Montreal Spas You’ve Got to Visit

Top 5 Spas in and Around Montreal

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What are the best SPAS to try in Montreal ?

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We know how to relax and have fun

Montreal isn’t all food, fun and festivals. We also really know how to relax! So it’s no surprise that there is no shortage of spas in and around the Montreal area. Whether you’re looking to unwind after a hectic work week, escape from a stressful routine, find relief from aches and pains, or just take your body and mind away from all the distractions of life, there is truly an abundance of Montreal spas to meet your needs.

A list of the best SPAS to visit in Montreal :

As avid spa-goers ourselves, here are our top picks for best spas in Montreal.

1. Strom Spa, Nun’s Island

Strom Spa is a Nordic spa featuring massage therapy, hand and foot treatments, face treatments, body treatments and, of course, the Nordic style water circuit designed to open your pores, release toxins, relax your muscles and even improve your sleep and stimulate your immune system.

But that’s not all you’ll find at Strom Spa. Strom offers some truly unique spa experiences such as Cozy Thursdays, Friday Under the Stars and Brunch & Bath Sundays. These amazing events combine relaxing spa environments and experiences with… food and liquor! Yes, please!

For a more family-oriented experience, Strom also hosts family brunches to introduce the little ones to the art of relaxation. Reservations are a must!

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Nestled in Bromont’s stunning Mount Gale, BALNEA is the largest spa domain in Quebec. In addition to incredible massage, body and relaxation treatments, BALNEA’s Nordic water circuit features indoor saunas and outdoor baths that take full advantage of the breathtaking views.

Of course, you don’t get on our “best spas” list just for that! BALNEA also has 22 km of gorgeous hiking trails and offers guided activities such as yoga, nature bootcamp, Qi-gong, tasting session at their renowned restaurant, and more.

But what is truly unique about BALNEA is their dedication to preserving and respecting the natural landscape around them. They are committed to reducing their global footprint, have adopted eco-responsible practices, are constantly upgrading their equipment to reduce water and energy consumption, are committed to using local organic products and have even handed over 80% of its territory to Nature Conservancy Canada. So when you relax and take in the scenery, you can do so knowing the view you are enjoying is actively being preserved for future generations.

3. Bota Bota

There is so much of the old in Montreal that we love to make new and trendy again. One only has to look to an old ferryboat permanently docked in the Old Port for a prime example.

Spa Bota Bota began life as a ferryboat in the 1950’s. The old, decommissioned ship was purchased in 2008 and revived as a spa in 2010.

Today, you can relax in an outdoor whirlpool bath on the upper deck of Bota Bota as you gaze out at the hustle and bustle of life in the old city. Or you can feel the gentle sway of the Saint Lawrence River as you experience an intensely relaxing massage or treat your tired feet to a pedicure. And be sure to end your day of escape with a visit to the decadent La Traversée restaurant.

Without ever leaving the city, Bota Bota truly whisks you away to another world. A world of complete and utter relaxation.

4. Spa Eastman

Spa Eastman is actually two spas. The original, a destination spa complete with overnight accommodations, is located in picturesque Eastman in the Eastern Townships. You can stay in one of the many rooms in the main pavilion, or opt for a more secluded escape in one of six satellite pavillions on the spa grounds.

In addition to an array of spa services and Nordic baths, Spa Eastman also offers yoga and stretching, a fitness centre, naturopathy, osteopathy and fasciatherapy (If you’re not sure what that is, neither were we! Learn more and get hooked here.)

They have a wide range of tempting packages available for individuals and groups, with or without accommodations.

If leaving the city isn’t an option for you, Spa Eastman also has an urban spa right in the heart of downtown Montreal. With a variety of massage and body treatments, naturopathy, thermotherapy and even beauty workshops that make the perfect start to girls night out, Spa Eastman Montreal is the perfect staycation destination!

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5. Spa Scandinave

Spa Scandinave has four locations across Canada, but the one Montrealers would know best is the one right on de la Commune, just down the hill from Notre-Dame Basilica.

If you haven’t spotted it, chances are you have experienced the relaxing scent. As you walk down rue Saint-Sulpice towards the Old Port, you may notice the air start to change. And with it, your body start to relax. That’s the scent of sandalwood and eucalyptus emanating from Spa Scandinave.

They only offer Nordic baths and massage (there are four types of massage therapies available, all of which include bath access), but the experience is one that cannot be missed.

As you relax in a steaming hot pool, complete with tension-relieving waterfall, you may even notice the blurred figures of Montrealers going about their busy days on the other side of the frosted glass. But no matter the weather outside, you will find yourself nestled in absolute warmth and relaxation.

Spa Scandinave also has partnerships with restaurant and health and wellness services in Old Montreal and offer truly unique packages in conjunction with them.

Best of all, none of these spas feature metro delays, traffic jams or the ear-splitting clang of tow truck sirens ahead of the snow removal fleet. Enjoy!