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What to Visit When in Montreal Part 1: World Trade Center Montreal

Montreal World Trade Center also known as Centre de Commerce mondial de Montréal), is a mix of both offices and a hotel located in the Old Port of Montreal, an area called the international quarter.

The place itself is beautiful, and I always tend to bring my friends who are visiting for a walk and a look around.

What makes this place special?

  1. History,  the place was built in the early 90s, yet the items on display inside go way back.

There is a piece of the Berlin wall on display, which I find a beautiful reminder, especially for our younger generation.

Montreal Berlin Wall in world trade center

There is also a fountain by French architect and sculptor Dieudonné-Barthélemy Guibal.

2. The architecture of the building

The whole area looks like two buildings have been put together, in the most intelligent and artistic way possible.

The ceiling is a transparent glass ceiling.

There is a mesh of stairways along the way that adds this modern effect, while keeping it simple.

3. The open space

In the open space through the building, there is a reflecting pool, coffee shops, boutiques and other services.

Here is how it looks:

World Trade Center Montreal World Trade Center Montreal

This is some panoramic footage taken June 2017.

If you are interested in discovering more history around Montreal. You might want to check the historic Fort de Chambly. 

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Longueuil | Ville de Longueuil Photos | Spots and Areas in Old Longueuil

Ville de Longueuil or Longueuil is a small city located right of the Jacques Cartier Bridge.

Longueuil Map

Longueuil has a really nice area called old Longueuil, Le Vieux Longueuil it is a great spot for eating, dinning, and walking around.

What makes this place more exceptional for me, is that view that you can get of the city of Montreal from there. 

It is the only place where you can see the Jacques Cartier Bridge with the City of Montreal in the back.

Here are some pictures from the old city of Longueuil and of the view of Montreal from Longueuil.

Old Longueuil Church photo East Montreal photo of sunset sunset over the new port of  montreal Montreal new port sunset View of Montreal from the bridge of Longueuil Longueuil Sunset Old Longueuil Church Montreal new port sunset Old Longueuil Church

To see more picture of Montreal Skyline Sunset from the south shore – Check these photos

For some photos of park close to Montreal and Longueuil Check out National Park of Yamaska Photos


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A hidden Gem in Montreal | A beautiful Hidden Park in Montreal

Right in front of the Old Port of Montreal there is a park called Parc de la Cité-du-Havre. As close as this park may look to the old port, truth is that it is ride away, yet it is worth it, the 360 view of Montreal, the Jacques Cartier Bridge, and the Jean Drapeau Island; is priceless.

The bike ride or the wake to this island is worth it as it is a nice walk along the water, through the hidden bike paths of Montreal.

Here is where you can see this park on the map.

It is a 4.5 Km bike ride from the old port, and a almost a one hour walk.

Still definitely worth it.

Here are some pictures that will reflect the view that you will see from there.
View of Downtown MTL From Parc de la Cité-du-Havre Montreal Bio-Sphere Canada View of Downtown MTL From Parc de la Cité-du-Havre View of Downtown MTL From Parc de la Cité-du-Havre View of Downtown MTL From Parc de la Cité-du-Havre View of Downtown MTL From Parc de la Cité-du-Havre View of Downtown MTL From Parc de la Cité-du-Havre View of Downtown MTL From Parc de la Cité-du-Havre View of Downtown MTL From Parc de la Cité-du-Havre View of Downtown Montreal From Parc de la Cité-du-Havre View of Old Port from Parc de la Cité-du-Havre Parc de la Cité-du-Havre benches Montreal Five Roses View of the Jean Drapeau Island Tower View of Montreal Old Port From the Islands The Picnic Electronic Spot


For other Hidden Gems in Montreal Visit Montreal Tips

Here is another beautiful island to visit in Montreal

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Montreal Fall Colors | Pictures of the Beautiful Montreal Fall Tree Colors

In the Fall the color of trees in Montreal turn into different colors, creating a mosaic of the most beautiful landscapes. Here are some of the pictures.