Pick. Dip. Top. That’s all you need to know to get heaven on a stick in the Old Port!

LApop is our favourite new hot/chill spot in Montreal for one simple reason: YUM!

It’s popsicles and wafflepops (not waffle cones… wafflePOPS!) where you pick (choose your base), dip (choose something amazing to dip in it, like white chocolate, maple, caramel, dark chocolate, nutella, matcha, cookies n’ cream…) then top (add yummy toppings like coconut, cookie crumbs, fruit and more to cover those dippings in decadence).


We really can’t say YUM enough.


Let’s start with the popsicles. These are not your run of the mill popsicles. They’re more like gourmet popsicles. Everything is made fresh, on the spot. The ingredients are all organic. Dairy and non dairy options abound. Sweetened only with raw, organic cane sugar. No artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or anything like that. Ingredients are even locally sourced as much as possible.

You know we like to help you out, so we bit the bullet and tried a few out for you (you’re welcome). If you’re on the dairy train, you can’t miss the strawberry cheesecake pops or the Oreo cookies and cream. If you can’t decide, just get both. You won’t regret it.

If dairy isn’t your friend, you can’t go wrong with mango, pineapple and ginger, passion fruit, blueberry lemonade, macha, coconut, strawberry… we could go on. And on. And on.


That’s the popsicles (Lux-sicles? Gourmet-sicles? Yum-sicles?).


Then there’s the wafflepops.


Homemade, warm, fluffy BELGIAN WAFFLES ON A STICK!

pop icecream montreal

And you also pick, dip and top your waffles. Although we tried them in the summer, we can only imagine that these are absolutely to-die-for, hot-out-of-the-oven, warm-you-up-fill-you-up awesomeness in the middle of winter. They were pretty freakin’ good in the summer too.


Speaking of summer, LApop should definitely be on your summer hit list because on top of serving up deliciousness, you kind of get to feel like a kid again in the shop. They have an indoor swing (that you can actually swing on) and keep the window shutters open so you can sit on the ledge (ground level, obviously) and dangle your feet as you dive into your sweet treats and people watch.


As if that weren’t charming enough, an LApop fan is also known as a #POPSTER and they have quite the following on Instagram and Facebook. Because who doesn’t like looking at pictures of amazing food all day?


LApop is located on Saint-François-Xavier, right across from the Centaur Theatre and close to Garde Manger, Stash Cafe, Porto Mar and several more great restaurants, so if you want to make a whole day of it, you can!

To life on a stick!