Top 5 all you can eat sushi spots in Montreal

Best All You Can Eat Sushi In Montreal

Best all you can eat sushi spots in Montreal

Sushi is a one-of-a-kind Japanese dish made in a variety of ways. Fish combined with rice, sauce, and other ingredients make sushi a delicious treat for everyone. Whether you want to eat it with a cocktail or glass of wine, sushi offers a matchless and flavorful dining experience.

Sushi is a rich source of nutrients like vitamin B, protein, carbohydrates, omega-3 fatty acids, and minerals. It is also low in fat content, making it a healthy food for people with heart disease and hypertension.

So, sushi is a flavorful dish for satisfying your taste buds and improve your health. The question is: where to eat healthy and delicious sushi in Montreal? Here are the top five sushi eating spots in Montreal. Read on!

1.    Sushi St Denis

Sushi St Denis is the number choice for sushi lovers in Montreal. If you want to enjoy the deliciousness of authentic Japanese cuisine, visiting Sushi St Denis is worth your time and money. The restaurant offers a comfortable, peaceful, and pleasant ambiance, allowing you to enjoy delicious sushi and feel at home.

Besides, the restaurant offers unique and delightful menus for lunch and dinner, including appetizers, sushi pizza, sushi maki rolls, house rolls, hand rolls, and a plethora of other food items. Another plus point of Sushi St Denis is healthy food at the most affordable prices.

Service options: Dine-in · Takeout · Delivery
Address: 1669 Saint Denis St, Montreal, Quebec H2X 3K4

Sushi on a plate

2.    Takumi Sushi

If you are looking for versatile sushi dishes in Montreal, look no further than Takumi Sushi. It is a popular restaurant in Montreal, offering Sashimis, Makis, Woks, Nigiris, grilled, and other delicious sushi dishes.

Takumi Sushi sources fresh fish and other ingredients to ensure you taste authentic Japanese food. Double the taste by bringing your own wine because the restaurant serves only soft drinks.

The restaurant is open from Monday to Saturday (5:00 PM to 9:30 PM). Takumi Sushi is also open on Sunday from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM to 9:30 PM. So, if you want to spend some quality time on a weekend with your family or friends, make sure you visit Takumi Sushi.

Address: 405A Sherbrooke St E, Montreal, Quebec H2L 1J9

Phone: +15142828838

Sushi Montreal

3. Kazumi Sushi Lounge

In addition to typical sushi offerings, this restaurant in the east end serves ni-anago (saltwater eel) in the traditional Edomae manner. Its comprehensive menu offers valuable insights into Japanese raw fish customs. Despite its unassuming location sandwiched between a pet shop and an optometrist on Sherbrooke Street, Kazumi promises a delightful culinary experience inside.

Service options: Dine-in · Takeout · No delivery
Address: 6394 Sherbrooke St E, Montreal, Quebec H1N 3P6

4.    Sushi Plus

Sushi Plus offers a wide range of sushi dishes that taste delightful because experienced cooks use organic ingredients and spices to ensure you have a fantastic dining experience. The restaurant serves soups and salads as appetizers before you satisfy your taste buds with delicious sushi dishes of your choice.

In addition, Sushi Plus has everything from vegetarian and non-vegetarian sushi to traditional tempura dishes. You can also enjoy sushi combos, including snapper sushi, rainbow maki rolls, and avocado maki filled with fresh cucumbers. Sushi Plus also offers home delivery services at affordable rates.

5.    Sushi Kanda

Sushi Kanda offers all-you-can-eat sushi dishes. It is a cozy restaurant for people of all ages and walks of life, including families, friends, couples, and adults. We recommend Sushi Kanda for healthy, quality, and delicious food.

Sushi Kanda is a reputable restaurant in Montreal, offering a pleasant, modern, and quality ambiance, creating a perfect environment for families and friends to enjoy mouthwatering sushi dishes. The restaurant has a friendly staff who will serve the best quality food you won’t find anywhere else in Montreal.

Sushi on a plate

Final Words

Whether you want to eat authentic sushi dishes like Nigiri and Sashimi or creative food items like sushi rolls and combos, these are the best restaurants always to have a flavorful and delightful experience.

Not only will you enjoy the taste, but you will also love the cleanliness, healthiness, and creative texture of sushi in a dynamic and energetic environment. Until Next Time!

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