Best Montreal Pizza Spots

Montreal’s culinary scene has various icons, including pizzas, with delectable tastes and flavours. Check out this post to know the best Montreal Pizza Spots!

Pizza is one of the most popular fast foods for people of all ages. Everyone loves pizza, children, teenagers, young adults, couples, and older adults. Montreal offers some of the best food scenes, thanks to its world-class restaurants and quality food.

The Paris of North America allows everyone to taste different pizzas prepared with various ingredients, including fresh veggies, meat, chicken, with toppings like eggplant, peppers, onions, mushroom greens, cheese, tomato, etc.

Deliciousness, crunchiness, quality, freshness, and affordability are a few factors that attract people to the best Montreal pizza spots. Montreal’s restaurants have qualified and experienced chefs who can prepare pizzas tailored to the unique taste of each individual.

1. Gema Pizzeria

Little Italy, Montreal, is a place bombarded with pizza restaurants. However, nothing parallels pizza’s quality, taste, and deliciousness prepared at Gema Pizzeria. Owners of Gema Pizzeria, Michele Forgione and Stefano Faita, have made substantial efforts to make the place comfortable, vibrant, lively, and flavorful.

One thing that attracts everyone to Gema Pizzeria is the freshly and locally sourced ingredients, including homemade pepperoni and Quebec bufala mozzarella that creates thickness, puffiness, crunchiness, and flavor second to none in Montreal.

The wooden décor blended with classic and modern designs creates a perfect indoor ambiance for families, couples, and friends. Besides, the restaurant offers a wide selection of pizzas and appetizers to satisfy your savory tooth.

2. Amelia’s

Amelia’s restaurant is one of the best Montreal pizza spots for a reason. First, it is a family-owned restaurant that offers a charming and vibrant café atmosphere with a classic brick design. Second, it serves a wide range of Italian dishes, including pizzas.

Although the business experienced bankruptcy in 2015, the owners made significant efforts to rebrand the restaurant and created customer-oriented policies. Thus, Amelia’s gained its reputation, and today, hundreds of people visit this place to enjoy diverse pizza and other Italian dishes.

We recommend tasting vegetarian, Hawaiian, and Italian pizzas with different toppings to satisfy your taste buds. In addition, Amelia’s pasta, subs, and wine are matchless, thanks to the high-quality and fresh ingredients used smartly by qualified chefs.

3. Pizzeria No.900

Pizzeria No.900 is another place where you can enjoy mouthwatering Neapolitan-style pizzas in a comfortable and lively indoor atmosphere. The place is crowded with families, friends, and couples throughout the week.

You will love the traditional red and white pizzas with puffy and chewy crusts. In addition to pizzas, you can enjoy other dishes and spend some quality time listening to the soft and mind-soothing background music.

The takeout service is likewise state-of-the-art, efficient, quick, and affordable. Pizzeria No. 900’s commitment to serving guests the most delicious and hygienic pizzas makes it one of the best Montreal pizza spots.

4. Bottega Pizzeria

Located in Little Italy, Bottega Pizzeria has earned a reputation among pizza lovers in Montreal, thanks to its authenticity, genuine taste, and flavorful cuisine. Massimo Covone and Fabrizio Covone, co-owners of the restaurant, have a clear policy of serving their guests mouthwatering pizzas.

In addition to pizzas, Bottega Pizzeria is famous for its wide range of appetizers and wines. So, if you want to create memories with your family or friends by having a unique dining experience, Bottega Pizzeria is the ultimate place to achieve your goals.

The administration, chefs, and staff work collaboratively to create unique experiences for their guests. Not only does the restaurant use freshly sourced ingredients, including organic Salumi, buffalo mozzarella, and San Marzano tomatoes, but they also serve Neapolitan pizza with a unique touch of taste, smoothness, and golden crush.

5. San Gennaro

San Gennaro is one of the best Montreal Pizza spots, offering a wide selection of pizzas, ranging from Roman-style variations to Salami pizzas. However, Margherita and Pomodoro are pizzas you must taste because they are absolutely delicious.

Besides, you can’t go wrong with the restaurant’s sweets of Italian origin, such as cannoli, biscotti, and gelato, to complete your food excursion in Montreal. San Gennaro is a family-run restaurant inspired by Southern Italian cuisine, including pizza, wine, and coffee.

The restaurant uses quality and fresh ingredients to prepare Roman-style pizzas, artisanal Gelati, and pastries. The overall atmosphere is pretty lively and comfortable, making it a perfect place for families, couples, and friends.

Final Words

Although pizza is stable worldwide, Montreal is home to some of the best pizza restaurants that cause people to crave more delicious vegetarian meat, Margherita, chicken, BBQ, Hawaiian, and pepperoni pizzas.

  • Article based on personal opinion and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash.