What are the best suitcases to choose from for your next trip? Check out this post to get the list and details of each product’s features!

Best Suitcases to get for your next trip

Suitcases are one of the most convenient travel options. Investing in a suitcase offers a wide range of benefits. First, it is durable, and carrying or getting around with it is easy. Second, it has plenty of space to store your valuables.

Third, It has incredible security features to protect your belongings from thieves. Likewise, it requires less maintenance. Suitcases are a suitable option for travelers. Because you have to walk a lot and carry your luggage, a lightweight and functional suitcase is an excellent way to streamline your journey. Here are the best suitcases to get for your next trip. Read on!

Coolife Luggage Expandable Suitcase

Coolife suitcase is one of the best products to get from Amazon.ca. It is made of durable and lighter hard-shell materials, including ABS and PC. It has an excellent textured finish that withstands scratches.

Coolife has a beveled-edge design that increases the suitcase’s durability. The 20 x 20 inches suitcase is ideal for short-term and long-term travelers, meaning you can use the product for personal, family, or business travel.

In addition, it is a lightweight suitcase with ergonomic features, such as a telescoping handling system to streamline your journey. The suitcase has multi-dimensional wheels that rotate smoothly and do not make noise.

Amazon Basics Travel Luggage Suitcase

Amazon Basics is a reputable brand that manufactures and sells a wide selection of products. In fact, it is the trademark brand of Amazon.ca. Anyway, this product is a 28-inch spacious luggage suitcase perfect for short-term and long-term trips.

The product is made of durable ABS material with a protective hard shell that ensures scratch resistance. The interior is 150-D polyester with excellent organization. It has three pockets with a zip system to store your valuable items.

Besides, the best feature of this product is the 15% additional packing capacity. We have chosen this product because it has solid zippers, a telescoping handle, and security locks. The four spinner wheels are thick, lightweight, and smooth, ensuring more streamlined mobility.

Swiss Gear Cross Country Luggage Suitcase

Swiss Gear is another reputable brand with a wide selection of products on Amazon.ca. The cross-country luggage suitcase by Swiss Gear is made of premium-quality polyester material with excellent waterproofing capabilities.

The suitcase has several innovative features to streamline your entire trip. First, it has high-tensile zippers that ensure your luggage remains safe. Second, it has a reinforced handle for easy maneuverability. Third, the product has a kick plate for fabric protection.


Samsonite Unisex Solid Luggage Suitcase

Samsonite Unisex luggage suitcase is suitable for men and women travelers. The product is famous for its smooth-rolling spinner wheels that streamline your travel. However, we have chosen this product for its unique features like an interior compartment with two pockets, zipper dividers, and elastic cross-straps.

In addition, it has a TSA-approved combination lock that improves the overall security of this suitcase and protects your valuable belongings from theft. Moreover, extension zippers increase the suitcase’s packing capacity, allowing you to add more items. The manufacturer offers ten years of warranty.

JIEBA Expandable Suitcase

JIEBA expandable suitcase has several one-of-a-kind features, such as oxford fabric construction that offer excellent durability, waterproofing capabilities, and scratch resistance. In addition, you can use the zippers to expand the suitcase and turn it into a large luggage bag.

The best feature of this suitcase is that it has front zipper pockets, allowing you to store items like credit cards, keys, smartphones, chargers, etc. The product has five wheels that move 360 degrees smoothly.

Final Words

Suitcases are durable, reliable, and cost-effective products for travelers. Whether you choose a suitcase made of durable soft material or a hard shell, you can optimize your travel experience and keep your valuables secured and organized. Choose a product that best fits your needs. Until Next Time!

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Where to Buy Kerastase Hair Products in Canada

Kerastase is a haircare brand created by L’Oréal in 1984. The brand is sold in salons and online and is known for its innovative products that transform hair. Kerastase has a variety of products ranging from shampoos and conditioners to masks and oils. Kerastase products are known for their quality ingredients, which can improve the health of your hair. Products are formulated with ingredients like vitamin C, keratin, and coconut oil that help to strengthen hair and reduce frizz. They also contain UV filters and antioxidants, which protect the hair from environmental damage. Kerastase products are available at salons and online so whether you want to stock up on your favourite shampoo and conditioner or try out their new range of revitalizing treatments, keep reading for the best places to buy Kerastase products online or in-person in Canada!

What is Kerastase?

Kerastase is a luxury haircare brand that was founded in France in 1969. Its founder, Francine Marlow, wanted to create a line of products that would help women achieve their hair dreams. And boy has she succeeded! Kerastase products are available at salons and spas around the world, as well as online. Kerastase products are designed to promote healthier hair and shiny, healthy-looking skin. From shampoos and conditioners to styling products, treatments and even hair extensions, Kerastase’s product line has something for every hair type. Kerastase products are high-end and there is a lot of hype surrounding the brand so give them a try now if you’re looking to upgrade your hair game!

Where to buy Kerastase hair products online in Canada?

If you’re looking to buy Kerastase hair products, you’re in luck. This well-known brand is widely available online and in specialty hair salons across Canada. If you’re looking to buy in Canada, we recommend checking out Industria Coiffure’s online store. With a wide selection of Kerastase products, Industria Coiffure is a great place to shop for Kerastase products.

And for those living in the province of Quebec, Kerastase hair products can also be purchased in person at one of Industria Coiffure’s 17 locations in Montreal, Laval, Rive-Sud, Rive-Nord, and Estrie.


When it comes to hair care, brands like Kerastase have everything you need. From the most luxurious shampoos and conditioners and anti-aging hair masques to hair extensions, Kerastase has got you covered. If you’re looking for the absolute best in hair care, look no further than the brand that’s been in the business for over 40 years!

While there are many online resources where you can buy Kerastase products, we definitely recommend shopping at Industria Coiffure’s official online store or at one of their five hair salons throughout Quebec. Kerastase products are known for their high-quality ingredients and incredible results. These products work hard to give you gorgeous, healthy hair. From strengthening and moisturizing your hair shaft to preventing damage and boosting shine, you can find everything you need in one amazing brand!

Best patio furniture for the backyard

Are you looking for the best patio furniture for your backyard? If yes, you have landed on the right page. Here is the list and details of each product!

Best patio furniture for the backyard

Aesthetically pleasing and functional furniture is an integral part of your patio or deck, allowing you to spend quality time with your family or friends. However, choosing weather-proof furniture, including tables and chairs, is crucial to make the most out of your outdoor relaxation. Today’s article will list the best patio furniture for your backyard. Read on!

Wicker Patio Furniture 4 Piece Set

Wicker Patio furniture has four pieces, and each has durable steel frame construction with PE Rattan that protects the material from harsh weather conditions and creates a comfortable experience. Wicker Patio furniture has lightweight, durable, and resistant to damage.

You can remove the seat cushions of this furniture for cleaning. The table is made of premium-quality tempered glass, making it sturdy enough to withstand harsh weather conditions. You can place food, drinks, and décor items on the table.

SONGMICS Patio Furniture Set

SONGMICS is one of the most reputable brands in Canada that manufactures a wide selection of indoor and outdoor furniture items, including patio furniture. SONGMICS’s patio furniture set is minimalistic, comfortable, and durable. It has solid metal legs and a unique design that improves your patio’s aesthetics.

The handwoven PE-rattan surface makes the seats comfortable, allowing you to use the furniture during the summer season. The stability of this furniture set is unmatchable. The furniture has a sofa set with solid metal frames and comfortable PE rattan cushions with excellent waterproofing properties.

VISUTI Large 4-Piece Wicker Patio Furniture

VISUTI is a large four-piece wicker patio furniture that includes two single chairs, one double sofa, and one coffee table. You can use this durable and long-lasting furniture throughout the summer and winter seasons. The furniture is comfortable enough to spend quality time with your family or friends.

The product is made of superior-quality PE wicker materials and has a durable metal frame to withstand harsh weather conditions. In addition, the metal frame and wood grain ensure quality and aesthetics. The cushions are 2.8 inches thick with excellent ventilation.

DORTALA 4 Pieces Rattan Patio Furniture

DORTALA offers a four-piece patio furniture set made of industrial-grade PE rattan material, making the product durable, resistant to weather conditions, and less prone to damage. The furniture has a built-in steel frame construction to withstand damages and offer strong support.

Besides, the powder-coated finish allows for wear resistance and durability. The table with this furniture set is sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. You can accommodate different items on the table, such as cups, jugs, plants, and décor items. Remember, this product is affordable and improves the aesthetic appeal of your patio.

LINKLIFE Modern Patio Furniture

LINK LIFE is another best patio furniture set to consider on amazon.ca. Although the furniture set is lightweight, it can bear a load of up to 300 pounds. So, this is durable, sturdy, and reliable furniture that can improve your patio’s aesthetic appearance and withstand harsh weather conditions.

The chairs are large enough, and each item is 24 inches wide, allowing everyone to sit on it comfortably. The chair’s back and seat have comfortable Textilene meshes that ensure proper ventilation. So, you can use this furniture throughout the summer season and spend quality time with your loved ones.

The furniture set has a central table and three patio chairs. The table is made of superior-quality tempered glass with excellent load-bearing capabilities. You can accommodate different items on the table like meals, drinks, and decorations.

Final Words

Installing furniture in your patio improves your property’s curb appeal and increases its overall resale value. It also provides an excellent place to entertain and spend quality time with your loved ones. Patio furniture extends your living space.

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The best patio umbrella can ensure a cool shade throughout the day. Here are a few unique, practical, and feature-rich umbrellas to get in Canada!

Best Patio Umbrella to get in Canada

A patio umbrella is an excellent product to shelter from the sun’s heat and enjoy quality time with your family or friends. When you choose the best fabric canopy, it can protect you from harmful UV rays. Today’s article will list the best patio umbrellas to get in Canada. Read on!

SONGMICS Umbrella with Solar-Powered LED Lights

SONGMICS is one of the most reputable brands, and this product has several innovative features, such as the 32 LED lights powered by solar energy. The lights are attached to the ribs of this umbrella, creating a pleasant environment for six hours.

The best feature of the SONGMICS patio umbrella is its durable polyester canopy. It is a 180 g/m square canopy that offers UPF 50+ protection. When you install or use this umbrella, you can repel 98% of UV rays.

In addition, this umbrella has excellent water-resistant and water-repellent properties, so you can sit on your lawn or garden for a long time without getting wet. The product has thick rectangular ribs, a canopy string, and joints made of metal, ensuring durability and reliability.

Joomer Patio Umbrella

Joomer is another best brand to consider when buying a patio umbrella from amazon.ca. It is a large-size patio umbrella with dimensions of 42 inches in width and 54 inches in roundness.

You can accommodate up to six chairs under this patio umbrella and spend quality time with your family near the pool, porch, balcony, lawn, etc. The best feature of the Joomer patio umbrella is rust-free powder coating and finishing.

So, if you are looking for a well-ventilated, anti-rust, and water-resistant umbrella, look no further than the Joomer patio umbrella. The product also has excellent UV protection. It is affordable and does not break the bank.

ABCCANOPY LED Lights Patio Umbrella

ABCCANOPY is a cutting-edge patio umbrella equipped with solar-powered LED lights. You can open and close the umbrella with a single push of a button. It also has a convenient tilt that protects you from the sun’s rays and lets you enjoy your outdoor relaxation for a prolonged period.

The product is made of superior-quality water-resistant, UV-protection, and anti-rust material, making it a perfect umbrella for the garden, patio, deck, pool, etc. The LED lights allow you to use the umbrella at night. The lights work for 12 hours.

SONGMICS Patio Umbrella

SONGMICS is another best patio umbrella with excellent UV protection capabilities. It is made of durable and water-resistant polyester fabric that protects you from the sun and other harsh weather conditions, such as rain.

In addition, this product by SONGMICS is pretty different from other umbrellas manufactured by the company. For instance, you can crank open the large umbrella for reliable protection against the sun’s glare and UV rays.

Similarly, it has tiltable joints made of durable zinc alloy, keeping the shade throughout the day. Moreover, the SONGMICS patio umbrella is perfect for all weather conditions and is available at the most affordable price.


MASTERCANOPY patio umbrella has durable aluminum frame construction and a unique design that aligns with your patio table. The product is easy to open and close with a single button push.

You can tilt the umbrella based on the sunrays’ angle, creating a long-lasting shade. Iron + Aluminum frame construction and ribs with excellent anti-rust powder coating ensure durability and stability during harsh winds.

Final Words

Do you love spending time outdoors on your patio, garden, lawn, or near the pool? If yes, investing in the best patio umbrella is worth your money. Choose a product from this list that best fits your needs. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
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Are you looking for the best grooming kits for men in Canada? If yes, you have landed on the right page. Here are the product list and details!

Best grooming kits for men in Canada

A well-groomed man has increased confidence and an attractive personality. For instance, keeping everything neat and trimmed is one of the best grooming tips for men. So, it is wise to keep your eyebrows, chest hair, back, and pubic hair tamed.

At the same time, men with a beard should use different products to look attractive and charming. You can find dozens of grooming kits on the market. However, nothing matches the versatility, reliability, and performance of these grooming kits.

Sminiker Professional Grooming Kit

Sminiker Professional is a 5-in-1 grooming kit with a hair trimmer, clipper, nose trimmer, shaver, and a precision trimmer. The primary reason we have chosen this grooming kit is that each device’s head is waterproof. However, you must not put the entire device into water.

The multi-functional device has several attachments, allowing you to achieve precision and a unique look. For example, you can use these devices to trim your hair, clean your ear, remove hair from the nose, and clip your hair.

Accessories with this product are four haircuts, including 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, and 12mm. It also has a long hair comb that allows you to achieve your desired length. All devices in this grooming kit can function for more than 40 minutes.

Make sure you charge the kit for up to eight hours. Otherwise, you may not achieve your grooming goals. It is a reliable and cost-effective product for men, allowing them to look unique, professional, and charming.

Remington All-in-One Grooming Kit

Remington is one of the reputable brands in Canada. The all-in-one grooming kit by Remington is a powerful product that lets you achieve precision with versatility. The purpose is to satisfy your grooming needs.

The kit includes a foil shaver, a full-size trimmer, a trimmer for the nose and ear, and a hair clipper comb with eight lengths. The kit also contains three stubble and beard combs. It also includes a storage pouch, allowing you to carry the products easily.

The kit comes with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, ensuring a continuous and reliable operation for more than 70 minutes. So, if you want to achieve your desired style and unique look, you can rely on this grooming kit.

Beard Kit for Men

Beard Kit for Men is another best product available on Amazon.ca. The kit includes two shampoos, one ounce of balm, and 30ml of beard. It also has a beard comb, hair brush, boars, and scissors made of high-quality and sharp stainless steel.

Use beard oil and balm to achieve a shiny, smooth, soft, and good-looking beard. The beard oil and balm included in this kit contain natural ingredients to ensure proper moisturization and balancing of the sebum oil. There are no chemicals and harmful ingredients in the oil and balm.


Utopia Care Professional Grooming Kit

Utopia is a professional brand, and this grooming kit contains 15 pieces of manicure, including nail clippers for fingers and toenails, cuticle trimmers, peeling knives, nail file, toenail nipper, push stick, eyebrow tweezer, blackhead needle, an ear pick, and multi-purpose scissors.

All pieces are made of premium-quality stainless steel material, ensuring durability, sturdiness, reliability, and high performance. In addition, the black matte finishing provides sophistication and increases the product’s overall lifespan. So, if you want to achieve an attractive look via manicure, this kit is worth your investment.

VIKING Beard Grooming Kit for Men

VIKING is one of the most popular brands worldwide. The beard grooming kit for men is a complete package with a beard conditioner, beard wash sandalwood scent, beard balm, beard oil, and dual-action beard comb.

In addition, the kit is best for men with beards and mustaches because it grooms them and gives them a unique and attractive look. It is a perfect gift for your husband or boyfriend. The product is affordable and provides value to your investment.

Moreover, it is a compact, portable, reliable, and travel-friendly kit, allowing you to groom yourself anywhere. Ensure you follow the instructional manual with the equipment to achieve your grooming goals.

Final Words

There are dozens of grooming kit brands and hundreds of products available on the market. However, choosing the best one is not always easy. Therefore, we have selected grooming kits based on our research and experience. These are versatile and multi-function kits to enhance your masculine beauty. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.