If you are in Canada and want to experience European-inspired historic and vibrant cities, don’t forget to visit Quebec City. Here is what you need to know!

Reasons to Visit Quebec City

Many people visit Paris to enjoy the picture-perfect views of the Eiffel Tower. However, Quebec City, also known as North American Paris, has its own iconic buildings and landmarks, such as Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac.

Quebec is the reflection of French culture in North America and boasts picturesque scenery, delectable food, friendly people, shopping malls, architecture, and much more. Here are the top five reasons to visit Quebec City. Read on!

1. Parliament Hill

For more than a century, the Quebec Parliament Building has stood prominently on a hill above the City. While it is a place of political debate and decision-making, it has also become a popular cultural destination.

Inspired by the Louvre in Paris, the building is a beautiful piece of architecture, especially when lit up at night. The building’s grounds are adorned with 26 bronze statues commemorating important figures in the state’s history, and the beautiful Fontaine de Tourney in front of the Congress as an extravagant centerpiece.

The park and its surrounding gardens offer an “ecotourism” or vacation in the middle of the City. Its central location means that stores, restaurants, and museums are within walking distance.

2. Jacques Cartier National Park

What outdoor activities do you enjoy the most? Are you biking, skiing, or hiking enthusiast? Or are you more of a kayaking, fishing, or stand-up paddleboarding enthusiast? Whatever you want to do, Jacques Cartier National Park has something for everyone. In addition to adventure activities, you can also explore wildlife.

Nicknamed the “Great Outdoors of Quebec City,” the park has all these activities within its 415 square kilometers. Moreover, pitch a tent, walk 100 kilometers of hiking trails, cross rivers, pass through canyons, climb plateaus, and enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer.

3. The Island of Orleans

The Island of Orleans is just a short drive over the bridge from Québec City, but the region offers an entirely different perspective. The Island of Orleans is an island of farmers and food producers. As you move through the countryside, you will discover picturesque sceneries, allowing you to immerse in the natural beauty fully.

For example, at the tip of the island, Sainte-Petronille offers a great view of the Montmorency Falls and even better local wines. Saint-Laurent has many farms and strawberry fields. In Saint-Jean, the residence of a pilot who navigated the St. Lawrence River in the mid-19th century has been preserved.

Moreover, Saint-Francois has a popular vantage point from which you can see the surrounding islands and the way out of St. Lawrence. In Sainte-Famille, there are many apple orchards. Likewise, St. Pierre is the most populous village, closest to the town’s bridge.

4. Old Quebec

Old Quebec has many impressive attractions within its historic area. It is a UNESCO World Heritage treasure and perfect for a day trip. In a few hours, you can see centuries-old architecture and stunning churches and chapels that tell the story of the province’s religious and cultural history.

Even if you are not interested in history, the area has plenty to offer, such as shopping, art, music, and good food. It is a must-visit area in Quebec City if you want to experience the uniqueness of the French-Canadian vibes.

5. Food Scene

Eating in Quebec City is often the highlight of a trip. The cobblestone paths, lanes, and streets of Old Quebec have many restaurants and cafes, with diverse menus and mouthwatering food items. The restaurants range from sophisticated and upscale to relaxed and affordable.

Many restaurants in Quebec City offer menus with a fixed price for an appetizer, main course, and dessert made of freshly sourced and organic ingredients. Local favorites include Savini Resto-Bar, a trendy place with a great patio on Grand Alley.

There are also a couple of restaurants worth checking out: Café du Monde and Les Voutes du Cavour, a restaurant in an 18th-century mansion on Place Royale. So, if you want to eat quality food in this French-inspired City, make sure you visit these traditional restaurants.

Final Words

Quebec is the cradle of French America and a famous city for tourists to relish cobblestone streets, explore mesmerizing heritage, experience European charm, and eat delectable food in the lively and welcoming restaurants. Therefore, we recommend visiting Quebec City if you plan to explore Canada on your next vacation. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.

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You are in the right place if you want to know the top reasons behind visiting Gaspe. Check out this post for the most authentic and detailed information!

Reasons to Visit Gaspe

Gaspe is one of the most beautiful regions in Canada. Located at the eastern end of Quebec, this region attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every week, making it a popular tourist destination.

Many people visit Gaspe to enjoy the natural beauty and breathe in the fresh air. People of all ages feel secluded and relaxed by the scenic attraction. Here are the top reasons to visit Gaspe and enjoy quality time with your family. Read on!

1.              Flora and Fauna

If you travel to Gaspe, you will enjoy diverse flora and fauna. You can see thousands of northern gannets and seabirds by observing the sky. In the heart of the Gaspe Forest, you can observe the wild activities of moose, bears, and other species.

No matter the distance, the Gaspe guarantees you to encounter wild animals. For example, in Forillon National Park, you can observe foxes and more than 225 species of birds in several places. The landscapes of the sea, the cliffs, and the mountains give it a unique beauty.

Besides, between Grande-Grave and Cap-des-Rosiers, you can experience several species of ducks, owls and birds of prey, and beavers. On the Saint-Laurent side, you can see many seals enthroned on the rock half-submerged in the waters.

2.              Picturesque Scenery

Visiting Canada as a family allows you to admire the coastal landscapes of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. During your family hikes, between seas and mountains, you will soak up the beautiful panoramic views offered by the Gaspe countryside.

In addition, you will find yourself dazzled by the Graves trail. After crossing the woods and fields overlooking the sea, you will arrive at the Cap-Gaspe lighthouse. There is a trail nearby, allowing you to reach under the cliff.

Moreover, the Taiga trail is located on the sandy terrain of Penouille. It takes you to a forest whose ground is covered with lichen, where you can admire salt marshes. You will discover Bonaventure Island along the Colonies trail, where you can marvel at the famous Perce Rock.

From Cap Bon-Ami, you can hike the Mont Saint-Alban footpath. The latter will take you to an observation tower located 283 meters above sea level. At the top, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the tip of Forillon.

3.              Mesmerizing Lighthouses

In Gaspe, you can visit three fascinating lighthouses. The first is in Forillon National Park, in Cap-Gaspe. It is nestled on a 95-meter-high cliff and offers a breathtaking sea view. Visit the lighthouse to learn about its history and know the area’s geographical importance.

To discover the second lighthouse, head to Cap-des-Rosiers. It is the highest in the country. Remember, you must climb a 34-meter guided ascent to reach the top. To visit the third lighthouse, you must go to Pointe-a-la-Renommee.

4.              Delectable Gastronomy

Canada is known for its famous maple syrup. During your trip to Gaspe, take advantage of your stay to taste a fine product from the Gaspe region. If you love lobster, pies, and wild berries, satisfy your taste buds in the magnificent environment of this peninsula.

At each step, you can enjoy a taste change of scenery. The Gaspe has risen to the top rank of Quebec tourist destinations. The region allows you to discover many things with its spectacular landscapes and multiple and diverse flavors.

During your stay, take advantage of your visit to meet local producers. Gaspe is also renowned for its cuisine inspired by seafood. Fish and seafood lovers can feast on freshly caught products, such as mussels, cod, speckled trout, lobster, river salmon, and scallops.

5.              Picturesque Beaches

Gaspe has gorgeously stunning beaches, boasting scenic views to immerse you in the natural beauty. There are different beaches in Gaspe. Each has a unique geography. For example, some beaches have pebbles while others have soft sand.

Although the water at some beaches is cold, other beaches are warmer, allowing people to swim in the pleasant water and soothe their souls. Haldimand beach, located eight kilometers from downtown Gaspe, is ideal for swimming.

In addition, it is a trendy area for locals and tourists. Although the water is icy, your children will also enjoy playing with pebbles on the beach near the Belvedere du Cap Bon-Ami. The environment is stunning, pleasant, and soothing.

Final Words

Although Canada is full of natural beauty, picturesque mountains, dense forests, flora and fauna, beaches, etc., if you want to relish something unique and memorable, make sure you visit Gaspe with your family or friends. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.

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