Best CEGEP In Montreal

Best CEGEP In Montreal


CEGEPs in Montreal are some of the best in the province. They offer a variety of programs and courses to choose from, and they have excellent faculties that are dedicated to their student’s success. If you’re looking for an excellent education in Montreal, be sure to check out the CEGEPs!

What is a CEGEP? 

College of General and Professional Teaching (CEGEP) is a higher educational institution in the province of Quebec. Pre-university and technical programs are the two categories that are offered.

CEGEPs were created in 1967 to provide post-secondary education that was more accessible to Quebec students. In order to be eligible to attend a CEGEP, students must have completed Quebec’s secondary school diploma, known as the Diplôme d’études secondaires (DES).

CEGEPs are typically two or three years in length and offer various programs that prepare students for either university or the workforce. Pre-university programs are similar to those offered at other colleges and universities, and they typically lead to a bachelor’s degree. On the other hand, technical programs prepare students for specific careers in fields such as business, health, and technology.

Best CEGEPs in Montreal

Several CEGEPs are located throughout the city of Montreal, and each one offers a unique set of programs and courses. In Montreal, a few of the most well-liked CEGEPs are:

  • Dawson College
  • Vanier College
  • John Abbott College
  • Collège Rosemont
  • Collège de Maisonneuve
  • Cégep Marie Victorin
  • Sportmax Day Camp – Collège

Dawson College

Dawson College is a public CEGEP located in the heart of downtown Montreal. It offers both pre-university and technical programs, as well as a variety of continuing education courses. The varied student body and dedication to academic performance at Dawson are well-known.

Vanier College

In Montreal’s Saint-Laurent neighborhood, Vanier College is a public CEGEP. It offers pre-university, technical, and continuing education programs. Vanier is known for its small class sizes and its supportive learning environment.

John Abbott College

John Abbott College is a public CEGEP located in the west end of Montreal. It provides a range of continuing education courses and technical and pre-university programs. John Abbott is known for its beautiful campus and state-of-the-art facilities.

Collège Rosemont

In the Montreal neighborhood of Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie, there is a public CEGEP called Collège Rosemont. Along with technical and pre-university programs, it offers a variety of continuing education courses. Collège Rosemont is known for its hands-on approach to learning and its close-knit community.

Collège de Maisonneuve

Collège de Maisonneuve is a public CEGEP located in the east end of Montreal. It offers pre-university, technical, and continuing education programs. Collège de Maisonneuve is known for its affordable tuition and its convenient location.

Cégep Marie Victorin

Cégep Marie Victorin is a public CEGEP located in the borough of Mercier–Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. It offers pre-university, technical, and continuing education programs. Cégep Marie Victorin is known for its strong focus on student success and its innovative approach to education.

Sportmax Day Camp – Collège

Sportmax Day Camp – Collège is a public CEGEP located in the borough of Villeray–Saint-Michel–Parc-Extension. It offers pre-university, technical, and continuing education programs. Sportmax Day Camp – Collège is known for its excellent sports facilities and its commitment to providing a well-rounded education.

Choosing the Right CEGEP for You

Making the appropriate choice from the various CEGEPs available can be challenging. You should consider your financial situation and educational objectives while selecting a CEGEP. If you’re unsure what you want to study or are undecided about your future career, a pre-university program may be a good option. A technical program may be better if you know what you want to study or if you have a specific career in mind. And if you’re looking for affordable education, Collège Rosemont may be the right choice for you.


The school’s location and size should be considered when selecting a CEGEP. If you want to be in the heart of downtown Montreal, Dawson College is a good option. Vanier College may be better if you prefer a smaller school with smaller class sizes. And if you’re looking for a CEGEP with state-of-the-art facilities, John Abbott College is worth considering.


When selecting a CEGEP, many aspects need to be taken into account. But with so many excellent selections available, you’re likely to discover the perfect fit.

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bookstore in montreal

Many of us enjoy reading, so it’s always a very good idea to try reading a few books either for fun or to learn new things. There are a variety of bookstores all over Montreal, so you won’t have a problem finding the right one to suit your needs. That being said, we created a list with 10 of the best book stores you can check out right now in Montreal.

1. The Word

The Word is one of the most popular book stores because it has a ton of great books, many vintage editions and great prices. On top of that, some books are available in English and French too. That means you will find a variety of great books, and if you look hard enough you can easily identify some great gems in there.

2. Librairie Drawn & Quarterlybookstore in montreal

Librairie Drawn & Quarterly is a more posh, appealing book stores. They have lots of graphic novels, fiction and non fiction content too. It’s definitely one of those book stores you want to visit while in the city.

3. Argo Bookshop

The Argo Bookshop is very well organized, they have lots of extraordinary special editions, and again, you can also get the French and English version of the same book. They also have books in other languages.

4. Archambault

Archambault has a lot of different things, ranging from music products to books and so on. There’s definitely something for everyone, but you will be particularly impressed with the music focused books here.

5. Renaud Bray

Renaud Bray has a great selection of new and older books too. It’s one of those places where you can spend hours and hours trying to see everything. The prices are great, and the quality is pretty impressive.

6. Librairie Ulysse

It’s a good book store in Montreal, and the great thing about it is definitely the overall selection. Everything is also really well organized, which is not the case with most book stores.

7. Librairie Paragraphe

Librairie Paragraphe has special edition books, vintage books and new releases too. They also bring in a good variety of fiction and non fiction books too, which makes it ideal for everyone.

8. Encore Books & Recordsbookstore in montreal

Encore Books & Records is all about offering lots of cool books and a huge selection of great records. They also have comic books too, especially some vintage versions with impressive covers and really good prices.

9. Librairie Gallimard

Librairie Gallimard is more about bringing you vintage books, so here you can find some great gems. Their prices are very fair, and the fact that you can find special editions and also new releases is great.

10. S W Welch

S W Welch has everything from older books to coffee table books, special editions and many others. It’s a bit pricey when compared to other places, but they do have some hidden gems for sure.


Each one of these book stores is a great visit if you love reading books. You will be impressed with the great selection of books, but also the fact that some of these stores have special editions too. It’s a great idea to give them a try whenever you are in Montreal.

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.

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Five reasons to work for Montréal

Top reasons to work in Montréal

Did you know that Montreal has been rated one of the happiest cities in America? And one of the main reasons for this is how easy it is to work here.

Montreal promises an ideal atmosphere for a great life. Many people want to move here because the environment is favourable for all.

As you may already know, choosing a city to work in is as important as choosing a career. And Montreal is one place that makes this statement truer. It has attracted a lot of workers from all over the world.

If you are unsure whether you should work here, read this article. We will be sharing ten reasons why it could be the best place for your next career.

1. A Dynamic Metropolis That Welcomes the World

There is nothing as satisfying as working in a friendly atmosphere. And Montreal promises just that. The city has a robust growing metropolis with its strategic location in North America. It has a population of 4.3 million residents, 23% being foreign-born.

There are many other reasons to work in Montreal. These ten are only the tip of the iceberg. The most important thing is that it offers a great opportunity for personal growth.

2. High-Quality Transport Infrastructure

Montreal has Canada’s top airport for international flights. You can travel directly to and from more than 150 destinations – 120 are international. It has one of the best and most affordable public transit systems globally – 220 bus lines, 68 metro stations, six commuter trains, and tolerance for biking.

3. The Most Bilingual and Trilingual Population in Canada

Communication barriers can hit you quite hard if you move to a new city for work. Montreal has covered you hereby offering a multicultural and multilingual society. More than 2.5 million residents are English speaking. And close to 20% speak over three different languages. You will fit right in.

4. A Globally Recognized City

The Americas Reputation Institute rated Montreal as the most reputable city. It’s the best in Canada and 6th in the world, according to Time Out, 2019. It’s also ranked top among the best students’ cities in 2022.

5. A Flourishing Economy

 Montreal offers fulfilling careers in high-tech. It’s the first city in Canada and a leader in global digital creativity. Such a thriving economy promises the best working environment.

6. A Dynamic Labor Market

Montreal has been offering more than 1.4 million jobs spread from 2017 to 2026. It has the strongest economy in Canada between 2018 and 2019 and a 3.5% wage median wage increase from 2018-2020. Hence, you can easily change your career and still feel very comfortable.

7. High Quality of Life

Montreal is considered the second-best city globally for millennials. It reports the lowest rate of homicide among the largest cities in Canada and the US. It promises the lowest tuition fees in the region.

8. Affordable Cost of Living

Montreal is famous for having the lowest rental rates of any large city globally. It ranks among the best cities with accessible housing. It is easy to buy a property after working here and have your own place to live. This means it could be easier to create a work-life balance.

9. Affordable Costs for Child Care Services

Montreal is a great place to move to with your family. Greater Montreal is considered a metropolitan area with the most affordable childcare services across Canada. That means you will have an easier time caring for your kids and their education.

10. An Attractive Startup Ecosystem

Montreal promises ideal conditions for those who may want to set up their own business. Canada as a whole is an attractive place for entrepreneurship as reported by OECD. And Montreal has the largest share of this market.

Final thought

There are many other reasons to work in Montreal. These ten are only the tip of the iceberg. The most important thing is that it offers a great opportunity for personal growth.

With a booming tech scene, beautiful architecture and culture, and the best restaurants in North America, it’s not hard to see why Montreal is one of the fastest-growing cities for ex-pats. Whether you’re looking for work or just want to explore your options as an entrepreneur, these are some reasons that make this city such a great place to live and work! Here are an additional set of ten reasons to live and work in Montréal: 1) The food 2) The shopping 3) The nightlife 4) The arts 5) Living abroad 6) Le Plateau 7) Old Montréal 8 )Staying fit 9). Finding friends 10). Working remotely

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  • Article based on personal opinion and research.
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5 Best Places To Study In Montreal

Studying in a comfortable and quiet zone helps you complete your assignments efficiently and quickly. Here are the best study spots in Montreal!

Montreal is one of the cities for education, attracting thousands of students from different countries. The city has eleven universities, four private colleges, and many schools. Whether you want to complete your homework, assignment, research project, or improve your productivity to score high in upcoming exams, you need a quiet place to study.

Although the prime study spots in Montreal are endless, we have created a list of the best study spots in Montreal where you can enjoy studying in a cozy, quiet, distraction-free, and serene environment. Read on!

1. Westmount Public Library

Westmount Public Library is the oldest library in Montreal, with more than 170,000 books. If you want to study for exams and need extra material to perform well, you can find books, research papers, and other resources to spruce up your preparation.

The Victorian-style design with red bricks makes the library one-of-a-kind, and the comfortable indoor environment makes it a perfect place for study. Westmount Public Library offers quiet spaces with fewer distractions, allowing you to focus better on your study material.

2. La Finca Café

Marie-Laurence Guindon and Genevieve Loigon-Houle own La Finca Café, offering a comfortable atmosphere with limited distractions to study and prepare for exams. Tasting a delicious cup of fresh coffee will boost your neurons and allow you to study comfortably and adequately.

La Finca Café offers individual and communal workspaces where you can study separately or participate in groups to improve your knowledge. Besides, you can also book a private room at an affordable price. The café will serve you tea, coffee, and snacks while ensuring you study in a cozy environment.

In addition to studying in a quiet space, you can also enjoy delicious food, including homemade pastries, wines, beers, veggies, fruits, dry fruits, and coffee. You can also visit the place for lunch and dinner.

3. Café Oui Mais Non

Café Oui Mais Non is one of the best study spots in Montreal, offering a quiet, distraction-free, and cozy space. Students who can’t decide at home or hostel due to distractions can visit the Café Oui Mais Non, a perfect place located on Jarry at Boulevard St. Laurent.

Whether you want to study individually or with your classmates to complete a group project, Oui Mais Non is a perfect spot to hold study sessions. Besides, you can eat your favourite food to refresh yourself once you have completed your study session.

4. La Croissanterie Figaro

La Croissanterie Figaro, Located at Hutchison Street, is a popular spot among college and university students for its quiet, serene, and distraction-free environment. La Croissanterie Figaro boasts Art Nouveau-style interior décor with cozy seats and offers professional service, making it the best place to study, work on your assignment, or prepare for exams.

At the same time, the place offers an exquisite menu, allowing you to enjoy a delicious meal, including the mouthwatering croissants. You can also drink coffee, the staple item on the menu, to refresh your neurons and continue working on your essay.

5. BAnQ Montreal

BAnQ is the largest library in Montreal that offers a quiet and cozy environment for you to study, read books, or write essays. BAnQ is the most peaceful library with pin-drop silence in Montreal because fewer students come to this place. The reason is that most students tend to study in their college or university library.

So, this is a perfect opportunity for you to find a quiet corner and keep your brain focused on your studies. You can also leverage the free Wi-Fi to find study materials on the internet or participate in an online group study session. Remember that you must provide your student ID to the librarian to access the library and enjoy other perks.

Final Words

According to the QS Best Student Cities Index, Montreal is the best city for students regarding quality education, amenities, and affordability. Numerous international-level institutions in Montreal offer state-of-the-art facilities, tools, and resources, allowing students to perform better, whether they are at school, college, or university.

However, finding the best study spots in Montreal is not an easy task. If you want to score higher in exams or write a perfect thesis/research paper, you need a distraction-free environment. We recommend the following best study spots in Montreal to achieve your academic goals.

  • Article based on personal opinion and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash.

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