Best All You Can Eat Sushi In Montreal

Best all you can eat sushi spots in Montreal

Sushi is a one-of-a-kind Japanese dish made in a variety of ways. Fish combined with rice, sauce, and other ingredients make sushi a delicious treat for everyone. Whether you want to eat it with a cocktail or glass of wine, sushi offers a matchless and flavorful dining experience.

Sushi is a rich source of nutrients like vitamin B, protein, carbohydrates, omega-3 fatty acids, and minerals. It is also low in fat content, making it a healthy food for people with heart disease and hypertension.

So, sushi is a flavorful dish for satisfying your taste buds and improve your health. The question is: where to eat healthy and delicious sushi in Montreal? Here are the top five sushi eating spots in Montreal. Read on!

1.    Sushi St Denis

Sushi St Denis is the number choice for sushi lovers in Montreal. If you want to enjoy the deliciousness of authentic Japanese cuisine, visiting Sushi St Denis is worth your time and money. The restaurant offers a comfortable, peaceful, and pleasant ambiance, allowing you to enjoy delicious sushi and feel at home.

Besides, the restaurant offers unique and delightful menus for lunch and dinner, including appetizers, sushi pizza, sushi maki rolls, house rolls, hand rolls, and a plethora of other food items. Another plus point of Sushi St Denis is healthy food at the most affordable prices.

Sushi on a plate

2.    Takumi Sushi

If you are looking for versatile sushi dishes in Montreal, look no further than Takumi Sushi. It is a popular restaurant in Montreal, offering Sashimis, Makis, Woks, Nigiris, grilled, and other delicious sushi dishes.

Takumi Sushi sources fresh fish and other ingredients to ensure you taste authentic Japanese food. Double the taste by bringing your own wine because the restaurant serves only soft drinks.

The restaurant is open from Monday to Saturday (5:00 PM to 9:30 PM). Takumi Sushi is also open on Sunday from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM to 9:30 PM. So, if you want to spend some quality time on a weekend with your family or friends, make sure you visit Takumi Sushi.

Sushi Montreal

3.    Tokyo Sushi Bar

Tokyo Sushi Bar is another best all-you-can-eat sushi spot in Montreal. The restaurant offers many sushi dishes to give you and your family a mouthwatering and memorable experience.

So, if you are craving sushi, Tokyo Sushi Bar, located in Old Montreal, is the perfect place to visit. Not only is the atmosphere quiet, pleasant, and comfortable, but you will enjoy the world-class dining services.

Besides, all sushi dishes are freshly prepared and cooked in front of you. Once you eat sushi with quality wine, you will come back again with your friends. Therefore, we recommend Tokyo Sushi bar for flavorful, tasteful, and delectable sushi.

4.    Sushi Plus

Sushi Plus offers a wide range of sushi dishes that taste delightful because experienced cooks use organic ingredients and spices to ensure you have a fantastic dining experience. The restaurant serves soups and salads as appetizers before you satisfy your taste buds with delicious sushi dishes of your choice.

In addition, Sushi Plus has everything from vegetarian and non-vegetarian sushi to traditional tempura dishes. You can also enjoy sushi combos, including snapper sushi, rainbow maki rolls, and avocado maki filled with fresh cucumbers. Sushi Plus also offers home delivery services at affordable rates.

5.    Sushi Kanda

Sushi Kanda offers all-you-can-eat sushi dishes. It is a cozy restaurant for people of all ages and walks of life, including families, friends, couples, and adults. We recommend Sushi Kanda for healthy, quality, and delicious food.

Sushi Kanda is a reputable restaurant in Montreal, offering a pleasant, modern, and quality ambiance, creating a perfect environment for families and friends to enjoy mouthwatering sushi dishes. The restaurant has a friendly staff who will serve the best quality food you won’t find anywhere else in Montreal.

Sushi on a plate

Final Words

Whether you want to eat authentic sushi dishes like Nigiri and Sashimi or creative food items like sushi rolls and combos, these are the best restaurants always to have a flavorful and delightful experience.

Not only will you enjoy the taste, but you will also love the cleanliness, healthiness, and creative texture of sushi in a dynamic and energetic environment. Until Next Time!

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Article based on personal opinion and research.

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Best Korean BBQ Spots in Montreal

Top 5 Korean BBQ In Montreal

Korean BBQ creates a unique flavor and deliciousness due to high heating grills that break down proteins into amino acids, allowing you to eat healthy food. Montreal is home to some of the best Korean BBQ spots, offering delicious food you might never have experienced before.

The best thing about Korean BBQ spots in Montreal is that you and your friends or family will gather around the grill to cook and eat your food. While you have a plethora of options to explore, we recommend the following best Korean BBQ restaurants or spots in Montreal. Read on!

1.    Kalbi Korean BBQ

Kalbi Korean is the most famous BBQ spot in Montreal, offers a pleasant, well-decorated, cozy, and vibrant environment for everyone to enjoy delicious BBQ. We recommend this place for romantic couples, families, and friends. Kalbi has a large room with modern tables, grills, and tools, to cook and eat your own BBQ.

Kali Korean has well-ventilated tables that allow the smoke to escape from the premises efficiently and quickly. That way, you can cook and enjoy your favourite BBQ dishes without any problems. The purpose is to have a comfortable and convenient experience. Combine your BBQ with quality sake and wine for more delight.

2.    Daldongnae BBQ

Daldongnae has quickly gained popularity among BBQ lovers in Montreal, thanks to the comfortable and stylish environment that allows you to cook your own beef and pork and serve your family and friends a delicious Korean BBQ with style.

Although beef and pork BBQs are the main options, Daldongnae also offers food items you can combine with your barbeque to enhance your dining. These include Haemul Pajeon, a food item made of seafood and different vegetables. Besides, the atmosphere here is vibrant and lively.

Korean BBQ

3.    Sota BBQ

Sota BBQ is a perfect spot for adults to enjoy mouthwatering and smoky grilled meat. The restaurant stays open until 3 AM, meaning you can visit it with your friends at midnight to spend some quality time and relish the crunchy texture and lip-smacking taste of BBQ.

In addition, Sota BBQ is a perfect spot in Montreal for eating authentic Korean BBQ, prawns, steaks, and beef. Combine your grilled meat with delicious lemonade or wine to create a unique dining experience.

Not only will you love the comfortable environment and cozy ambiance, but you will also appreciate the modern décor. All dishes, including grilled meat or BBQs, are available at the most affordable prices.

4.    K BBQ CoreenSomeone eating at Korean bbq

K BBQ Coreen offers the smoky richness of meat and fat with a delightful taste. It is another cozy Korean BBQ spot in Montreal with a blend of traditional and modern infrastructure. The stone walls, wooden beams that hang low, and dim lighting feel like you are in a cabin.

K BBQ Coreen offers a wide variety of BBQ dishes, ranging from pork belly to OX tongue to short ribs marinated in organic spices and sauces. If you don’t want to grill the meat yourself, you can eat fried chicken and spicy noodles.

The restaurant has experienced, skilled, and friendly staff who welcome you and guide you through one of the most fantastic grilling experiences. K BBQ Coreen is an ideal spot for people of all ages, including children, teens, and adults.

5.    Seoul Chako

Seoul Chako offers a friendly atmosphere for families and friends, allowing guests to cook up their own BBQ using state-of-the-art tables equipped with modern grills. You can eat pork bone soup or crab meat salad as a starter to ready your stomach for the flavorful, smoky, and crunchy meat.

Seoul Chako offers outdoor seating for its guests, so you can enjoy fresh air and fragrances from marinated meat on the BBQ grill to soothe your nostrils. So, if you are looking for an authentic Korean BBQ spot in Montreal, look no further than Seoul Chako.

Final Words

Although you can have a BBQ party at home, you will never enjoy deepened, smoky flavour of savoury meat other than Korean BBQ spots. These Korean BBQ spots in Montreal offer families, friends, and couples to spend quality time enjoying salty, sweet, and tangy BBQ.

Article based on personal opinion and research.

Photos from Unsplash.

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Best Café to Study & Work in Montreal

Top Coffee Shops for Working or Studying in Montreal

The number of Coffee shops we have in Montreal has grown significantly in past years. Not all of them have that coziness you’re looking for, or the quiet place to catch up on some work or

Here are 4 top study coffee shops to check out Montreal:

1. Crew Collective & Café

Crew Collective & Café in the former building of the Royal Bank of Canada, located in a heritage building that was once a Bank of Canada, they offer a variety of services. They’re professional workspaces include a collective coworking space, modern meeting rooms, and three large private offices located in their newly constructed mezzanine. Crew is also a third-wave coffee shop open to the public, and a venue for special events, all together in a breathtaking architectural and historical setting. Another beautiful little cafe where you can relax/work in a calm environment with relaxing music.


2. Café Aunja

A very interesting Persian-style menu that is quite unique compared to other cafes. Lovely ambiance with lovely Persian Handicrafts to buy, delicious Persian foods with wonderful caring staff. Café Aunja located 1448 Rue Sherbrooke O, Montréal, QC H3G 1K4, 5 min walk from Guy Concordia University.


3. Café Replika

Café Replika is such a pleasing quiet place and charming Replika does coffee espresso-based and Turkish in relaxed surroundings in the middle of the Plateau. While it’s often close to full, it’s usually possible to find a spot to sit with a laptop, a coffee and one of the cafe’s tasty sandwiches or bagels, especially if you’re working solo.

Best Café to Study & Work in Montreal

4. Milton B – Cafétéria Urbaine

One of the best places in Montreal to me, Milton B – Cafétéria Urbaine open 24/24 7 days a week. You get the chance to study, get some extra work done with a good coffee and good food at any time of the day. Located near McGill university with many other restaurants nearby.


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Author: Fred Kabalisa

Delicious French-Canadian Comfort Food.

Let’s brave the winter together; with future forecasts expecting a colder Winter than usual, we thought a good way to prepare for this would be to bundle up and whip up some Quebecois classic comfort food to keep you warm and fuzzy throughout the entirety of Winter. With Quebec and more specifically Montreal, being such a huge food destination, it’s important to revisit these classics that’ve kept us warm for generations and generations. For many Quebecois these dishes bring back fond childhood memories or are just our guilty pleasures but whatever it may be we can promise that these dishes are as authentic and delicious as they come. Here is MontrealTips’ Top 5 Quebecois Winter Comfort Foods.

  1. Poutine
(Unsplash: Photo by Francisca Alvarez)

We thought we’d start off with an absolute classic, the poutine. Enjoyed across Canada but born in Quebec no list can ever be complete without the mention of poutine. It is the quintessential Quebecois dish as it not only plays on childhood memories but is also an authentic guilty pleasure for most. The ingredients are incredibly simple consisting of gravy, fries and cheese curds. Poutine is also messy by nature but dont let that fool you as it is way too delicious for its own good. While we won’t pick a side on who has the best poutine in Montreal any time soon (because frankly there are too many good choices) we can introduce you to how easy it is to make a homemade version for yourself.

Of course if you are not feeling up to it you can pretty much order or get one basically anywhere but If you’re feeling adventurous you can try your hand at making some at home. The gravy is relatively easy to make (look for an easy recipe online) and the cheese curds are also easy to find. You can actually usually find them at your local Couche Tard, of course you can get some higher quality ones at the grocery store. You can also use some fresh hand cut fries and add additional toppings if you’re feeling up to it and voila, you’ve made one of Quebec’s classic hardy meals!

  1. Pâté Chinois

Which oddly translates to Chinese Pie, is basically Quebec’s version of a shepherds pie. Another staple of the Quebecois diet it mainly consists of layers of mashed potatoes, minced meat, onions and corn. The dish while definitely filling and hardy is again quite simple to make. For many Quebecois this is a classic meal that would be frequently eaten during any time of the year but really hits the spot when Winter is upon us. Finding this in restaurants is harder to find than expected unless you go to a real authentic Quebecois restaurant. However, most of the time this dish was made at home when there weren’t a lot of options left to eat. Due to its simplicity it is frequently enjoyed and relatively easy to make. We challenge you to give it a try and make your own this winter!

(Photo by

  1. Tourtière

My all time personal favorite, tourtière is simply just a Quebecois version of a meat pie. Traditionally, it is made with minced beef or pork and baked with pie crust, an assortment of spices and topped with ketchup just before eating. For many Quebecois, myself included, tourtière is a dish that is often enjoyed during the holidays. Christmas eve is just not the same without my moms tourtière and I’m sure it is the same with many other Quebecois. Each household has their own version of it whether they use different meat, spices or baking techniques, they are always delicious. While this dish takes a bit more effort and love put into it we promise it’s worth the extra work. It truly falls under the comfort food category and will keep you trying different recipes to find the perfect version for you.

(Photo by

  1. Split Pea Soup With Ham Hock

What’s winter comfort food without a sort of hearty soup? When thinking of French-Canadian foods the first two things that come to mind are poutine and smoke meat. While of course they are staples in Quebecois food culture, there’s another dish that stands out to me and that is pea soup with ham hock. This dish comes from the explorers age where food was scarce and you used what you had to stretch your food rations to last you through the winter. This dish can be easily made at home as it’s made from dried beans, mirepoix and ham to give it an extra layer of flavor. It is also relatively easy to make and will keep you warm and filled for hours on end. The dish can be served as a side dish but of course can be used as a main meal.

  1. Fèves Au Lard
Photo by Shawn Lee on Unsplash

Fèves au lard which translates to beans with bacon is another traditional Quebecois dish that has its roots implanted with the initial settlers and explorers of New France. While this dish isn’t anything revolutionary on its own, it’s the Quebecois spin on it that truly makes it great. The addition of maple syrup really brings this dish to the next level and again matches the time frame where it was invented due to the fact that they used what they had access to. It is traditionally served as a breakfast side dish and you’ve probably had an encounter with it if you’ve visited a Sugar Shack at one point in your life. The dish can easily be made a home and of course we suggest you try it out and take your own spin on it to enjoy.

(Photo by

And there you have it, our top 5 Quebecois comfort dishes to get your through this winter. If there’s something that is evident from the list we provided is that Quebecois cuisine doesn’t have to be complicated for it to work. The beauty of it is that they use everyday ingredients and create something great with them. The dishes can easily be adopted for your new home cooking adventures while adding personal touches to make it yours in the end. We hope everyone tries these dishes and to have a happy and safe holiday!

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The 5 best online cooking classes you can take in 2020

Top 5 cooking classes to take online in 2020

The 5 online classes you can take in 2020 to improve your cooking skills.

This time off is a great time to work on some skills that you just didn’t have enough time during your usual busy days. Learning how to cook is an essential skill that is currently being exemplified by this quarantine. With restaurants closed, and having limited options for take-out we are starting to rely on our homemade cooking ability a lot more. Online cooking classes are a great way to start your journey to becoming a better cook. There is something fulfilling about trying to improve yourself and at the same time, you will also be able to impress the next time you host friends and family for dinner! It can be a great way to get inspired and stay busy during this quarantine and well…you can eat your amazing home-cooked meals at the same time, what’s better than that?

plate of vegetables and healthy food

Photo by Ella Olsson on Unsplash

Here are our 5 favourite cooking classes you can start taking right now!


1. Instructables

Instructables is a site that teaches you how to make a bunch of different things for free. But what’s especially great is their cooking classes are geared for beginners. It offers an accessible introduction to the world of cooking and how to make easy delicious meals. It also teaches you a variety of things from knife skills to how to properly bake, stewing, roast and more. It is a perfect entry-level online cooking class that you can start if you aren’t very experienced in the kitchen, so what are you waiting for? Sign up, get busy and get ready to feel accomplished!


2 people cooking healthy food

Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash

2. Udemy 

Udemy offers a range of different courses for different fields but their cooking section is one of their more interesting selections. Their cooking section is divided into two. One contains free recipes and tutorials and the others you will have to pay for. The free recipes come with ratings and reviews so you can pick and choose which recipes you feel like making based on interest and user feedback. For their premium content, Udemy has certain cooking courses for different prices depending on which ones you want to sign up for. You can expect courses like “Essential Cooking Skills” and “Herbalism”(which is an awesome certificate to get) which really shows you the versatility of the site. Udemy is especially useful if you aren’t really sure what you want to make, or if you want to upscale yourself by completing their classes.


3. Masterclass

guy and girl cooking in kitchen

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

For something really interesting and unique, there is Masterclass which if you don’t know, is a new and different approach to online education for a variety of subjects. It is known as one of the best online cooking schools because the kicker is, is that the people teaching these classes are known celebrities and leaders in their respective fields. The best part about that is their cooking celebrities are really top tier. You can be taught by some culinary giants like Wolfgang Puck, Gordon Ramsay, and Massimo Bottura. They each have their own styles and ways to teach different things so you can see who is a better fit for you. There is also a useful trailer on the courses to get a good idea of what and how you are going to learn. Being taught one on one by these guys naturally doesn’t come free, as a single class can cost you about $120 CAD but keep in mind, these classes are extremely high quality and are made to feel very intimate in order for you to learn as if you were one of their students

4. Rouxbe

Rouxbe is probably one of the most well known online cooking courses you can enroll in right now. Rouxbe is welcoming to all different skill levels and is also a cost-effective entry into the culinary world. You can take on multiple courses like on how to cook and make pasta, how to master your fry pan or do the “The Cook’s Roadmap” which is a course that helps you gradually develop your skills over a set path that tests different skills. What’s especially nice about Rouxbe is that you can go at your own pace and make sure to properly learn what they are teaching you to receive the proper experience. Their membership is available monthly at an affordable $9.99 CAD or at an annual fee of $99.99 CAD. There is however a 30-day free trial which we recommend you try before you buy to see if Rouxbe is best for you!


5. Thekitchn Cooking School

Thekitchn promises 20 lessons in 20 days for you to be a better cook than you are today for free. It is like a compilation of organized crash courses that are meant to have you learning quickly. The lessons themselves are extremely informative and go into detail about how to properly use the equipment, what to do, what not to do and what you shouldn’t learn for example. The lessons really come across as an honest and realistic approach to cooking at home and it really compliments how their lessons are structured. The lessons usually contain multiple assignments for you to practice what you learned and refine your skills. To us, it creates an almost class like atmosphere which can be a real motivator for some but also allows you to get a strong foundation of culinary knowledge.

If you are in Montreal you might want to check these cooking classes.

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