Montreal Tour de l’Ile with a Nice Twist

Add a good cause to your Tour de l’Ile Montreal

Biking is part of the Montreal Religion if you live in the city it is impossible that you don’t run into more than a hundred bikers per day, even in winter.

And knowing montrealers, we always find a reason to come together and this time it is a healthy gathering of the top bikers in the city as well as the fun every day bikers where they choose one day a year to do what we call Tour de l’Ile.

This year will be the 30th Tour de l’Île de Montréal, and it is on Sunday, June 1

This famous cycling event, offers a new start and finish site, as well as several route possibilities. For a recreational outing or an athletic challenge, there is a Tour de l’Île for everyone:

  1. 50 or 25 km(The Classic)
  2. 50 km Express (The accelerated version)
  3. 100-130 km (Biking around the Whole Island of Montreal)
  4. 100 KM express

No matter what your skill is everybody can do this race, with friends, family, children, buddies, Girls, etc…

But as everyone enjoys the race there own way Concordia students decided to add a twist, a BBQ, Cultural touch and a good cause. Introduced more than 10 years ago Colors of Concordia is Concordia’s students and alumni’s way of expressing their willingness to have fun and yet add value.

Not only does Colors of Concordia have a better price for the race, they also have provide activities after the race, such as stretching and Yoga(which really helps with cramps after), not to mention refreshments, BBQ, Healthy food throughout the race and at the end.

In 2010, with the scholarship safely established, the Colors of Concordia Cultural Initiative Fund (CCCIF) was enacted with the ultimate goal to disperse money ammased to groups striving for specific goals supported by the CoC. For more information about CCCIF and how it’s helped others, click here.