10 Best spots for bowling in Montreal

10 Best spots for bowling in Montreal
Best Montreal Bowling Alleys

Bowling is a great pastime, it can be really competitive, but also a whole lot of fun too. Which makes you wonder, where can you go bowling in Montreal and enjoy a fine, high quality bowling alley? There are plenty of great spots within the city, you just have to know where to look. Here are some of the best options to consider!

1. Salles De Quilles G Plus10 Best spots for bowling in Montreal

Salles De Quilles G Plus has a large bowling set, it also comes with a good menu and nice drinks. Overall, it’s great for kids and families, but also for a night out with friends. The décor is great and the food itself is of a very good quality.

2. Laurentian Lanes

At Laurentian Lanes you can find a plethora of games, but their bowling alley is one of the best in the city. It’s a great place to unwind and relax, but you can also enjoy some competitive gameplay too, which is really nice.

3. Forum Sports Bar & GamesCentre

Even if this is a bar, it’s also a games center and it does provide a very good experience and attention to detail. The best part is that you can also play bowling often, but also pool and other games.

4. BoulZeye

BoulZeye has laser tag, escape games and a pretty good bowling alley. It’s one of the top places in Montreal where you can have a great time with friends during the day or evening. That being said, they do have incredible drinks and a stellar atmosphere.

5. Bowling Bannantyne

Many people love Bowling Bannantyne because it has that old school bowling locale vibe. It looks great, you have access to great drinks and food, and it’s a very good place overall. Definitely worth a shot.

6. Complexe Volta10 Best spots for bowling in Montreal

At Complexe Volta you will find yourself having lots of fun trying to defeat your opponents. The bowling experience is great, the venue itself is very clean and it has a professional appeal.

7. Quilles Iberville

Even if it’s not the highest tier venue for bowling, it’s great for kids and those that just want to relax during an evening with friends. It’s also affordable too.

8. Salon de Quilles Darling

The interior design here is very cool, and they do bring in front all kinds of fun bowling experiences for customers. Another great thing is that they have a nice selection of drinks too.

9. Salon De Quilles Laval

Within this establishment you can play some great bowling, and the cool thing is that it’s very well decorated, and the bowling alleys are huge. It’s great, well worth a shot, and you will be very impressed with the quality and value.

10. Sharx

Sharx has a lot of things going for it, from great barbecue and food to lots of good drinks and a very interesting bowling alley. It’s a great place to visit with friends for a night out.


All of these bowling locales are amazing and well worth trying out if you are in Montreal. There’s plenty of fun to be had here, and many of these places also have great food or drinks ready for you too. Just give them a try for yourself!


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