Les Délices Lafrenaie

A Taste of Italian Perfection (and customer obsession) at Les Délices Lafrenaie

masters of food

It’s no secret that Italians are masters of food. If you’ve ever had truly authentic Italian cuisine, you know that you can practically taste the centuries of pure passion for good food in every single bite.

Montreal’s Little Italy

That passion extends to pastries as well. And Montrealers know that they can find just about every kind of Italian pastry in the shops of Little Italy.

Les Délices Lafrenaie

But what if you don’t live near Little Italy and don’t feel like making the trek to satisfy your sweet tooth?

Since 1979

Look no further than one of Les Délices Lafrenaie’s 6 locations in St Leonard, Lasalle, Rosemere, Pointe Claire, Brossard and Montreal-West.

This decadent bakery has been run by the Ruvo family since 1979 when they set up Milano Bakery in St Leonard. That business took off and they quickly had to open a warehouse location on rue Lafrenaie in St Leonard, just for their wholesale business serving restaurants and other large retailers.

beloved bakery

When the economy took a nosedive and the family had to close the doors of Milano, their dedicated customers simply were not having it, and started coming to the wholesale location demanding custom orders of their favourite sweet treats.

Bad economy or not, the people of St Leonard were not about to let go of their beloved bakery.

The Ruvo family soon opened a small storefront within the warehouse to accommodate their passionate customers.

And thank goodness they did!

irresistible goodies in 5 locations

Today, Les Délices Lafrenaie’s five retail locations and one wholesale location are serving up such irresistible goodies as an array of cheesecakes, Nutella crepes, amaretto cakes, death by chocolate, dulce de leche, cannoli-misu, strawberry mascarpone cake, tiramisu, limoncello fruiti di bosco and so much more. We even discovered a new one that is not yet on the menu or website – a churro cake! Yum!! So far, it can only be ordered on the weekends, but we can see this one becoming a regular offering if customers have any say in it (and it seems the customers have a lot of say!).

custom cakes and caters

Les Délices Lafrenaie is also known for their custom cakes and caters to all occasions such as children’s birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, baby showers and any celebration that calls for something extra special. Check out their Hall of Fame if you’re ready to be impressed.

And that’s not all.

What Italian eatery would be complete without delicious and fresh Italian pizzas, sandwiches, coffee, croissants… And everything is amazing! They always have a sample out, whether it’s pizza or cake, so you don’t have to take our word for it. Taste and fall in love!

Buon Appetito!

Images source: Instagram: @taou & @mtltips & unsplash.com
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