informed decision.

  • Do you provide the candidates I am looking for?
  • How much time do you need to find the best IT talent?
  • What background checks do you perform when finding and recruiting candidates?
  • What data tools and analytics do you use to find the right talent?
  • Do you need more information about our company?

An experienced and qualified recruitment agency will give you detailed answers to these questions and explain the entire process. If the answers are unsatisfactory, you can move forward and consult another agency.

Evaluate the Agency’s Services

Another crucial factor to consider is assessing the type of recruitment services an agency offers. It helps you identify an ideal agency that aligns with your recruitment criteria. For instance, if you are looking for temporary or short-term IT professionals, you should consult a staffing agency.

On the other hand, opt for an executive recruitment agency if you need to recruit and hire high-level executives for your IT company. However, a general recruitment agency is ideal if you require multiple IT professionals, such as software engineers, developers, data scientists, analysts, cloud architects, etc.

A general recruitment agency specializes in various fields and niches. However, you must check whether the company aligns with your organization’s criteria. You can proceed with the agency if it is the right fit for your company.

Define Your Budget

Even if you find the best recruitment agency, the question is: Can I afford its services? It is a difficult question for many employers because recruiting agencies are expensive in Canada.

In addition to other criteria or factors, you must consider or define your budget before proceeding with the agency. Although some recruitment agencies charge more, they provide you with talented IT professionals/candidates.

So, if you can afford an agency that fulfills your needs, go ahead, and hire its services. On the other hand, avoid wasting your time and look for an agency within your budget.

What is the Best Hiring Service?

Although you can find various agencies that offer innovative recruitment services to businesses, they may not provide services related to the IT or tech industry. “Expertis Solutions” has been in the business for many years, with experienced, skilled, and qualified “recruiting professionals.”

The company specializes in IT and industrial engineering talent solutions. Expertis Solutions offer service in various IT disciplines, including Software Development as a Service (DaaS), sales and marketing, and technology and industrial engineering.

It has a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who make substantial efforts to find and hire the right talent for small-medium companies based on their recruitment needs. Expertis Solutions, Montreal, Canada, offer:

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
  • Contract Staffing Solutions
  • Placement of Full-time employees
  • IT Project Staffing
  • IT Staff Augmentation projects
  • Build Personal Talent Brand

Do Recruiters Take a Cut of Your Salary?

Recruitment agencies do not take a cut of your salary. However, they take a percentage of your annual salary based on the agreement or contract between the employer and the recruitment agency.

For example, if Dean Jones works as a software engineer for an IT company, and it pays Jones $50 an hour, the recruitment agency will mark up his bill rate for the IT company. So, they may charge the company $60 an hour, providing the recruiting company with a 50% markup.

However, many recruitment companies, including staffing agencies, take free to generate revenues. A recruiting agency directly takes the free from the client/company. Remember, agencies charge a fixed fee from companies that require employees for permanent roles.

Do Canadian Companies Hire Foreign Workers?

Canada experiences a higher number of job vacancies and a lower unemployment rate. It means companies offer more job openings for local and foreign workers. According to Statistics Canada, employers made substantial efforts to fill an average of 5.2 job vacancies in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Although some businesses closed their door during the Covid-19 pandemic, many companies shifted to online work and hired remote employees. However, thanks to the mass vaccination campaigns across Canada and ease of travel restrictions, Canada’s unemployment rate has decreased from 5.4% to 5.2% in 2022.

According to Nova Scotia Immigration, Canadian companies bring in more than 90,000 foreigners and provide them with temporary jobs to streamline their operations. Employment & Social Development Canada (ESDC) and Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC) play a critical role in bringing in foreigners.

What Should You Never Tell a Recruiter?

There are a few things that candidates must not tell a recruitment agency. The same goes for companies seeking employees via recruiting agencies. The purpose is to ensure everything goes smoothly and a recruiting agency does not take illegitimate benefits. Here is what you should not tell a recruiter.

Avoid Discussing Other Job Opportunities

Avoid telling a recruiter if you have been sending resumes to numerous job openings. Although some recruitment agencies use this information as leverage to consider you the best talent, many companies think recruiting you would be a waste of time.

Don’t Discuss Your Financial Situation

Never tell a recruiting or hiring manager about your financial situation. Although everyone looks for a job to streamline their finances, pay off debts, and live a happier life, mentioning your financial situation won’t help you land a job.

Recruiters are not your family members or friends and won’t evaluate you other than factors like skills, education, experience, ethics, and professionalism. Even if you tell a recruiter about your financial situation, they may hire you for a low salary, and you may accept the offer because you need money.

Don’t Consider a Recruiter Your Best Friend

A recruiter is not your best friend who understands soft spots on your resume, like your previous employer fired you for an unprofessional attitude within the department. You can discuss these things with your friends to ease your stress and cope with the situation.

So, this is something you must not tell a recruiter. The reason is that recruiters charge companies to find the best talent based on their requirements. So, it’s better not to talk about an unpleasant situation you had experienced previously.

Why Shouldn’t You Use a Recruiter?

A recruiting agency charges candidates 15% to 20% of their annual salary, especially if you are a new employee. We think this is a sum you won’t waste. For instance, a wage of CAD 50,000 with a 15% commission rate of CAD 7,500 means you pay a recruiter CAD 20.5 a day.

So, we think this is inappropriate and does not provide you with value. If you are an employer and recruit employees every second month via a hiring agency, this can cost you a lot of money.

A recruitment agency has a LinkedIn account with excellent SEO features, allowing candidates to find the company and apply for jobs. Likewise, the agency spends a few days finding and evaluating potential candidates’ LinkedIn profiles, contacting them, and shortlisting them for specific positions.

On the other hand, if you have time, why would you pay thousands of dollars to a recruiting agency to find talent for your company? We think this is something you can do yourself.

How Do I Choose a Recruitment Agency as a Candidate?

There are numerous factors to consider when choosing a recruitment agency. For instance, these include the number of years of experience, the type of services, track record, online reviews, success rate, etc. Follow the tips below to choose a reliable recruitment agency as a candidate in Canada.

Perform Thorough Online Research

Online research via Google is an excellent way to find reliable recruiting agencies in your local area. For instance, if you live in Montreal, you can simply type or search for “Best Recruitment Agencies in Montreal” or “Recruiters for IT jobs in Montreal.”

Once you have found recruiting agencies, list their names in an excel file. Next, search each company’s LinkedIn profile, evaluate the information, and compare it with other agencies.

The purpose is to narrow your search results and shortlist recruiting agencies that offer job openings or recruitment services within the IT market. Moreover, read reviews of employers and employees on Google and third-party review sites like Yelp to make an informed decision.

Conducts Face-to-Face Interviews

Determine whether the recruiting or hiring manager is interested in your skillsets or the projects you have completed. During the interview, a good recruiter will want to know about your career’s next move and focus on your:

  • Personality
  • Development
  • Potential
  • Professionalism
  • Skills
  • Experience

So, find out whether the recruiting agency conducts face-to-face interviews. Likewise, a good recruiting agency conducts detailed interviews that last 40 to 60 minutes, not 15 minutes. An experienced recruiter will suggest and recommend improving your resume, following the proper format, and preparing for the interview.

Final Words

There are a few reasons not to use a recruiting agency as an employer or candidate. At the same time, there are numerous reasons to use a recruiting agency. The crucial thing is to find an agency or service that provides value.

Expertis Solutions, Montreal, Canada, has higher client satisfaction rates because we make substantial efforts to build tailored solutions for IT, engineering, and marketing companies, providing them with the best candidates to streamline their operations and improve their business’s bottom line. Contact us today for more information!

10 Best Montreal Farmers Markets

Montreal is not only famous for its fast-food scene but also for its farmers’ markets with fresh produce at reasonable prices. Read Here!

Best Montreal Farmers Markets

Farmers’ markets are the most widely visited places for people to purchase fresh produce, including vegetables, fruits, plants, and flowers. Unlike grocery stores, Montreal farmers’ markets are lively and festive, thanks to the affordable seasonable produce and related products. Today’s article will list the ten best Montreal farmers’ markets. Read on!

1. Concordia Farmers’ Market

Concordia farmers’ market drives hundreds of people during the winter season. The market opens every Wednesday between September and April, allowing people of all ages and walks of life to buy fresh produce.

In addition to veggies and fruits, this farmers’ market also has various food establishments to taste the most delectable food made from organic greens. We recommend eating vegan desserts.

2.  Marche Jean-Brilliant

Marche Jean-Brilliant is near the Cote-des-Neiges, boasting a comfortable environment, thanks to the white-and-green striped canopy and tents. Here, you can find and purchase fresh produce, including green veggies, fruits, and flowers.

The best thing about this farmers’ market is buying apples sourced directly from the orchard. It is one of Montreal’s oldest farmers’ markets, serving the community for decades. It also has kiosks to enjoy delicious food made of pumpkins and try the maple syrup. Don’t forget to buy homemade honey.

3. Marché Solidaire Frontenac

Marche Solidaire Frontenac is a community farmers’ market in Montreal, boasting a wide range of items, including fresh produce like fruits and green veggies, seasonal products, food establishments, and workshops, such as pizza making, gardening, and food-centric essentials. The best thing about these workshops is that they are free to join.

4. Marche Saint-Jacques

Marche Saint-Jacques is a crowded place that drives people from all over Montreal and nearby regions to shop for groceries and fresh produce, including veggies, fruits, flowers, and plants for gardening. You will interact with vendors in their shops set up under the canopies. We recommend visiting the market’s official website to know details of unique festivals and events.

5. Lachine Market

Lachine Market is famous for fresh vegetables, fruits, and flower blooms. Visiting this market is the best thing to do during the summer season because you will see different floral arrangements and flowers hanging from low-roofed spaces.

6. Maisonneuve Market

Maisonneuve market is the best place to buy fresh fruits, such as cherries, plums, and peaches. You will also find cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers. All these items are ripe, field-grown, and fresh. Don’t forget to pick up cinnamon and vanilla at Merci and cheeses at Aux Champetreries.

7. Atwater Market

Atwater Market is a versatile place to visit in Montreal. It is the oldest market in the city and has been operating for more than nine decades. Visiting the market allows you to relish the picturesque views of the Lachine Canal and shop for offal, wild tuna, and yellowfins. You can also find fresh produce at affordable prices, including seasonal veggies and fruits.

8. Marche des Possible

Marche des Possible is another market to visit in Montreal. Unlike other farmers’ markets in Montreal, this one is slightly different because it offers culturally diverse weekend events with food stalls, vegetable and fruit shops, and local musicians playing live music. You will also find artisan and movie stalls.

9. Jean Talon Market

Jean Talon Market is the best place in Montreal to shop for artisanal Quebec Cheese and honey, olive oil, and wine. The place has numerous stalls and shops, allowing visitors to buy seasonal fruits and vegetables.

10. Birri

Birri is a family-owned farmers’ market in Montreal. It has been serving the local community for more than five decades, offering a wide range of local products, including fresh vegetables and fruits. In addition, you can shop for plants, seeds, flowers, etc. Visiting Birri is a must-go for everyone, including locals and tourists.

Final Words

Farmers’ markets have fresh veggies and fruits at the peak of the growing season. So, if you want to buy and taste something fresh, visiting these markets in Montreal is worth your time and money. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.