Montreal is known to be a snapshot of European-inspired cities and this much like Europe includes its walkability factor. Montreal is an incredibly walkable city as it boasts beautiful sights and landmarks in which you can pretty much all access by walking!

Now, we don’t expect you to start walking around in the middle of a -20c January night,  there are better months suited to be comfortable and to fully maximize your walk-scapades in Montreal. We feel that the best months to visit Montreal would normally be from April to September to not only be able to enjoy all the cities wide amenities but also to see how incredible walkable Montreal really is.

Under normal circumstances, walking around during summertime would present a plethora of things to do whether it’s visiting markets, events, festivals or visiting some of our favourite spots!  For now, we have to settle with what we’ve got. The good news, however, is that Montreal has actually gotten even more walkable during the Covid-19 Pandemic as Mayor Valerie Plante has helped pedestrianize 3 of Montreal’s major streets which include St-Catherine during summertime, St-Laurent Boulevard, Mount-Royal Avenue, St-Denis and Christophe-Colombe with additional streets still planned to move towards a more walkable and bike-friendly city.

Montreal is also quite famous for our underground city which is basically a big walkable mall and is home to some great stores. This is also entirely accessible by foot and is also an alternative way to enjoy walking around Montreal!

Montreal has been slowly changing how Montrealers maneuver around the city and while there are pros and cons to everything we believe that getting your steps in especially with all of the sitting we’ve been doing is definitely a good thing looking forward!

Camino De santiago Montreal

SPOTLIGHT: Centre La Tienda – Helping you find your way to the Camino


As you may or may not know, Tarek Riman, founder of MontrealTips, is a huge fan of the famed Camino de Santiago – the historic pilgrimage hiking trail from France to Spain. In fact, he is such a fan that he even wrote a book about the insights he gained on his three (THREE!) biking trips along the epic trail.


And Tarek is not alone in his near obsession with the pilgrimage. Following an operation that rendered her disabled for almost two years, Anne St-Hillaire felt drawn to the Camino. So, she did the only logical thing – left her career in finance behind and set off to conquer this 1400km pilgrimage!


But not before first struggling through all the planning and preparation required to undertake such an adventure.


1400km is quite a feat to accomplish. Even more so when you’re struggling under the weight of everything you’ve brought with you. After nearly endless shopping trips, weighing every single item (literally and figuratively), and spending more money that ended up being necessary, she finally embarked on her journey.


And what an experience! It was then that she decided she wanted to dedicate her career to making the Camino more accessible to others.


Located in Verdun, Centre La Tienda is part shop, part cafe, part travel agency, and helps people plan their entire Camino de Santiago journey, from transportation, to accomodations, to guides, to food, to packing and equipment. The centre even hosts workshops and conferences for people to learn, discuss and share their experiences.


Winding through historic villages and breathtaking landscapes, the Camino de Santiago has been described as one of the best walking trips in the world. Whether they’re in it for the physical test, sightseeing, meeting new people, or for the deeply spiritual element of the pilgrimage, it seems clear that everyone who embarks on it comes away from this journey changed, for the better.


Having experienced the Camino herself, Anne knows what equipment truly is needed and what isn’t. She knows the best times to plan your journey and what to expect when you arrive. She knows the steps you need to take, start to finish, to get the most of your Camino journey. If you are thinking of experiencing the pilgrimage for yourself, Centre La Tienda should absolutely be the first stop on your journey.