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Best Montreal Bicycle Shops | Top 5 Bicycle Shops in Montreal

Top 5 Bicycle Shops in Montreal

What are Montreal’s best bike shops?

Physical activity is essential for your overall health and well-being, leading to reduced risk of chronic health conditions like heart disease, obesity, stress, depression, diabetes, and hypertension. Aerobic exercises, such as jogging, running, swimming, and bicycling riding, keep you fit and allow you to mitigate the harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

Not only is cycling a healthy activity, but it is also a form of fun and entertainment you can add to your daily regimen. Kids can ride bikes to school, and adults can go to work, parks, shops, and other places. The question is: where to buy a high-quality, durable, reliable, and affordable bicycle in Montreal. Here are the best shops to consider in Montreal. Read on!

1.    Giant Montreal

Giant Montreal is the oldest, largest, and famous bicycle shop in Montreal, offering a wide range of superior-quality and affordable bicycles for people of all ages, preferences, and skill levels. The company provides high-quality and professional bicycle services at the most affordable prices.

Besides, the company manufactures and sells bicycles, mountain bikes, gravel, cross, hybrid, kids, city, and e-bikes with lighter, durable, and compact aluminum frames, allowing you to ride your bicycle for a long time with less maintenance and repairs.

The shop offers a lifetime warranty on its bicycle frames. You can also purchase accessories and tools for your bike to get the most out of the cycling experience. In addition, you can bring your bike to the shop for high-quality repairs.

2.    Bicycles McW

Bicycles McW specializes in road, mountain, hybrid, gravel, tandem, and kid bikes, making it one of the leading shops in Montreal. The shop has a team of professional, experienced, and skilled technicians who can help you choose the best bicycle based on your preferences and skill level.

You can also buy clothing, accessories, and tools for your bike. You can also order a customized bike based on your requirements. The professional team follows a step-by-step approach to provide you with tailored biking services. You can visit the company’s website and discuss your requirements with its dedicated customer support team to find the right product.

3.    Cycle Neron Montreal

Cycle Neron is one of the oldest bicycle shops in Montreal. It was founded in 1970, and since then, Cycle Neron Montreal has had a large clientele due to a wide selection of top-quality and modern bicycles and exceptional customer support.

The company specializes in mountain, road, and hybrid bikes and offers a wide range of tools and accessories, including helmets, trainers, shoes, locks, bags, and child carriers. You can also buy components for your bike at competitive prices.

So, whether you need a new bicycle or want to repair/maintain an old one, Cycle Neron is the best option for you in Montreal. The shop also sells quality brakes, chains, lubes, cassettes, and other accessories.

4.    Cycles Gervais Rioux

Cycles Gervais Rioux sells a wide selection of bicycles, including mountain, gravel, hybrids, Aero, Triathlon, route, and endurance bikes. The top-quality brands and products Cycles Gervais Rioux offers make the company unique and one-of-a-kind in Montreal.

In addition, you can find bikes for your kid, wife, and older members of your family. Cycle Gervais Rioux also offers shorts, jerseys, jackets, and coats for men and women cyclists. You will love the shop’s collection of shoes, eyeglasses, helmets, and other accessories.

If you need new and used grips, pedals, chains, wheels, tires, cassettes, cyclometers, lubricants, bags, and other items for your bike, you can rely on the top quality products of Cycles Gervais Rioux.

5.    Bicycles Eddy Montreal

Bicycle Eddy is one of the oldest shops in Montreal. It is a family-owned business founded in 1946, selling top-quality bikes, accessories, and tools. The company manufactures and sells mountain, hybrid, road, dirt jump, single gear, e-bikes, gravel, and BMX bikes.

If you want to buy a customized bike with your preferred design and accessories, you can rely on Bicycle Eddy. The company has a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals who can repair your bike to increase its efficiency and overall lifespan.

Final Words

Bicycling is a healthy, eco-friendly, and fun activity for many people in Montreal. If you are a bike enthusiast and want to purchase, repair, or maintain your bike, you can trust these bicycle shops in Montreal.

Article based on personal opinion and research.

Photos from Unsplash.

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Montreal is famous for world-class educational institutions, history, art, culture, festivals, attractions, landmarks, and food. The multicultural environment makes Montreal one of the unique and attractive destinations for tourists. Montreal is the largest French-speaking city in Canada.

Besides, Montreal is a perfect destination for tourists during the winter season, boasting picturesque scenery, a clean climate, unmatched warmth, and perfect harmony with nature. There are dozens of places to visit and hundreds of things to do in Montreal. In today’s article, we will highlight the best fall activities around Montreal in 2021. Read on!

1.    Visit Parc Jean-Drapeau

Parc Jean-Drapeau is one of the most family-friendly places to explore during the winter season. Although many people head to the mountains when fall arrives, we suggest visiting Park Jean-Drapeau if you want to have a unique experience on the two relic islands.

It is a perfect place to enjoy sunny days during the winter season. You can explore and learn about the leftover ruins of Expo 67 and take photos/videos to create memories. We recommend having a picnic on beds of autumn leaves falling to the ground. Afternoon and evening times create a great atmosphere at the historic gym “Parc Jean-Drapeau.”

2.    Explore Labonté de la Pomme

Labonté de la Pomme is one of the most beautiful valleys near Montreal. It is about a 45-minute drive from Downtown Montreal, a perfect place to pick your favorite vegetables and fruits, including apples, pears, plums, and pumpkins.

Labonté de la Pomme offers a wide range of family-friendly activities, including pick-your-own fruit, site interpretation, maze, plant life and wildlife observation, motorized tour, mini-farm, picnic area, children games, and delicious food.

3.    Hiking at Mont St-Hilaire

Autumn and fall in Montreal is the best time for hiking, allowing you to enjoy the picturesque views of Quebec. If you want to stay around Montreal, we recommend exploring the hike trails about a 1.5-hour drive from the city. Mont Saint-Hilaire, also known as Mount Saint-Hilaire, is 1,358 feet high hill in Southern Quebec. It is located east of Montreal, about 30km kilometers, at Richelieu River.

Although McGill University owns the property, it has opened the western part of the mountain to tourists and visitors. Not only is this best perfect for hiking, but it also offers cross-country skiing opportunities. Some of the best hiking trails at Mont Saint-Hilaire to explore are:

  • Passerelle (0.4km)
  • Burned Hill (1.3 km)
  • Pain de sucre (2.6 km)
  • Lac Hertel (0.5 km)
  • Dieppe (3.7 km)
  • Mauve (4.9 km)
  • Rocky (8.8 km)

4.    Parc National Du Mont Tremblant

Parc National Du Mont-Tremblant is another place to visit if you want to relish the scenic beauty of Sac-a-Commis Stream, the labyrinth of old roads, and the warmth of nature. Visiting the area is an excellent way to enjoy holidaying in Montreal. You can rent a cabin and relish leisurely hours or go for outdoor activities, including:

  • Bike riding in the striking nature
  • Tonga Lumina night walk
  • Zip-line through the mountains
  • A Gondola ride
  • Kids pirate park

Moreover, you can relax your mind during the fall season by spending a day at one of the spas in Mont-Tremblant. We recommend undergoing the traditional Finnish hydrotherapy session, deep tissue massage, and ice cider body wrap to soothe your skin and relax your mind. If you are travelling with friends, don’t forget to spend a few hours at the Casino de Mont-Tremblant. Indeed, you will have a memorable night with your friends.

5.    Walking around the Old Port

Montreal’s Old Port is perfect for people who are looking for a nice fall activity.

A short walk in the old port is always memorable, whether it is along the water or wether it is in the historical corridors.

The tree leaf’s colours changing next to the grand roue or the view of the Southshore and the islands, it is always worth it.

Besides, the restaurant in the area is exceptional when you are looking to enjoy delicious food.

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Top 5 Montreal Landmarks You Need To Visit

The Top 5 Landmarks & Attractions in Montreal

Montreal is Canada’s cultural capital, the largest French-speaking city, financial metropolis, and commercial center. The city is famous for its openness to the world, multicultural life, thriving atmosphere, and economic dynamism. It is a warm and welcoming city where everyone enjoys an outstanding quality of life.

Montreal is a city of landmarks and attractions that draw millions of tourists from all around the world every year. If you want to explore the history of Montreal, connect to the past, and create memories, visit these five landmarks. Read on!

1.    The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is a member of the Bizot Group, an International Company that organizes exhibitions worldwide. It is Canada’s oldest Museum, founded in 1860 and famous for historically and encyclopedically-rich heritage collections. There are over 45,000 collections of artworks in the museum.

Not only does the museum features traditional paintings, sculptures, and statuaries, but it also has modern Canadian exhibits of decorative arts, giving you a sense of imagination and making the experience worthwhile. The Museum is open through Sunday from 10 AM to 5 PM. We recommend visiting on Wednesday because it is open until 9 PM. That way, you can get the most out of your tour.

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

2.    Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal

Notre-Dame Basilica is one of the oldest landmarks in Montreal. It is a Roman Catholic Church built in 1829, and more than eleven million people visit this architectural gem every year. It boasts Gothic architecture and showcases classic stone and glass beauty.

The Church is a monumental example of Gothic Revival style architecture featuring two soaring towers. Notre-Dame Basilica has a polychrome wooden decoration that stimulates emotion, admiration, and awe-inspiring feelings in your mind.

Not only does the Church evoke the Catholic doctrine, but it also illustrates the rich history and culture of Montreal through its symbolic representation.

Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal


3.    Biodome, Montreal

Biodome, Montreal, is an educational landmark, creating a perfect environment for Quebec’s flora and fauna, including plants, animals, and insects. Visiting the Biodome allows tourists and visitors to learn about different ecosystems and explore hundreds of plant species.

Besides, Biodome, Montreal is an integral part of the Canadian Natural Science Museum Complex. It has Montreal Botanical Garden, Montreal Insectarium, and Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium.

Not only does walking around the Biodome soothe your mind due to its natural ecosystem, but it also lets you explore different animal and plant species and learn about their behavior.


4.    Habitat 67

Habitat 67 is an urban housing complex built in 1967 for Expo 67. Moshe Safdie, the world-renowned Israeli-Canadian architect, made this avant-garde design. It has become one of the revolutionary, unique, and attractive landmarks in Montreal, with thousands of tourists visiting this place or take guided tours to explore the housing complex.

The design of Habitat 67 is a twelve-12 structure composed of prefabricated and load-bearing concrete boxes in numerous configurations. The 90-minute walking tours are popular with art-loving people, designers, architects, and students. If you want to learn how Moshe Safdie integrated the suburban garden home and high-rise building typologies, we recommend taking the 90-minute guide tour.

Habitat 67

5.    Mount Royal Park

Mount Royal Park showcases Montreal’s history, heritage, and geography. Frederic Law Olmsted laid out this crown jewel’s twisted roads and paths, making the park a unique place to explore for visitors and tourists.

It is one of the perfect landmarks to visit during the summer and winter seasons. For instance, you can relish the colourful foliage and cross-country skiing during the winter. Mount Royal Park has two belvederes, allowing you to enjoy the picturesque scenery of St. Lawrence River and Montreal’s skyline.

Featuring forests with over 60 tree species and 250 plant species. Mount Royal Park is also home to 200 bird species and 20 mammal species, making it a perfect place for nature-loving people.

Mount Royal Park

There are various things to see and do in Mount Royal Park, including hiking, cycling, ice skating, sliding or rowing across Beaver Lake, and snowshoeing. We recommend visiting Mount Royal Park to create a memorable experience by exploring Montreal’s natural and cultural heritage.

Top Luxury Camping Spots & Site Near Montreal

Glamping near Montreal is about enjoying luxurious and comfortable camping. It has changed the way people experience camping, vacation, tourism, and adventure. Unlike traditional camping, glamping allows you to experience recreation and benefit from high levels of services and amenities, including electricity, running water, mood lighting, plush blankets, delicious meals, etc.

Generally, glamping refers to sleeping in a tent equipped with state-of-the-art tools and equipment, including a floor, beds, rugs, chairs, comforters, and even a bathroom. It is a combination of picturesque nature and deluxe amenities.

The question is: What is the best glamping near Montreal?

Here are the best spots for glamping close to Montreal:

1. Kayak & Cabana

Kayak & Cabana is located along the red river, offering environmentally friendly four-season accommodation with practical features and amenities. It is a perfect site for people who want to relish the luxury of glamping during the summer and winter seasons.

Kayak & Cabana is one hour and 30 minutes away from Montreal. You can enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities, including golf, rollerblade, beach, fishing, hiking, and cycling with 10 kilometres.

Internet access, free Wi-Fi, showers, firewood, ice, etc., are some of the essential services offered by Kayak & Cabana that enhance your glamping experience and create memories. There are five read-to-camp facilities and various rental services.

Check them out here:


2. Au Diable Vert

Au Diable Vert, Glen Sutton, is a four-season resort offering world-class glamping and cabin stays with numerous outdoor activities. It provides different glamping options, including unique pod cabins, comfortable treehouses, and tent camping.

Glen Sutton is a luxury, amenity-rich, and comfortable place for glamping near Montreal, allowing families to spend quality and couples to experience a memorable romantic trip. You can enjoy the picturesque views of Missisquoi River Valley surrounded by the Green Mountains, take a kayak, go on a 14 kilometres hiking trail, and zipping through the treetops in a reclining bike with pedals.

Au Diable Vert Glamping spot


3. Huttopia

Huttopia is one of the best options for glamping near Montreal, offering unique experiences to people of all ages in the middle of the picturesque forest at Mont Sutton. You can drive to the Huttopia via car or van from Montreal within 90 minutes. The site offers numerous glamping accommodations, including camping sites, tents, tiny houses, and chalets.

We recommended booking the Trappeur or Canadienne tent because it has modern facilities, including two bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, dining area, picnic table, a fire pit, and wooden terrace to enjoy coffee and share laughs with your loved ones. If you want to experience a unique honeymoon, we recommend the Bonaventure, the perfect tent for a romantic getaway.

The Bonaventure has one queen bed, a small kitchen, a picnic table, a fire pit, and a wooden terrace. Moreover, you can book chalets with two bedrooms equipped with queen and single beds, bathroom with toilet and shower, dining area, beautiful living area with a sofa bed, wood and gas stove.

The Bonaventure can accommodate up to six people. Huttopia is a perfect place for various outdoor activities, including family-friendly ones. It offers a heated pool and onsite restaurant where you can enjoy delicious food.

4. Charlevoix Cabin 

The modern cabin in Charlevoix is the best glamping near Montreal. The cabin reflects the modernity of the Scandinavian region, featuring a spacious interior with bright, white walls and minimalistic design. It is a large cabin with four bedrooms and three bathrooms that can accommodate up to fourteen guests.

The cabin’s main level has an open-plan layout with a living area, dining area, and kitchen. Not only does the modern cabin in Charlevoix has beautifully designed ceilings, but it also boasts large windows that allow the natural light to come in and create a soothing environment.

The Scandinavian-style cabin is equipped with electricity, water, Wi-Fi, heating, firewood, pillows, linens, TV, dryer, iron, hairdryer, safe box, parking, and dining table. Facilities include a private living room and lounge, dining room, fire pit, and hot tub.

There are three private bathrooms with a shower, bathtub, sink, toilet, towels, toilet paper, and toiletries. You can cook your own meals using the private kitchen equipped with cooking accessories, fridge, microwave, stove, oven, freezer, and coffeemaker.

Moreover, the modern cabin Charlevoix offers safe glamping near Montreal because the facility has fire extinguishers, alarm systems, smoke detectors, and first aid kits. Enjoy the outdoor barbeque, deck, furniture, and garden in the afternoon and evening.






5. Camping Choisy near Ottawa River

Camping Choisy is a five-star family campground located west of Montreal. It is just a 45-minute drive from the city. Camping Choisy is a perfect getaway for friends, families, and romantic couples near the Ottawa River and surrounded by a dense, lush green forest.

Camping Choisy boasts many amenities and activities, including swimming pools, mini-golf, a forest ropes course, a trampoline area for kids, etc. There are about 100 traveller campsite options, from serviced forest sites for RVs to rustic riverside sites.

If you want to enjoy luxury, you can book log cabins to enjoy glamping. Besides, this is an ideal place to experience comfortable glamping if you don’t want to go to Mont Tremblant

6. Mont-Tremblant

Mont-Tremblant has numerous glamping spots, but the Bel Air Bubble Hotel Tremblant is the best one, offering luxury domes, chalets, and pods. Bel Air Tremblant is an ideal option for glamping near Montreal, featuring a wide range of amenities.

These include a restaurant, gym, lounge, Jacuzzi, spa, yoga studio, theatre room, outdoor swimming pool, children’s playroom, and basketball and tennis court. We recommend the Bel Air Bubble at Mont Tremblant for summer getaways because you can enjoy a wide range of onsite activities, including kayaking, paddleboarding, electric bike tours, archery, and zip-lining.

You can also explore the mini animal farm. Although many people visit the place for glamping in summer, Mont-Tremblant is also ideal for winter glamping. You can enjoy zip-lining, cross country skiing, ice skating, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and even dog sledding.

Worthy Mentions to check out

A few other options to check out

The cabin also has satellite cable and a spa with luxury amenities. Other unique options for glamping near Montreal are:

Montreal, Canada, is one of the best destinations for people looking to relish scenic beauty, spend quality time glamping with their family and friends, and enjoy a wide range of amenities.

Areas near Montreal have low pollution rates, low risk of disasters, making it safe for glamping. There are dozens of glamping options near Montreal. However, if you truly want to spend quality time, we recommend the three glamping options above.

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Best Cities to Visit Around Montreal

While there are many great cities near Montreal that we excluded, we just had to pick our top 5. We hope that this list encourages you to visit one of these beautiful cities if you haven’t already!


Known for being a snow sports haven and for its great national park, it’s an easy sell to any future visitors. During the summer, Tremblant is a great place for kayaking, biking, swimming, hiking and other outdoor activities.

Mont-Tremblant is about a 2-3hr trip from Montreal so you can easily plan a day trip if need be. If you’re interested for a longer time Tremblant has plenty to offer. From its mountain views to its quaint village design it truly does resemble a sort of Alpine dream village. The village features a variety of shops and nightlife that can make for a great night or weekend!

Photo by Jamshed Khedri



Most likely the least known location on our list, Baise-Saint-Paul is located in the Charlevoix region and is primarily known for its art galleries, various local product shops and great restaurant scene. It is regarded as a Quebecois cultural hub with many amenities to suit people of different tastes. The town is surrounded by mountain ranges where you can find multiple hiking trails if
that’s your thing! Baie-St-Paul is also home to quite a bit of farmland and you can actually visit these farms and purchase their local produce and products which are worth the trip alone!


Quebec City

Quebec City, Quebec’s national capital is probably one of the most famous locations here but with good reason. As some may know, Quebec City is a Unesco world heritage site and has about over 400 years of history to it. The city truly reflects this and also embraces while also embracing modernity creating a vibrant mix of charm.

Quebec City is known for a myriad of things including its unique French Canadian culture, historical sites, shopping, family activity, local food, bars while also providing the luxury of having nearby outdoors activities. It truly provides a hybrid flexibility to its visitors as there is always something to do regardless of the season or weather. Quebec City is also an incredibly beautiful city which attracts many photographers to work their magic.

Photo Benoit Debaix


Gatineau is one of Quebec’s major cities situated on the border of Quebec and Ontario. In fact it is only separated by the Ottawa river and once you’re there you can head over to Ottawa freely if you wish to do so!

Gatineau offers a unique urban vibe featuring a variety of restaurants, nightlife, local homemade products & crafts and microbreweries which are easily accessible by bike or walk due to its intricate paths. Among its other amenities it also features the Casino du Lac-Leamy, the Canadian Museum of History and Les Promenades Gatineau which is a huge newly renovated mall.

Photo Benoit Debaix


Montebello is a city located at the eastern edge of the Outaouais region. It is mostly known for Le Château Montebello which is an extremely popular resort hotel and is the largest structure made out of logs in the world — truly a sight to see even if you aren’t staying there! The resort also has a track record of accommodating geo political leaders such as various American presidents and also played host to the G7 summit in 1981.

Photo by Pascal Bernardon

Away from the resort, and more in the city,  you can also find a whole heap of outdoor activities for all ages with an easily accessible main street which features small boutiques, microbreweries and restaurants. Montebello is also a popular destination for skiing, golf and boating and is also home to Montebello Rock which is an annual rock/metal festival usually featuring some big headliners.

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