Best Hiking Shoes for Women in Canada 2020

Best Hiking Shoes for Women 2020

Best Hiking Shoes for Women 2020

Top 5 Hiking Boots for women in Canada

Hiking is a fun and alternative way to get a great workout that is also incredibly challenging yet so rewarding. Remember, if it’s not challenging it won’t bring any change! An added bonus to this is that hiking and trail running is still abiding by social distancing rules. Whether you’re into hiking, trail running, or backpacking these shoes are MontrealTip’s best recommendations. The shoes here specialize in different things and are the best shoes to come out of the company in 2020 providing you with the best hiking experience you can get.


What are the best hiking shoes for women?

Here is a list of the best hiking shoes for women:

1. Salomon X Ultra 3 Gore-Tex Light Trail Shoes – Women’s

Salomon are at the top of their game when it comes to their hiking shoes. These shoes are designed for technical trails in mind but are also great for hiking because of the great grip the shoe provides. The shoe is also lightweight, breathable, and waterproof and is especially resilient during overall wet and difficult terrain.

The Gore-Tex material the shoes are made of, ensure that every trail you hike is a comfortable one that will keep your feet secured and sure-footed with every step you take. The shoes are a great entry to trail/hiking that will last you a long time.

Salomon X Ultra 3 Gore-Tex Light Trail Shoes - Women’s


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2. Saucony Kinvara 11 – Women’s

Part of their newest releases the Kinvara 11 is currently one of Saucony’s best-selling hiking shoes at the moment. They’ve improved quite a bit from their previous models and listened to their customers about what they wanted for the Kinvara 11. They introduced a new ‘form-fit’ material to the shoe which makes them mold to your feet quicker and has a snug feel to them that get a more precise run.

Overall the Kinvara 11’s are a better-designed shoe to be more comfortable, durable, and protective for even the hardest of runs. They are currently one of Saucony’s best selling shoe of 2020 for a reason.


Saucony Kinvara 11 - Women’s















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3. Women’s Banshee X Trail Sisters

Merrel, another hiking giant has teamed up with the Trail Sisters to come up with these limited edition awesome shoes. The Trail Sisters for you who don’t know are an online community of female hikers whose “mission is to increase women’s participation and opportunity in trail running through inspiration, education, and empowerment.”

The vegan-friendly shoes are specifically designed by female hikers for female hikers. The shoes themselves are created with the woman’s foot in mind to ensure the best comfort and best runs every single time. The shoes are made with a breathable mesh and a molded heel counter to ensure stability.

The collaboration’s motto is “Powerful alone, women are unstoppable together. It’s why our Trail Sisters collab is as loud and proud as the badass females who inspire them.”

Women's Banshee X Trail Sisters











Check out the Trail Sisters at:

And Find the shoes at:


4. La Sportiva’s GTX Women’s

  The La Sportiva GTX are designed to be a flexible shoe for all types of hikers and trail runners. They are perfect for somebody whos looking for a reliable hiking shoe that could adapt to any terrain whether you’re going for day hikes, running trails, or backpacking, these waterproof shoes are as durable and reliable as they come.

The shoes provide great protection while still having a breathable shoe thanks to the Gore-Tex material they are wrapped in. Their Vibram XS Trek soles provide fantastic traction and grip in order to really round out the shoe to be able to go anywhere anytime.

La Sportiva’s GTX Women’s


Find them at:




 5. Arc’teryx Norvan VT 2 Shoe Women’s

The Norvan VT 2 is a high performing shoe that is really aimed at trail running. The shoes offer a stable, durable, and comfortable ride by having a breathable mesh and Vibram Megagrip rubber sole which keep traction in even the slipperiest and technical of terrain.

The shoes offer a lot of protection from a toe cap to underfoot protection to help you focus on your speed without worrying you’ll get hurt. These Norvans are a great versatile trail running shoe that can be a solid addition to anyone’s collection.

 Arc’teryx Norvan VT 2 Shoe Women’s

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