Montreal Businesses: Ready to level up your business… and your people?

Business owners, managers, leaders, human resources professionals… do you want to create a work environment that brings out the best in your people? An environment where they showcase and grow their greatest strengths, where creativity and new ideas flow, productivity is rarely an issue and people are truly engaged with and motivated by the work that they do? 


More and more businesses are incorporating wellness and personal development into their workplace cultures, with truly inspiring results. It turns out, when you invest in the wellbeing of your people, those people are empowered to bring the best of themselves to the work that they do! 


These days, stress, anxiety, burnout and lack of engagement are skyrocketing. People are overwhelmed and disconnected. This is bad news for physical and mental health, and for businesses. You need people to feel truly connected to their work, their colleagues and the business, and you need them to feel good about themselves and their contributions. You need that because when you have it, productivity, engagement, creativity, initiative and collaboration are what skyrocket.


That all sounds great, but… how do you actually make that happen?

Le Sommet de mieux ȇtre au travail is an immersive event happening this month, right here in Montreal. At this event, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with industry leaders who are blazing trails in creating work environments where people thrive, so that businesses can thrive. You’ll get advice, ideas and guidance from a range of experts including a COO, a Director of Organizational Development, company founders, and even a certified Mindfulness Teacher and Business Consultant. These inspiring leaders will share how wellness programs can truly transform work cultures and drive businesses forward. 


You’ll also have the opportunity to mix and mingle with other attendees, share ideas and learn from their experiences.


The event takes place November 28 at le Grande Bibliothèque on de Maisonneuve. Early bird pricing is available until November 15, so grab your tickets now!


If you truly want to take your organization or your team to the next level, the time is now to start investing in the wellbeing of your people. Don’t miss out!