10 Best record stores in Montreal

10 Best record stores in Montreal

Are you looking for the best record stores to find your favorite music collection in Montreal? Here are the ten best record shops in Montreal!

Best record stores in Montreal

Montreal is one of the best cities to visit in North America. Although Montreal has a reputation for delectable food, it is a hotspot for music lovers and fans. Arcade Fire, Leonard Cohen, TOPS, The Besnard Lakes, Wolf Parade, and the Dears called Montreal their home. The city has dozens of record stores. However, nothing matches the premium-quality products and services of these record stores.

1.    Phono Polis

Phono Polis is the best record store in Montreal. Located near the famous St. Viateur Bagels, this record store offers a wide selection of local and international music. So, nothing is more mesmerizing than eating fresh bagels and shopping for vinyl on weekends in Montreal.

2.    The Death of Vinyl

The Death of Vinyl is the most iconic record store in Montreal, offering a wide selection of dance, electronic, classical, and jazz music. If you are looking to browse the hidden gems, we recommend visiting the Death of Vinyl in Montreal. The shop has a comfortable atmosphere and dedicated spaces for people to listen to their favorite music before shopping for the records.

3.    Beatnik Records

Beatnik Records attract people from all over Montreal and other cities, thanks to their premium-quality products at the most affordable prices. Whether looking for classical music or the latest releases, this shop has a fantastic collection of Jazz and Blues. You will love the well-maintained and comfortable atmosphere.

4.    Aux 33 Tours

Everyone knows about Aux 33 Tours, one of the largest record shops in Montreal, offering a fantastic collection of records. These include classical music, jazz, blues, country, and special editions. You can also find the latest offerings from your local Montreal-based bands.

5.    A Paul Boutique

A Paul Boutique is an excellent spot for finding vinyl, hip hop LPs, and classic music records. When you visit the place, you will find an extensive collection of music records in an organized manner. Unlike other sites, visiting A Paul Boutique allows people to find music collections rarely available in other shops.


L’OBLIQUE is another record store in Montreal that focuses on the music collection of local artists. However, it also has an extensive selection of Québécois, Francophone, Canadian, Indie, and Rock music.

It is one of the oldest stores in Montreal, and since its opening in 1987 by Luc Berard, millions of people have visited this shop to find their favorite music. It offers a comfortable ambiance and organized spaces to find your music collection quickly.

7.    Cheap Thrills

Cheap Thrills is the oldest record store in Montreal. Opened in 1971, Cheap Thrills has developed a massive reputation among locals and tourists who love music. The shop has more than 10,000 records, CDs, and DVDs. It also offers an extensive selection of avant-garde, jazz, experimental, and new music releases.

8.    Atom Heart

Atom Heart is one of the most loved record shops in Montreal and welcomes people from all over the city and other Canadian regions. The place has an excellent ambiance and a relaxing atmosphere, allowing people to find and purchase records. Atom Heart also sells concert tickets. Although fans of different music types can find their favorite records, Atom Heart is particularly famous for lovers of electronic music.

9.    Beat Nick

Beat Nick is another popular record store in Montreal, driving locals and tourists to find and buy their favorite selection of used and new music. In addition to browsing the latest releases from local artists, you can also find premium quality classical gems at an affordable price.

10.                   Sonorama

Last but not least, Sonorama is famous for its disco, funk, soul, rock, jazz, and world music collection. Sonorama is of fewer places in Montreal to browse rare-to-find classical and modern records collections. The place has a cozy ambiance with organized shelves to quickly find your favorite music record or CD.

Final Words

The best records stores in Montreal sell vinyl records, CDs, and DVDs of music, concerts, cartoons, movies, and TV shows. Thanks to their premium-quality products and affordable prices, these ten record stores have a massive reputation in Montreal. Until Next Time!

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