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Do you want to become a successful leader and set an example for people working for you? Read on to know about the best leadership coach!

Best Leadership Coach Canada

Businesses in the 21st Century move faster due to intense competition in the market and industry. Running a modern business requires solid leadership skills because its rigors will constantly test your abilities and force you to adapt to new challenges and disruptive advancements. Leadership is an uphill responsibility that requires consistency, commitment, and devotion.

Although running a business in Canada is more streamlined than in many other countries, even the business-friendly policies won’t benefit you if you lack leadership skills. Developing your leadership skills involves connecting with coaches and mentors who can strengthen your abilities, identify your weaknesses, and improve your overall skills/performance.

When you encourage yourself to develop leadership skills, you make a critical and beneficial investment in yourself. Not only do your flourish yourself, but leadership coaching also benefits your organization. For instance, young professionals in your organization can receive better training and use adequate tools to get the job done adequately and boost the ROIs of your company.

So, if you are looking for the best leadership coach in Canada, you are in the right place. We have done tremendous research, and based on our personal experiences, we believe Melissa Dawn is one of the best leadership coaches in Canada. Today’s article will discuss how Melissa Dawn can flourish your leadership skills and benefit your organization. Read on!

What is Leadership Coaching?

Before discussing how leadership coaching by Melissa Dawn can strengthen your abilities, it is crucial to understand leadership coaching itself. Many people think leadership coaching improves professional skills to become better CEOs or managers. However, this is not often the case.

Leadership coaching involves your drive for success throughout everything you do. Remember, leadership focuses on developing genuine human relationships, becoming responsible, and focusing on people around you. So, learning leadership is about leading yourself, setting goals for success, and establishing the baseline you need to hone your career.

Learning coaching is a highly individualized process. The one-on-one coaching from an experienced advisor can tailor a learning experience to give you the best possible experience. Not only does a coach act as a teacher, but they also work with you to identify goals and develop unique strategies to achieve them.

Melissa Dawn – Best Leadership Coach in Canada

Melissa Dawn is an experienced, reputable, and skilled leadership coach in Canada. She is the founder of “CEO of Your Life,” author, life and business coach, and an exceptional motivational speaker with higher success rates.

Melissa has trained hundreds of entrepreneurs and business people to become successful leaders in their organizations. She follows a unique, inspirational, holistic, and empowering approach to facilitate people and equip them with unique resources to control their lives and businesses.

Besides, Melissa Dawn is the bestselling author of the book “I attract what I am,” which has helped hundreds of thousands of people worldwide and Canada. Here is how you can benefit from Melissa Dawn’s leadership coaching.

How Can Melissa Dawn’s Leadership Coaching Help You?

Melissa Dawn’s leadership coaching offers many benefits, including personal and professional development. She has an immediate and direct effect on people’s performance that helps business leaders become more self-aware, strategic, and effective. Here is how Melissa Dawn’s leadership coaching can help you improve all aspects of your life. Keep reading.

Improved Self-Awareness

Leaders need consistent identification of their strengths and weaknesses. Successful leaders focus on stability, but they also develop weak areas to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Remember, introspection is never easy, especially when it is about your weaknesses. Melissa Dawn can help you make informed decisions and improve self-awareness. The years of experience and extensive knowledge with result-driven approaches make Melissa Dawn a successful coach.

So, leveraging Melissa Dawn’s resources encourages you to identify your strengths and weaknesses and determine preconceptions/beliefs that drive behaviors essential for developing leadership.

Personal Growth

Learning is beneficial for everyone, but leadership coaching is an integral part of a successful businessperson or entrepreneur. The personal growth of a leader is all about developing a better version of themselves. Melissa Dawn will ensure you put your value to the test on yourself.

The purpose is to determine whether you stay motivated, driven, and helpful for yourself and your business. According to Melissa Dawn, leadership is more than execution and results. Successful leaders make positive differences in their lives and the people around them.

So, this is where you will see improvement by leveraging Melissa Dawn’s knowledge and experience. That way, you will develop positive feelings, emotions, behavior, and attitudes to improve your personal and professional growth.

Therefore, Melissa Dawn’s leadership coaching is an excellent learning experience, allowing you to become a better leader in all aspects of your life. The purpose is to help you develop, guide, and serve yourself and the people around you.

Balanced Company Culture

Melissa Dawn uses evidence-based and result-driven methods to help businesspeople balance their company culture. Bear in mind that culture is all about your organization’s beliefs, values, and practices. You pass the spoken and unspoken principles, rules, and regulations onto your new employees.

Therefore, culture is the leading indicator of your organization’s success and employees’ satisfaction. Melissa Dawn will help you develop a positive culture in your company and ensure your employees stay with the organization. Besides, culture significantly affects your company’s success or failure.

Your behavior as a leader heavily informs your organizational culture. Therefore, leadership coaching offered by Melissa Dawn can shape your corporate culture and help you establish and influence effective and positive behaviors that support your company’s culture.

Final Words

Melissa Dawn is one of the best leadership coaches in Canada, a famous author, and a certified business mentor with numerous national and international certifications. She has helped hundreds of people streamline their leadership goals.

That way, they run successful businesses with higher profitability, thanks to her exceptional resource delivery, knowledge, and experience. So, if you want to become a better leader and improve all aspects of your personal and professional life, we recommend Melissa Dawn’s leadership coaching services.

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.

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Best Corporate Coach in Canada

CEO Business Coaching Program

Corporate coaching is nothing new. What is new is the approach some corporate coaches are taking to helping leaders and businesses thrive in a constantly changing global landscape. We recently caught up with Melissa Dawn, a Montreal-based corporate coach who’s doing things in a more conscious way.

As founder of the coaching service, CEO of Your Life, Melissa started her coaching journey as a graduate of the Coaches Training Institute, and has since grown her business and expertise by earning certifications in Team Performance Coaching, Leadership Coaching, and Conscious Business Coaching. She also holds a Bachelor of Commerce and, prior to coaching, spent over two decades working her way up the corporate ladder to become VP of Marketing and Talent Management.

What is Unique About CEO of Your Life?

Led by Melissa, CEO of Your Life takes a holistic approach to coaching that starts within. 

Although corporate coaching is about success at work, Melissa understands that our lives are not meant to be siloed into “personal” and “professional”. No matter how hard we may try to keep things separate, what’s happening in one area will spill over into other areas.

She uses the example of getting caught in traffic on the way to work, which is a scenario many of us are familiar with. If we feel triggered by a traffic jam, we may take that trigger into the office once we arrive. We maybe feel frustrated or agitated, maybe we’re even short tempered. That traffic had nothing to do with our jobs, but it is now impacting our jobs.

But, as Melissa points out, the reverse is true as well. When we do the work to create peace and purpose in one area of life, that too will start to spill into other areas. A solid morning routine that includes time for inner reflection, for example, can set us on a path for success before anything else can influence our state of mind.

For this reason, Melissa approaches corporate coaching from a whole-life (i.e. holistic) perspective, guiding people to take an honest look at all aspects of their lives and to get in touch with their most authentic, core selves, which gives them clarity into what will genuinely work for them. From there, she guides people to identify the areas of their lives that need to shift, and to begin taking steps to align their lives with the strengths, values, passions and purpose that drive them from within, and to bring their highest selves forward, both personally and professionally.

How Does This Approach Benefit Businesses?

As Melissa says, “To master leadership of others, you first have to master leadership of yourself.” The most successful organizations have strong leadership; people who are able to positively influence the people they lead, and drive engagement by drawing out people’s natural strengths, then helping them to align those strengths with corporate objectives. Being able to do that demands the type of person who is very much at ease with themselves, confident in their own values, and able to approach situations from a place of curiosity, compassion and co-creativity.

Melissa believes that these skills are not innate, but can be learned. In her years of coaching, she has put that belief to the test by working with individuals and teams from small businesses, all the way up to Fortune 500s and Fortune 100s.

“What I see consistently is that when people truly connect within, do the work to really love and care for themselves, it comes out in their leadership in a powerful way. They become more open to new perspectives, capable of having difficult conversations with empathy, start leading by example, and the people around them start to really shine as well. It’s an amazing domino effect,” says Melissa.

Melissa has found that when companies take this inside-out approach to developing leadership, organizations tend to experience increases in:

  • Employee engagement
  • Productivity
  • Collaboration (within and across teams)
  • Communication skills
  • Decision making skills
  • Self-management
  • Accountability
  • Creative problem-solving

As well as decreases in:

  • Behavioural issues
  • Persistent roadblocks
  • Employee turnover
  • Interpersonal conflict
  • Blame-shifting

Melissa says that when the corporate culture shifts in a way that people start to feel safe trying new things, sharing ideas, broaching difficult topics and even bringing their “weird” to work, all that energy people once spent upholding personas and protecting themselves from blame or judgement gets redirected towards doing great things within the company.

Not only are the benefits of coaching very real, they are also measurable and sustainable. As Melissa has observed, when businesses take an outside-in approach, focusing on things they feel they can control such as policies and procedures, any changes they see tend to revert because mindsets have not changed. People eventually fall back into old patterns and ways of being. With an inside-out approach, change happens at a fundamental level that shifts mindsets, facilitates the development of healthier habits and patterns, and guides people to really bring their best selves forward. This fundamental change also empowers businesses to build resilience into their corporate culture, so that they are able to successfully navigate times of chaos and uncertainty, such as market shifts, or global pandemics.

How Does Corporate Coaching Work in a Pandemic?

For Melissa, resilience and the ability to dance with whatever comes along is part of what she helps people to develop. So, it seems only natural that she was able to get flexible and adapt her business model to work with (and for) the changes happening across the globe.

With the technology available today, coaching can easily happen virtually, both one-on-one and in groups. However, as many of us quickly realized during the pandemic, “Zoom fatigue” is a very real thing. Having recently completed her certification as a Master Practitioner of Energy Medicine, Melissa has begun weaving energy work into her virtual coaching sessions, drawing on techniques that create connection, helping people feel open and at ease, so that even in front a computer screen, coaching becomes an energizing experience that teaches people how to fuel themselves from within, even in the most chaotic times, as well as how to “reset and reconnect” when they get caught in fight-or-flight mode, which many of us have experienced – and continue to experience – throughout this pandemic.

How Can You Work With Melissa?

You can visit Melissa’s website, CEO of Your Life, to get the bigger picture of how she helps people and organizations succeed, and you can also connect with her directly to see if her approach to corporate coaching is right for you.

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1. Eternal Real Roses 

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Website: https://alunagift.ca

Eternal Real bouquet from Aluna

Eternal Real bouquet from Aluna

2. Plants 

Even though fresh plants require more maintenance than eternal flowers, they also brighten up homes and fill out spaces with some colour. Vertuose is a Montreal based plant shop that offers many options when it comes to indoor plants. They also offer subscription plans of 3, 6 and 12 months and plant design for businesses and residences Check out their website https://www.vertuose.com/en/homepage

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3. Candles 

t.lees offers candles with delightful scents and personalized messages. They also have a DIY candle bar in Montreal where they provide you with equipment and guidance to make your own candle. Plus they offer delicious cocktails to make it even more fun! Learn more: https://tlees.co/en

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4. Couple’s Bucket List 

Do you often run out of date ideas? This Couple Bucket List comes with 100 date night recommendations that will bring sparkle between you and your boyfriend/girlfriend in a cute and fun way. You could also do them yourself by writing down Fun Activities & Romantic Things to Do on index cards if you want to give a more personal gift.
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5. Fondue Set 

This is a neat gift idea to have some fondue date nights with your partner. Use it with cheese or chocolate to combine it with fruits, vegetables, crackers, marshmallows, etc.

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