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Reasons to Visit Gaspe

Gaspe is one of the most beautiful regions in Canada. Located at the eastern end of Quebec, this region attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every week, making it a popular tourist destination.

Many people visit Gaspe to enjoy the natural beauty and breathe in the fresh air. People of all ages feel secluded and relaxed by the scenic attraction. Here are the top reasons to visit Gaspe and enjoy quality time with your family. Read on!

1.              Flora and Fauna

If you travel to Gaspe, you will enjoy diverse flora and fauna. You can see thousands of northern gannets and seabirds by observing the sky. In the heart of the Gaspe Forest, you can observe the wild activities of moose, bears, and other species.

No matter the distance, the Gaspe guarantees you to encounter wild animals. For example, in Forillon National Park, you can observe foxes and more than 225 species of birds in several places. The landscapes of the sea, the cliffs, and the mountains give it a unique beauty.

Besides, between Grande-Grave and Cap-des-Rosiers, you can experience several species of ducks, owls and birds of prey, and beavers. On the Saint-Laurent side, you can see many seals enthroned on the rock half-submerged in the waters.

2.              Picturesque Scenery

Visiting Canada as a family allows you to admire the coastal landscapes of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. During your family hikes, between seas and mountains, you will soak up the beautiful panoramic views offered by the Gaspe countryside.

In addition, you will find yourself dazzled by the Graves trail. After crossing the woods and fields overlooking the sea, you will arrive at the Cap-Gaspe lighthouse. There is a trail nearby, allowing you to reach under the cliff.

Moreover, the Taiga trail is located on the sandy terrain of Penouille. It takes you to a forest whose ground is covered with lichen, where you can admire salt marshes. You will discover Bonaventure Island along the Colonies trail, where you can marvel at the famous Perce Rock.

From Cap Bon-Ami, you can hike the Mont Saint-Alban footpath. The latter will take you to an observation tower located 283 meters above sea level. At the top, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the tip of Forillon.

3.              Mesmerizing Lighthouses

In Gaspe, you can visit three fascinating lighthouses. The first is in Forillon National Park, in Cap-Gaspe. It is nestled on a 95-meter-high cliff and offers a breathtaking sea view. Visit the lighthouse to learn about its history and know the area’s geographical importance.

To discover the second lighthouse, head to Cap-des-Rosiers. It is the highest in the country. Remember, you must climb a 34-meter guided ascent to reach the top. To visit the third lighthouse, you must go to Pointe-a-la-Renommee.

4.              Delectable Gastronomy

Canada is known for its famous maple syrup. During your trip to Gaspe, take advantage of your stay to taste a fine product from the Gaspe region. If you love lobster, pies, and wild berries, satisfy your taste buds in the magnificent environment of this peninsula.

At each step, you can enjoy a taste change of scenery. The Gaspe has risen to the top rank of Quebec tourist destinations. The region allows you to discover many things with its spectacular landscapes and multiple and diverse flavors.

During your stay, take advantage of your visit to meet local producers. Gaspe is also renowned for its cuisine inspired by seafood. Fish and seafood lovers can feast on freshly caught products, such as mussels, cod, speckled trout, lobster, river salmon, and scallops.

5.              Picturesque Beaches

Gaspe has gorgeously stunning beaches, boasting scenic views to immerse you in the natural beauty. There are different beaches in Gaspe. Each has a unique geography. For example, some beaches have pebbles while others have soft sand.

Although the water at some beaches is cold, other beaches are warmer, allowing people to swim in the pleasant water and soothe their souls. Haldimand beach, located eight kilometers from downtown Gaspe, is ideal for swimming.

In addition, it is a trendy area for locals and tourists. Although the water is icy, your children will also enjoy playing with pebbles on the beach near the Belvedere du Cap Bon-Ami. The environment is stunning, pleasant, and soothing.

Final Words

Although Canada is full of natural beauty, picturesque mountains, dense forests, flora and fauna, beaches, etc., if you want to relish something unique and memorable, make sure you visit Gaspe with your family or friends. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.

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Dog Sledding Spots near Montreal

Top Spots for Dog Sledding near Montreal

Previously, sled dogs were the primary mode of transportation for people living in the Canadian Arctic region. People relied on sled dogs to transport supplies, food, mail, etc. Today, it has become an adventurous and fun activity for tourists who visit Canada. This is because the experience of riding a sled or dogsled through snowy trails and experiencing the beauty of nature can be quite amazing.

You can take part in either a half-day or full-day dogsled tour. Some activities may include sledding over frozen rivers, lakes and through snow-covered forests. It’s a great way to explore the Canadian wilderness and see some of the country’s most stunning landscapes. You can also stop along the way and enjoy a hot meal.

Dog sledding excursions are excellent for people who want to enjoy the magical Montreal landscape, watch the adorable husky dogs, and soar adventurism with boosted adrenaline. If you are looking for the best places for Dog Sledding near Montreal, look at the following spots. Read on!

1. Aventures Plein Air St-Hippolyte

Aventures Plein Air St-Hippolyte is a perfect place for tourists to enjoy dog sledding. The location is one hour drive from Montreal and is famous for year-round activities. However, the dog sledding adventure at Aventures Plein Air St-Hippolyte is second to none.

The place has different dog sledding treks, allowing people of all ages to experience a memorable activity. We recommend taking the beginner course if it is your first time experiencing dog sledding near Montreal.

On the other hand, you can take an intermediate two-hour run through Lake Morency’s beautiful landscape. Aventures Plein Air St-Hippolyte also offers five-hour dog sledding adventures for more experienced adventurers.

Additionally, you have the option of a nighttime trek if you want to experience something unique. This excursion is ideal for people who are looking to take their dog sledding experience to the next level. This is certainly one of the best places for dog sledding near Montreal. Also, you can take part in other activities such as snowshoeing and fat-biking.

Aventures Plein Air St-Hippolyte is one of the most popular sites for dog sledding near Montreal, and it’s easy to see why. With an incredible landscape, professional staff, and a variety of exciting adventures to choose from, it’s no wonder so many people flock to this spot. It’s the perfect place to experience the thrill of dog sledding and create lifelong memories.

Located in: Auberge du Lac Morency
Address: 42 Rue de la Chaumine, Saint-Hippolyte, QC J8A 2N4.
Phone: (450) 563-4443


2. Mont Tremblant

Mont Tremblant is one of the most beautiful places near Montreal that attracts thousands of tourists from within the country and abroad every month. Because it is a crowded place, thanks to its natural beauty and year-round fun activities, we recommend booking in advance to get the most out of our trip.

Mont Tremblant dog sledding adventures are exciting, exploratory, daring, and unique, allowing you and your friends to have a one-of-a-kind experience. Nothing is parallel to a one-hour dog sledding in Mont Tremblant as you run through the picturesque forest covered with snow.

You will find numerous services at affordable prices to enjoy the activity. You can also buy or rent equipment for dog sledding, including neck warmers, warm hats, socks, boots, mittens, goggles, or glasses to protect from snow, and even blankets to stay warm while relishing the most beautiful excursion near Montreal.

Moreover, you can also try night dog sledding in Mont Tremblant to make your experience even more special. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced musher, you will find your perfect sled adventure in Mont Tremblant. Enjoy the beauty of nature at one of the best places for dog sledding near Montreal.

Mont Tremblant also offers many other activities like downhill skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and much more. The area is one of the best options to explore Canadian nature in all its beauty. This is certainly one of the best places for dog sledding near Montreal. Don’t miss it!


Mont-Tremblant Activity Center

At The Mont-Tremblant Activity Centre, a top spot for adventure enthusiasts, you can explore a diverse range of summer activities, including ziplining, whitewater rafting, 4×4 dune buggy adventures, canoeing, and beyond.

Travel time: 1 hour 50 minutes from Montreal

Dog Sledding Spots near Montreal

3. Laurel Adventure Nature

Laurel Adventure Nature is another perfect spot for dog sledding you can miss when exploring Montreal and surrounding areas in winter. Yannick and Marie Helene own this dog sledding spot near Montreal and make substantial efforts to provide tourists with unique experiences.

At Laurel Adventure Nature, you can take different dog sledding adventures, including a one-hour basic package, one hour and 30 minutes thrilling voyage into the forest. Depending on your skill level, you can drive the dog sled yourself or hire an experienced guide. Either way, you will enjoy the activity.

Besides dog sled adventures, you can experience snowshoeing hikes and snowmobile tours. Laurel Adventure Nature is one hour and 30 minutes drive from the beautiful city of Montreal. If you want to stay for a night, you can find affordable cabins and cottages with world-class amenities.

Furthermore, you can also visit the local village of St-Adolphe-d’Howard or ski in Mont Tremblant Resort. This place is undoubtedly one of the best places for dog sledding near Montreal. This spot is perfect for adventurers seeking a unique experience in the Canadian wilderness. You will love it!

Laurel Adventure Nature is one of the best places for dog sledding near Montreal that will give you an unforgettable experience. With a beautiful landscape, professional staff, and a variety of adventures, it will be one of the most memorable trips you have ever made. Don’t forget to explore this area!

Travel time: 1 hour 30 minutes from Montreal

Address: 2363 Rte Principale, Wentworth-Nord, QC J0T 1Y0
Phone: (450) 226-8446
Province: Quebec

4. Kinadapt

Kinadapt is 50 minutes away from Montreal. The natural environment, picturesque sceneries, and various activities make it one of the best places for dog sledding spots near Montreal. Kinadapt is a unique dog sledding spot because you can choose from numerous packages that suit you.

So, people of all ages and skill levels can enjoy their dog sledding excursions. Not only does Kinadapt offer hours of dog sledding excursions, but you can also stay there to learn more about the adorable husky dogs. Interacting with dogs in a snowy environment will make your experience memorable.

The team uses special methods of dog training to ensure the safety of riders and dogs. You can also take pictures with Huskies, make friends, and have a great time. The team will also provide you with warm clothes to make your experience more comfortable. This is certainly one of the best places for dog sledding near Montreal that offers excellent services.

Moreover, Kinadapt is one of the best places for dog sledding near Montreal as it offers lots of other activities. You can go snowshoeing, skiing, and snowmobiling. Enjoy the beauty of nature and make your winter days in Canada more enjoyable. It will be a perfect place to take your friends and family for a memorable day of adventure. So, don’t miss out on this incredible experience!

Travel time: 1 hour 30 minutes from Montreal

Address: 1800 CH Laurin, Rawdon, Quebec J0K 1S0
Phone: (450) 834-4441
Province: Quebec

5. Aventure Inukshuk

Thousands of people visit Aventure Inukshuk during summer to enjoy four-wheel safari excursions and black bear-watching adventures. However, dog sledding adventures during the winter seasons are matchless.

Aventure Inukshuk offers a wide range of packages, including beginner courses to more challenging treks of up to seven hours. You can also interact with husky dogs to make your trip more educational. You will get all the necessary safety equipment for your trip and professional trainers to guide you.

Aventure Inukshuk is located near Montreal and is close to various other attractions. This spot is perfect for people who want to explore the beauty of Quebec’s backcountry with their friends and family. Whether you’re skiing, snowshoeing, or dog sledding, Aventure Inukshuk has something for everyone. So, don’t miss your chance to experience the adventure of dog sledding with majestic huskies!

Additionally, Aventure Inukshuk also provides meals and accommodation for those who want to stay for a longer period. This is one of the best places for dog sledding near Montreal that is perfect for all types of adventurers. Bring in the thrill and excitement of winter with Aventure Inukshuk!

Dog sledding is a unique and fun way to explore the wilderness of Canada. The best places for dog sledding near Montreal offer scenic views, thrilling rides, and lots of activities. Laurel Adventure Nature, Kinadapt, and Aventure Inukshuk are some of the best spots in the area that will give you an unforgettable experience. So, don’t wait any longer and plan your trip to one of these incredible dog sledding spots near Montreal!

Address: 131 Rte de Duchesnay, Sainte-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier, QC G3N 0J3
Phone: (418) 875-0770

Why Should You Go Dog Sledding Near Montreal?

Dog sledding is a great way to explore the wintery terrain of Canada. It’s an adrenaline-filled activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels. The best places for dog sledding near Montreal offer scenic views, thrilling rides, and lots of activities. Dog sledding is perfect for families who want to enjoy a fun outing in the snow, or for adrenaline junkies who want to make the most of their winter adventure. Plus, it’s a great way to connect with nature and explore the unique landscapes of Canada. So, don’t miss out on this incredible experience and hit the trails of Montreal!

You can also make friends with the adorable husky dogs that will accompany you on your journey. Interacting with the huskies is an amazing experience and it’s sure to make your trip more memorable. Plus, you can also be sure that the best places for dog sledding near Montreal are committed to ensuring your safety. They provide all the necessary equipment and experienced professionals to guide you every step of the way. So, don’t wait any longer and head to one of these amazing dog sledding spots near Montreal for an unforgettable winter adventure!

Final Words

Dog sledding is one of the best things to do near Montreal. You can’t simply complete your winter vacation without this recreational activity in the best places given above. Enjoy the snowy slopes, snow-covered forests, adorable dogs, and numerous other amenities at the most affordable prices.

Don’t forget to enjoy the beauty of nature and make your winter days more memorable. Have an awesome time! This is a great way to explore the wilderness of Quebec and make incredible memories with your family and friends. So, don’t miss out on this amazing experience and plan your trip to one of these incredible dog sledding spots near Montreal! Until Next Time!

Dog Sledding Spots near Montreal

  • Article based on personal opinion and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash.

After surviving another cold, long and relentless winter, Montreal always finds a way to bounce back come summer. It almost turns into a different city when the heat rolls around. As Montrealers, we want to use all the energy we’ve been conserving from our hibernation and take advantage of any half-decent weather.

That being said, while there is a plethora of things to do in the rest of Montreal this summer, there is a black-sheep among the neighbourhoods on the island: the East-End. The East-End often gets overlooked by visitors and locals alike because it doesn’t have the flash and glamour that downtown Montreal and Old Montreal has, but you know what, that’s perfectly okay with us because the East-end is about getting back to basics and enjoying the simpler things in life!


Here are 5 of the best things to do this 2020 summer in Montreal’s East-End


  1. Food truck festival “First Fridays” at the Olympic Stadium


As the name suggests, the food truck festival named First Fridays takes place every first Friday of the month between June 7th to October 4th (June 7, July 5th, August 2nd, September 6th and October 4th) and operates between 4:00pm to 11:00pm.

There are many ways to access the festival grounds as well. You can go by car and make use of the underground parking at the Olympic stadium, but travellers be wary – there will be a fee. You can also travel by bike or Bixi, but the easiest way is to take the metro (green-line) to either Viau or Pie-IX station and take a short walk towards all the hubbub.

First Fridays is one of, if not the biggest collection of food trucks in Canada. That being so, the crowds are big and some lines tend to require a patient constitution, but fret not, it is totally worth the wait. It boasts 50 food trucks from around the city and as Montreal is known as a food haven you can expect some amazing eats from every one of them. The site offers 500 spaces to sit around at themed terraces to eat with a total of 3,000 seats available around the entire festival site. Just when you think it couldn’t get better, there is no entrance fee to join the festival!

With 50 food trucks available at your disposal It has a wide range of food options to satisfy any of those knacking cravings. From poutines, tacos, burgers, Asian cuisine and desserts there is something for everyone here. Based on past years they’ve also had many vegan options as well! 

If the food wasn’t enough to entice you, there is also the SAQ (Société des alcools du Québec) and a handful of microbreweries on standby that offer something to cool your throat to go along with the copious amount of food you definitely won’t be able to stop devouring. First Fridays are a perfect date spot or just a simple evening with family and friends. Eat drink and be merry we say and if that doesn’t call for a perfect summer evening in Montreal, we don’t know what does!

Food Truck in Montreal

Photo by Should Wang on Unsplash

2. Spend an afternoon or evening at Parc de la Promenade-Bellerive

Located in the Mercier-Est borough, Parc de la Promenade-Bellerive is one of the more unique parks located on the island. It is hard to believe that a park like this exists in the middle of Montreal. It really offers something for everybody and here are a couple of our favorite ideas on how best to spend your time here!


For those of you who want to take your bikes to the East-End make sure to take advantage of the bike path here. If you look at the park on a map, it doesn’t seem that you would be here long but it is bigger than the image suggests! The path is traditional in the sense that it circles the park but what sets it apart from the others is the incredible view as you bike alongside the St-Lawrence river. With boats passing by and the noises of it all, you can really get immersed in all of it. The park also has a lot of kite-flyers on nice days so you will have a great view for your entire bike ride. 


For those preferring a more relaxing experience, why not spend the day outside and have a picnic! At the park, there are plenty of tables and gazebos in which you can bring a lunch or supper and enjoy it by the waterfront. You can eat and watch the boats pass by and enjoy some alone time and of course, you are encouraged to bring family and friends! 

Visit during the evening 

If you chose to go during the evening, you can sometimes catch local bands playing in the gazebos which can be a lot of fun as quite a bit of people end up showing up and having a good time. 

Park in Montreal

Photo by Krisztina Papp on Unsplash

  1. Take the Promenade Bellerive-Boucherville Ferry

If you’ve got more time on your hands and are looking for a bit more adventure, look no further! Bellerive park also provides you access to Charron Island!  At the southern edge of the park, you will find the ferry which will take you across. The ferry will run you about $10 Canadian and takes about 15 minutes to cross. Once on Charron island, you’ll have a few options on what to do! You can check out Longueuil Beach, A disk golf center or our top recommendation of visiting Îles-de-Boucherville National Park

Here you can really take advantage and do a ton  of different activities. From taking a picnic to biking, canoeing, and kayaking it can be a daunting task on what to do. Asking the friendly staff members or getting yourself a map of the island can help plan your day ahead. It also has quite a bit of wildlife to be found ranging from deer, birds, and beavers so if you have an interest in photography, this can be a great spot for you. The island is also big so be prepared with the essentials when arriving!


  1. Check out Village au Pied-Du-Courant

Village au Pied-Du-Courant is a very unique event that happens in the East-End during summer. It is located on Notre-Dame Street East, almost under the Jacques-Cartier bridge. The village started back in 2015 and was a creative way in which Montreal used its empty space. This reinvented public space was the product of many collaborators across the city that made this happen. It really has encouraged the communities to get together which creates a very attractive atmosphere to be a part of.


The village is a fantastic way to spend a day or evening, however, make sure to check the hours of operations as they still have not released the information. (Assuming they do the same hours as last year it goes as follows. Mondays to-Wednesdays they are closed. Thursday 4-9 pm, Friday 5 pm-12 am Saturday 4 pm-12 am, Sunday 3-11 pm). It is important to note that Pied-Du-Courant is absolutely free!


The village really has a beach-themed/boardwalk feel to it with features like (you are quite literally walking on sand) live music, barbeque, a bar inside, food trucks with various activities present on-site throughout the day. It is also very much a kid-friendly environment providing family spaces and activities for kids and family alike. During the day, it is generally accepted that it is for everybody of all ages as the vibe and environment changes a little as it gets later.


 During the evening you will have a bit of a different experience than earlier in the day. At night, the village slowly turns into more of a loungy party area, which is a great time if you are looking to let loose a little and have a unique date idea or outing with friends. A mix of the gathering people, the cool summer breeze, the atmosphere, and the view of the Jacques Cartier bridge, LaRonde and the St-Lawrence scream Montreal at its finest. If you truly want to round out your night out, plan to go on a Saturday night where LaRonde will have its fireworks show which is sure to create some great memories for Summer 2020.

P.S You are not allowed to bring your own alcohol and make sure to bring cash as they do not have debit or credit card machines on everything!

Village au Pied-Du-Courant

Photo by Jenns Johnssnon on Unsplash


  1. Saint-Leonard Cavern

For those of you wanting to do something different and adventurous have you ever thought of spelunking right here in Montreal, let alone right here in the East-End? That’s right, in the St-Leonard borough there’s a cave that was used as a weapons armory during the 19th century. It is now turned into an explorable cave in which you can visit and pay tour guides to take you around. 

The tour is short, but is very informative. It is something you never really think about doing, but once you actually try it out you realize how unique and enriching of an activity it could be. It’s a great experience for all ages and something else to knock off that bucket list. 

Here you have it, the 5 best things to do in Montreal’s East-End in summer 2020. As we all eagerly await another beautiful summer in Montreal, try to plan something new this year and come back to simpler times in Montreal’s East-End!


a kite flying in the sky