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Top 10 Tech Companies in Quebec

What are the ten best tech companies in Quebec? What makes them different from other corporations in the IT industry? Get Details Here!

Top 10 Tech Companies in Quebec

Quebec is famous for its picturesque views, tourism industry, vibrant culture, and friendly French-speaking people. However, the province has also focused on the information technology industry by providing tech companies with more streamlined policies and resources. Today’s article will highlight the top ten tech companies in Quebec. Read on!

1. KPI Digital Solutions

Performance Management provides managers with immediate visibility of data, accountability in a cooperative process, and consistent reporting. KPI offers solutions to take advantage of today’s new capabilities to help you develop a reliable, comprehensive, and unified view of your prospects and customers.

2. Dream Steps Technologies

Dream Steps is an IT corporation that believes in providing services that outperform the competition. Unparalleled expertise, innovative ideas, and the ability to deliver what its clients have never seen before, driving the company to be a leading provider of digital services. The company aims to be a leader in the IT industry by providing superior service and technical support.

3. Facilité Informatique Canada

Facilité’s longstanding success is mainly based on its ability to respond quickly to our clients’ ever-changing business and technical needs. It remains a flexible, agile, reliable, and efficient partner in information technology. It offers Cyber Security, IAM, Quality Assurance and Automation, Web and Mobile Development, Project Management, and Agile Implementation.

4. Oolong Media

Oolong Media is a Quebec-based agency offering web and consultancy services. The company specializes in video and presentation creation, web presence optimization consulting services, SEO specialized website design, and innovation, social media campaign design and management, technical graphic design, mobile version website development, and application.

5. Vooban

Vooban creates custom web and software applications for enterprises, specializing in agile methodologies and focusing on developers. Its core expertise is in the insurance, banking, finance, logistics, public safety, and manufacturing industries. The company specializes in system reengineering and smooth cloud migrations.

6. Netleaf

The SEO Expert Agency is passionate about search engine optimization. It believes Google no longer holds too many secrets for SEO experts. The entire team follows the latest digital trends diligently and closely. It has experienced SEO strategists, designers, and web integrators working for businesses across industries.

7. TRIAD Marketing

TRIAD offers various services, including communication, graphic design, marketing, and SEO. It has a team of specialists that combines talent, knowledge, and experience and uses cutting-edge technologies to provide innovative solutions to SMEs, small businesses, and giant corporations.

8. Tink

Tink specializes in application development, digital transformation, and cloud computing strategies. It offers marketing tools to businesses in various industries, allowing mid-size organizations to avoid challenges, mitigate risks, and streamline business operations.

9. Idecom

Idecom is a tech and marketing company offering multi services and has more than 25 years of experience in communication technologies. The company has a team of qualified professionals who follow a step-by-step approach to provide businesses with innovative tech solutions that optimize their operations and help them achieve their goals.

10. Prospection

Prospection offers stable internet services to businesses in numerous industries. It also provides marketing, communication, tech support, and software solutions. The company has a good customer support team that listens to the clients’ concerns and provides accurate solutions to their problems.

Final Words

Quebec has many technology companies offering unique software, cloud, machine learning, artificial intelligence, business intelligence, data analytics, data mining, and mobile application development services. These are the top ten companies with an excellent reputation in Quebec’s tech industry. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.