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10 Best Camping Spots Near Quebec City

Camping spots and campgrounds near Quebec City will mesmerize you by letting you reconnect with nature and enjoy outdoor activities!

10 Best Camping Spots Near Quebec City

There are several stunning national and provincial parks near Quebec City. Quebec’s natural attractions include hiking trails, mountains, canoe lakes, and sandy beaches. Quebec has two majestic mountain ranges, including the Laurentian Mountains and the Appalachian Mountains. Here are the best places for camping near Quebec City. Read on!

1. Mont Tremblant Park

Mont-Tremblant is the administrative region of the Laurentian Mountains near Quebec City, offering miles and miles of breathtaking boreal forests, hundreds of canoe trails, and hundreds of hiking trails of varying difficulty.

More than 40 species of mammals inhabit the park and more than 900 sites for all types of camping. You can book a cottage, a wooden house with all amenities, a compact place without amenities, or just put up a tent.

2. La Mauricie National Park

La Mauricie National Park is located in the Mauricie region of Quebec. There are more than a hundred lakes and dozens of rivers in the park. The park is one of the best in Canada for canoeists and kayakers.

The park has a magnificent waterfall, panoramic viewpoints, and many hiking trails. The hooting of night owls will add its mite to a pleasant romantic nighttime pastime. So, if you want to connect with nature and enjoy picturesque views, we recommend visiting this place.

3. Jacques Cartier National Park

Just a 30-minute drive from Quebec City, you will fall under the spell of a colossal mountain highland cut by deep valleys. The Jacques-Cartier National Park lies in one of Quebec’s most beautiful glacial valleys, the spectacular Jacques-Cartier Valley.

The Jacques Cartier River, stormy in some places and calm in others, cut a channel 550 meters deep into the plateau. Coniferous forests and deciduous trees in deep valleys are perfect for camping.

4. Forillon National Park

Forillon Park offers 346 serviced campsites in four magnificent sectors of the park. Visitors wishing to enjoy nature in greater comfort can stay in one of the 15 tents. There are also 15 new houses installed in the park.

The micro cube houses have windows with roofs and a wooden floor overlooking nature. The park also offers five outlying wilderness campers, two of which are large shelters where you can camp without a tent.

5. Mingan Archipelago National Park

Do you love nature and fresh air? There is nothing better than staying in the Mingan archipelago to recharge your body. The park reserve consists of 20 limestone islands and many beautiful islands.

Hiking, picnicking, and camping provide an opportunity to make the most of what the islands have to offer. You can also go on a boat or sea kayak tour or surf in the park within the reserve.

Admire and photograph the archipelago’s unusual limestone monoliths shaped by the sea and two lighthouses, rare plants, and birds. Several islands have boardwalks, marked trails, hideouts, picnic areas, and more.

6. Reservoir Baskatong

The Baskatong Reservoir came about due to the construction of the Mercier Dam in 1927. Baskatong is the feed water source for hydroelectric power plants downstream of the Gatineau River.

So, this beautiful and majestic 320 kilometers square inland sea includes 2,800 kilometers of coastline, several sandy beaches, and about 160 islands. The reservoir has a wide variety of outdoor activities all year round. Baskatong is an ideal place for camping lovers with equipment and campsites.


7. Frontenac National Park

Frontenac National Park is on the banks of the Great Lake Francois, the third-largest lake south of the Saint Lawrence River. It is a paradise for over 200 bird species and 30 mammal species.

You can set up camp, go canoeing, or stay in a tent or country house. You will discover magnificent nature, including a charming fragrant peat bog at least a thousand years old.

8. Upper Gorge

The Upper Gorge on the Bad Bay River was named after a series of valleys deeply cut into the range of high mountains. The Upper Gorge is one of the highest rocky slopes east of the Canadian Rockies.

Steep slopes, beautiful nature, and the unusual course of the Bad Bay River make this place exceptional. The location is one of the main biosphere reserve areas of the Charlevoix region and is a perfect site for camping.

9. Lake Saint-Jean

Take a dip in the vast amounts of fresh water in this region, teeming with coastal settlements that offer a vibrant cultural life and adventure tourism. Saguenay Fjord is filled with delightful hidden treasures to discover at a leisurely pace.

Breathtaking landscapes and boundless expanses will amaze you at every turn. From coast to coast, one of the longest fjords in the world holds endless surprises. You will find many campgrounds in this area.

10. Aiguebelle National Park

A true natural gem of the Abitibi region, the Aiguebelle National Park is home to many geological phenomena with catchy names. In addition to the magnificent scenery, the park hosts a wide range of wildlife: elk, beaver, mink, heron, and osprey, to name but a few. Whether in winter or summer, Aiguebelle National Park is the perfect place to enjoy nature and create memorable camping experiences.

Final Words

Quebec City’s surrounding areas have high plains, forested hills, and picturesque landscapes with hundreds of campgrounds and spots, allowing locals and tourists to reconnect with mother nature and spend quality time with their families or friends. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.
Best Drones to Get for Filming

Are you a filmmaking enthusiast looking for the best drones to record HD quality videos? Check out this post to read about the five best drones!

Best Drones for Filming

Drones have become popular in recent years, allowing consumers to take breathtaking photos and high-definition videos from entirely new angles. Drones are lightweight, portable, simple-to-fly, and easy to operate. Some drones can even shoot ultra-sharp 4K and 8K videos. Today’s article will list the best drones to get for filming. Read on!

Holy Stone Drone with 4K UHD Camera

Holy Stone is the first brand that comes to mind when looking for a filming drone. Holy Stone drone has a high-quality 4K camera, making it perfect equipment for filming videos with details. The drone’s camera can record videos at 60 frames per second. It offers smooth and stabilized images with reduced blurring effects.

The best thing about the Holy Stone drone is that you can set the path, allowing the drone to follow the same route. Thus, you can record quality videos. In addition, it has double altitude technology with the optimal flow and air pressure, allowing for a more stable hovering.

The easy-to-use drone is the bestselling product on the market. It has several other innovative features, such as the “Follow Me” feature, automatically following you wherever you go. You can use the advanced app to control the drone and film your favorite areas, landscapes, and events.


DEERC D50 Drone with 2K UHD Camera

DEERC is another reputable brand in the market, and the D50 drone with a 2K UHD camera is the best product available at the most affordable price. The drone comes with a premium-quality camera with innovative features, facilitating users to capture clean and broader footage.

It has a 90-degree adjustable camera with a premium-quality lens of 120-degree wideness. The D50 drone camera can record up to 2048 x 1152 HD videos. It also has live footage capability with the FPV feature, allowing you to see a broader view. The drone is simple to fly and easy to use for people of all ages, including children.

It is because the controls are beginner-friendly. There is no need to assemble the parts because it is a ready-to-fell product when unboxed. In addition, the DEERC D50 drone has automatic protection and emergency stop features, meaning it flies safely without the risk of dropping or crashing.

If you want to record selfie videos, you can use the drone’s smart controls with excellent gravity management, voice control, and an app that lets you record HD videos. The voice command capabilities make D50 the best drone for Canadians.


Drone Eye 1080P HD Live Video RC Quadcopter

Drone Eye has manufactured the RC quadcopter with cutting-edge features, allowing users to capture beautiful and HD-quality videos. The camera’s lens can capture or record 1080 pixels of videos with real-time FPV transmission, facilitating users to shoot fantastic videos.

At the same time, FPV allows for real-time footage control via the smartphone app. So, you can record special moments and improve your filming skills. Besides, you can control the drone via the remote or app, depending on your preferences.

For example, you can use simple commands like “takeoff” to ensure the drone flies accurately. Likewise, you can move it forwards, backward, left, and right without any problems.

The drone has an advanced gravity sensor with high-level functionality, enabling users to adjust the equipment’s position via the smartphone. Optical Flow Positioning is another advanced feature that allows you to shoot efficiently and steadily without distorting the video quality and FPS.

Moreover, it comes with two batteries a backpack to store the equipment and relevant accessories. Two batters allow users to fly the drone for up to 30 minutes. If you are looking for a premium-quality and affordable drone, nothing is better than Drone Eye.


DJI Air with 5.4K Video Camera

DJI Air drone with a 5.4K video camera is an excellent product for beginners and experienced users who want to improve their filming skills and shoot HD quality videos. The product is equipped with a one-inch image sensor and 2.4-micrometer pixels, allowing users to capture 4K videos at 60 frames per second.

At the same time, you can capture 5.4K videos at a stable 30 frames per second without any distortions or lags. Unlike drones available on the market, DJI comes with new and unique features, such as Quick-Shot and Master-shot. You can use these features to record videos efficiently and quickly.

Besides, Focus Track and Active Track are other crucial features to record HD quality videos with controlled motion and stable FPS. Thus, you can focus on a specific object using the Focus Track and record fast-movement videos using the Active Track feature.

DJI drone has advanced OCU-Synch 3.0 technology that streamlines the image transmission, facilitating users to record ultra-smooth and stable video footage even when they fly the drone fast.


CHUBORY Foldable Drone with Dual Camera

Although CHUBORY is relatively a new brand, it has quickly gained popularity among filming enthusiasts because the drone has a 40-minute flight time, thanks to the two premium-quality batteries.

It has foldable and flexible blades, making it a lightweight and portable product. The good news is that you don’t need to register the product or get a certificate. So, whether you are a beginner or experienced filmmaker, you can leverage the power of an HD camera with a 120-degree wide-angle and 1080 pixels.

Besides, it has FPV real-time transmission technology you can control through the smartphone app. Thanks to dual cameras, it also has Optical Flow Positioning, including the HD definition front camera and Optical Flow camera at the bottom.

The drone comes with unique features, such as auto-hover, first-person view, altitude hold, auto return, safe landing, safe flight, follow me, one-key flip, fly agilely, trajectory flight, etc.


Final Words

Although many drones are available on the market, not all come with innovative features. Drones listed in this article offer quality aerial imaging and best-quality video recording capabilities with increased precision, safety, and security. You can control these drones using a remote or smartphone app.

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.

Most people visit Quebec City to enjoy the European charm, farms near this town offer one-of-a-kind experiences. Read Here!

Best Farms to Visit Near Quebec City

Quebec City is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the cradle of French America. The fortified city has famous architectural buildings, European-inspired cobblestone streets, a welcoming environment, festive charm, and magnificent heritage. While you can see many places and participate in different activities, visiting farms near Quebec City is an excellent way to spend time outdoors.

Many people think that Quebec City doesn’t have farms in the nearby regions. However, this is a misconception because farms in Quebec are the epitome of agriculture-tourism and eco-tourism. Today’s article will give you a list of the best farms to visit near Quebec City. Read on!

Les Jardins de la Mescla

La Jardins De La Mescla is a certified farm located in Neuville. The organic farm is a 20-minute drive from Quebec City’s downtown. The farm is famous for its diversity, quality, and freshness of fruits and vegetables because the administration uses state-of-the-art methods and techniques to grow fresh veggies. Over fifteen restaurants in Quebec City source fresh produce from this farm.

In addition, the farm hosts several events and festivals throughout the year. The freshness, deliciousness, and hygiene of fruits and veggies attract hundreds of couples, families, and friends to this farm, thanks to the bio-intensive production on fertile beds that take advantage of the St. Lawrence alluvium.

Les petits fruits d’Evelyne

Les Petits Fruits D’Evelyne is another best farm to visit near Quebec City. If you want to enjoy a good time with your family or friends and create a memorable experience, head to Les Petits Fruits D’Evelyne.

The purpose is to ensure you have an excellent time. The team will let you learn about farming in the Quebec region and tell you how different veggies and fruits are grown. Make sure you pick berries, including strawberries and blueberries, and taste delicious farm products.

The farm also hosts numerous outdoor activities. For example, if you love nature, you can take the hiking trail or rent a bike to explore the picturesque paths with gorgeous scenery in the surrounding. You can also swim in the on-site swimming pool during the summer season. The place offers plenty of water and on-land activities for people of all ages.

Hebert farm

Herbert Farm is in New France, one of the most beautiful areas near Quebec City. The farm offers a wide range of activities, including the U-Pick service, allowing locals and tourists to pick their own fresh veggies and fruits.

In addition, it offers freshly harvested products and homemade baked goodies. We recommend taking a guided tour to the farm to learn how the team uses innovative methods to achieve a healthy culture, grow fresh veggies/fruits, and maintain eco-friendliness.

When you visit the vegetable counter, you will enjoy the gorgeous view of the St Lawrence River. Herbert Family runs the place and has a team of professionals who will you warmly and serve you delicious coffee and homemade pie.

Ferme Jean-Pierre Plante

Ferme Jean-Pierre Plante is a beautiful farm near Quebec City. The farm’s mission is to grow and harvest fresh veggies and fruits throughout the year to improve people’s overall wellbeing by encouraging them to consume organic food.

The farm is famous for organic raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and other fruits, depending on the season. In addition, you can visit the farm’s café and enjoy the homemade baked goods, walk in the fields, and play with your children in the playground.

Ferme Genest

Ferme Genest is another best farm to visit near Quebec City. It is a perfect place for the U-Pick fruits and veggies, attracting many families and friends during the peak season.

Ferme Genest has a dedicated picnic area and offers guided tours, allowing people to learn about farming and growing vegetables and fruits. So, if you want to enjoy some time in nature, visiting the Ferme Genest is worth it.

Moreover, it is one of the oldest farms near Quebec City, with a woodlot of more than 22,000 cultivated trees and 200-acre of berries and veggies land. Make sure you take a guided tour to have a splendid time on this farm and create memories.

Final Words

Quebec has been the most popular tourist destination in North America, driving people from worldwide. In addition to the French culture and diverse attractions, visiting farms near Quebec City will give you experiences you will remember for the rest of your life. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.
View of Montreal Skyline from Park Jean Drapreau

Top Parks To Visit on the Island of Montreal This Winter

View of Montreal Skyline from Park Mont-Royal

View of Montreal Skyline from Park Mont-Royal


Ah, Montreal parks. The perfect setting for people watching, romantic strolls, picnics with friends, quirky activities like slack-lining, quidditch, extreme frisbee or practicing cartwheels because, why not? At least they’re great for all that (and more) in the summer and fall. But, what about winter?

Don’t despair, folks. The parks stay open year round, and there’s plenty to do at Montreal’s parks throughout the long winter months!

Here are 4 of the best parks in Montreal to visit in winter:


1. Parc la Fontaine

Located in le Plateau, Parc la Fontaine is bordered by Sherbrooke, Avenue du Parc La-Fontaine (obvs), Rachel and Papineau. It’s a great park for a stroll, a picnic, chilling by the duck pond or kicking back with a good book. In the winter, it transforms into a snowy wonderland, surrounded by some of the city’s trendiest hotspots.

Why it’s awesome for winter:

The skating! There’s something truly romantic about this park, so while you can definitely take the family skating, or go for a pick up hockey game, it’s a really special spot for an evening skate with your special someone. Don’t have skates? No worries! You can rent skates at the onsite chalet. You can also get your own skates sharpened there if you quite literally had to dust yours off. There’s also a little restaurant onsite to grab a snack or a hot drink, but… 

Kick it up a notch:

In case you weren’t aware, you can drink alcohol in Montreal’s public parks! The catch is, you have to be consuming a meal if you’re drinking. Ah, but there’s another catch! There’s really no definition of what constitutes a meal. So, if you were to bring a few yummy pastries or holiday baking alongside your thermos of spiked hot chocolate or egg nog, you’re probably good to go! If that isn’t the perfect budget-friendly, yet romance-packed date night, we don’t know what is!

More awesomeness:

Though the park is known more for its beautiful skating rink in the winter, you can also use the cross-country skiing or snowshoeing trails throughout the winter. Even just a snowy stroll through the park can be pretty special.

Park la fountaine in downtown montreal


2. Parc Mont Royal

Pretty much all of the mountain (note to non-Montrealers: it’s more of a large hill than an actual mountain, but to Montrealers it is 100% “the mountain”) is Parc Mont Royal and since that’s a lot of ground to cover, there’s an awful lot to love about it. Montreal's lake - Beaver lake in the park of mont royal

Why it’s awesome for winter:

Snow tubing! There are a few spots on the mountain where you can bring your own sled and coast down the hill, but the groomed tubing tracks overlooking Beaver Lake are hands down some of the most fun you can have in Montreal during the winter!

You rent a tube onsite (prices for this year have not yet been announced, but have always been extremely affordable in the past) and if you bring your own lock, you can make use of one of the onsite lockers so you can whoosh down the hill at top speed without a care in the world!

This is obviously an awesome activity for kids, but if you’re an adult or semi-adult and feeling nostalgic for the days when snow felt thrilling and magical, trust us… there is no joy quite like tubing! So slap on your snow pants and get ready to yeehaw!

Kick it up a notch:

Scrap the office Christmas party this year and take the whole team out to the hills for a day of totally unprofessional fun! When was the last time you fell into a fit of giggles with your coworkers? Forget the team building exercises. Nothing bonds a team together like tubing!

More awesomeness:

Like we said, this is a BIG park. Aside from tubing, there’s also snowshoeing, cross country skiing, bird watching, skating, hiking and more!


3. L’Escapade in Rigaud

So this one’s actually outside the city and – bit of a bummer – not accessible by public transportation. It’s about a 45 minute drive away in the town of Rigaud, but it makes our list because… 

Why it’s awesome for winter:

The cross country skiing! L’escapade is a linear park. Yes, that is a boring description, but what it means is that the park is a lot longer than it is wide. Because of that, it’s the perfect layout for trails! There are about 27 kms of groomed ski trails in gorgeous l’Escapade park. The 27 kms are divided into five distinct trails, rated from easy to difficult. Given the length of the trails, you can really make a full day of it.

Kick it up a notch:

Combine your ski day with a little history! Rigaud is a town packed with historic sites and rich in quebecois culture. Sure, there’s plenty of history in Montreal as well, but this is a little different and immersing yourself in the roots of Quebec culture is an experience every Montrealer should have. So, spend a morning skiing the trails, then stop for lunch before visiting one (or more) of the many stops along the heritage and cultural circuit.

More awesomeness:

If you’ve never tried snowshoeing, this might be the perfect opportunity as you can rent the equipment onsite. There are also walking trails open year round, and while dogs are not allowed on the ski trails, they are more than welcome to join you for some furry fun on the walking and snowshoeing trails.


4. Parc Jean-Drapeau

This is probably the most action-packed park the city has to offer. Year round, there are all kinds of events and activities happening at Parc JD. Located on Île Sainte Hélène, Parc Jean-Drapeau is surprisingly easy to get to with plenty of parking and access via the metro’s yellow line. In the summer, you can even take a river shuttle from the Old Port. But in winter… 

Why it’s awesome for winter:

Fȇte des neiges! For the 37th year in a row, this event will be bringing the joy of winter to Montrealers for four weekends in a row. This year’s festival will include the ice boat (a giant pirate ship made of ice), snow tubing, a refrigerated skating trail, boot hockey games to join, a human foosball game, an “alpine adventure” activity organized by Cirque Éloize acrobats and much more. There’s even a mini-hill and equipment for kids to take their first shot at downhill skiing or snowboarding!

This is definitely a family friendly festival, with plenty of activities for kids of all ages, but it is by no means exclusively for kids and families. The ice slides are fun for everyone, there are plenty of activities to join in, and last year’s festival had amazing food trucks to sample some of the best cuisine in the city. This year’s food truck lineup is gearing up to be just as delicious.

Kick it up a notch:

Access to just the festival is free, but some activities require a ticket. Opt for the ridiculously affordable pass and you get unlimited access to all activities for ALL 4 WEEKENDS of the festival! Skate one day, go tubing the next, eat yourself silly at the food trucks, take a snowshoeing lesson, join a game of boot hockey, then do it all again!

More awesomeness:

If you opt for the festival pass, you also get free admission the Stewart Museum, which has great exhibits and programming for all ages, as well as 25% off admission to the Biosphere. If you’re tired of hearing “I’m bored” from your kids… or partner… or friends… there’s four straight weekends packed with activities!

View of Montreal Skyline from Park Jean Drapreau

What’s your favourite Montreal (or nearby) park to visit in the winter? Share it in the comments!

Read more about some activities that you can do this winter in Montreal.

Also make sure you are all set for winter, and see what we recommend for a Canadian winter Jackets

Ȋles-de-Boucherville: A family-friendly oasis 20 minutes from Montreal


Just a hop skip and a jump (a.k.a across the bridge) from Montreal’s bustling Hochelaga-Maisonneuve neighborhood is an island oasis you won’t believe is city-adjacent.


Parc National des Ȋles-de-Boucherville is a peaceful sanctuary of five small islands right in the middle of the Saint Lawrence known for its white tailed deer and kilometers of breathtaking nature trails, many which are bicycle-friendly, and some reserved exclusively for walking. 

We’ll get to the numerous activities available in a moment, but what makes Ȋles-de-Boucherville truly unique is that one of the islands – l’Ȋle Grosbois – is home to an archeological site and reconstructed Iroquoian village. The site is about a 45 minute hike, or 20 minute bike ride, from the main parking area, so plan for a trek, but it is well worth it.


Now, a lot of people visit the area to hike or bike, enjoy nature and have a peaceful picnic with (hopefully) some deer spotting. But there are actually a whole host of activities available year round including canoeing, kayaking, rabaska (those extra long canoes that fit 12-20 people), beach volleyball, standup paddling and more during the summer. In the winter, there is snowshoeing, skiing, kicksledding, winter hiking and even those awesome fatbikes that are designed for biking through snow or sand.

If you’re like many Montrealers, the thought of a tranquil lakeside vacation sounds like heaven. Battling traffic and hours of driving to get there… not so much. This is what makes Ȋles-de-Boucherville even better. There is a gorgeous, secluded campground where you can pitch your own tent, or reserve one of the ready-to-camp Huttopia tents. It’s riverside instead of lakeside, but if you spend most of the year alley-side… po-tay-to, po-tah-to, right? (Not really, but you know what we mean.) 


Do be aware that the campground is not accessible by car – only on foot or by bike – but that just adds to the tranquility of the place. No traffic noises!! You will also take a river shuttle to get there, which is about as charming as it gets.

If you’re bringing the family, Ȋles-de-Boucherville is incredibly family friendly. So, while you can’t bring everything your car can hold (since cars can’t get to the campsite), there are several necessities available on site including booster seats, highchairs, changing tables, strollers and trailers, playpens and even children’s dishes. Huttopia tents even come with microwaves. And everything for kids aged 17 and under is free.


If you’re the RV type of camper, there are a few RV spots available as well, but obviously in a different area. One that’s accessible not only by car, but by massive tenement on wheels.


Ready for an island escape? Check out the Ȋles-de-Boucherville site!