Top 5 shopping malls in Quebec City

Although Quebec has many shopping malls and markets, we recommend these five places to have pleasant experiences. Read Here!

Top 5 shopping malls in Quebec City

Quebec is one of the most visited cities in Canada, thanks to its French culture and European influence. It is the best destination for shopping, boasting numerous malls and allowing people to have pleasant experiences.

There are massive shopping malls with hundreds of shops, stores, and services. You can find high-end, average, and low-end stores in Quebec City markets. So, whether you have a lot of money or looking for affordable products, this city offers something to everyone.

Most shopping centers in Quebec City have a diversity of items available. So, you can find your favorite things without any problems. Today’s article will highlight this beautiful city’s top five shopping malls. Read on!

1.    Les Galeries Charlesbourg

Although Les Galeries Charlesbourg is relatively a small shopping mall, it has numerous shops and stores, allowing visitors to find their favorite products at the most affordable prices. Several stores, shops, and restaurants in this mall, including the best ice cream shops.

If you want to fit products into your itinerary, visiting this mall is the best option. At the same time, you can explore the surrounding areas and attractions with beautiful views to soothe your mind.

2.    Les Galeries Chagnon

Les Galeries Chagnon is one of the best shopping malls in Quebec City. Although it is not a big shopping mall, it is home to numerous stores, shops, and services. Most shops offer a wide range of items, including clothes, home décor, makeup, jewelry, toys, and recreational products, at low prices.

Restaurants and cafes in Les Galeries Chagnon are state-of-the-art, offering diverse menus with hundreds of food items, from non-vegetarian and vegetarian to vegan dishes. We recommend visiting one of the family-friendly restaurants after buying your favorite products.

3.    Promenades Beauport

Promenades Beauport is famous for its various stores, shops, and services, providing people with enjoyable experiences. Everyone who comes to Promenades Beauport buys something because the shops and stores offer discounts, mainly tourists.

You can shop for various items, including fashionable clothes, lifestyle items, jewelry, accessories, toys, and home décor. In addition, you will feel mesmerized by exploring Promenades Beauport’s services. For instance, you can visit salons, spas, and beauty centers depending on your needs.

4.    Place Sainte-Foy

Place Sainte-Foy is another best shopping mall in Quebec City. Unlike other markets or malls, Place Sainte-Foy is a high-end shopping mall, meaning the items or products available in its shops and stores are relatively expensive.

The shopping mall is a modern building with beautiful shops, stores, restaurants, and cafes. There are more than 135 stores and shops in this shopping mall. Besides, Place Sainte-Foy has a total of 600,000 square feet of retail space.

Moreover, you will find five anchor tenants on the single floor. Although shops and stores in this mall have changed over the last few years, you can still find some of the oldest shops to buy traditional items, such as clothes and jewelry.

Some of the best brands in Place Sainte-Foy are Apple Store, H&M, Gap, etc. You can access Place Sainte-Foy from the street across from Laval University. It is a few miles southwest of Quebec’s Old Town.

5.    Les Galeries de la Capitale

Les Galeries de la Capitale is a massive shopping mall in Quebec City with hundreds of stores and shops. It also has numerous restaurants, cafes, and play areas for children. The mall has 280 stores, including seven anchor stores. The total retail space of Les Galeries de la Capitale is 1.5 million square feet.

The best thing about Les Galeries de la Capitale is its indoor amusement park, making it a perfect destination for children. There are about 18 attractions for kids and adults to enjoy. We recommend enjoying the famous Ferris Wheel.

Final Words

Although Quebec City is famous for its French Architecture, breathtaking natural views, surrounding mountains, valleys, and forests, it is home to the best shopping malls in North America.

Visiting these shopping centers with your family or friends will create a pleasant and memorable experience. You can spend quality time, purchase your favorite items at affordable prices, and eat delicious food. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.
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